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This mega-post will cover how to construct a large multi-level marketing team. Please take a seat, take some notes (using your pen and paper), and then put what you’ve learned into practice. Your learning curve and your success curve in the multi-level marketing industry can both be shortened with the help of this material.

A few days ago, I gave a training session on how to build a large multi-level marketing team on Facebook live for my staff. I made the decision to write and publish this post because of how well received that training was, and it covers the material that I presented.

This field has the potential to significantly improve one’s life, but only if one is prepared to put in the necessary effort and stay the course. It is conceivable for you to establish a large multi-level marketing team and earn millions of dollars, but I cannot guarantee either outcome. It’s been done by a lot of folks. That is one of the many strengths of our sector. Even if it’s possible for anyone to do it, the vast majority of people won’t bother.

It is not possible to achieve success by chance. Why? The price of success is never reduced. You are required to pay the whole amount. Success takes 100 percent devotion.

If you take a look at the highest earners in every company that operates within our sector, you will notice that they all followed a similar pattern of behavior to achieve their success. They did not attribute their achievement to luck alone. They became experts in a handful of core basics, they put in the necessary effort, and they maintained their focus UNTIL they achieved their objectives. If you want to have long-term success in MLM, you need to follow the same steps as everyone else.

What really constitutes a Big MLM Team?

Before we get too far into this topic, I believe it would be best if we defined “what is fast?” and “what is a huge team?” in order to get a better sense of where we stand.

How to Build a Large MLM Team with These Four Strategies

There are several different approaches that one can take in order to construct a sizable MLM team. To my knowledge, the following are the four most often used strategies:

#1: Large-Scale Recruitment

When it comes to building a large multi-level marketing team, one of my favorite strategies is mass recruiting. It’s just part of my job. It is not something that the vast majority of individuals are capable of doing, but those who have a huge sphere of influence and a great deal of credibility are able to do it successfully.

This is the point at which you individually attract several hundred people in the quickest manner possible. To put it simply, you have to fling a lot of mud against the wall to find out what sticks. You focus your efforts on the ones who “stay” with you and forget about the rest of the folks.

This is neither unethical nor harmful in any way. It is not much different from the work that the majority of insurance and real estate professionals conduct. They hire twenty different agents in the hopes of finding one decent one. Everyone receives the exact same training and support, but the broker generally steps back and allows the agents work things out among themselves. People who aren’t serious about anything will weed themselves out and leave the group.

This tactic is appealing to me because it prevents you from squandering your time on the incorrect individuals. If you’re asking yourself how you might possibly put this method to use, it’s probably not the best strategy for you; if it were, you’d already be employing it. This tactic is most successful when implemented with individuals who already have a sizable email list, such as bloggers, YouTubers, or social media influencers.

#2: Digging into the Roots

The process of taprooting in MLM is really straightforward. When you sponsor someone, you commit to assisting them in sponsoring at least one more person during the first 48 hours of their involvement in the business. You get an immediate foothold in their already established market.

After you have done that, you select the individual who appears to be the most enthused about what they have just accomplished and repeat the previous steps with that person. You continue to do this again and over again, and you NEVER quit doing it.

You should have at least two or three reliable leads by the time you have driven a leg twenty to fifty levels deep into the game. The stability of that leg will be ensured by these leaders, who will “lock in” the position. They will “take the torch” and continue driving the leg deep regardless of whether or not you are there with them.

You treat everyone you work with in depth as if they were personally sponsored by you, and this applies to everyone. They are helped by you. They are trained by you. They have your support. You serve as their coach. You work to cultivate a connection with them.

You shouldn’t put your success in the hands of other people. You need to take responsibility for your company and really push it forward. If you construct your taproot legs correctly, you will constantly have new distributors in your organization with whom you may collaborate and assist in some way. Imagine how busy you would be if each month you were responsible for completing this process in three to five different parts of your organization.

Amway is where I first learnt about this method, and I can attest to the efficacy of it. There are people working for that corporation that are connected to groups that have the roots of THOUSANDS of people deep within them. There are hundreds of leaders operating within each tap root leg, and they are all carrying out the same tasks. What a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved!

What exactly is the key to successful taprooting? SPEED and EXCITEMENT are guaranteed. You are going to assist each participant in enrolling ONE additional person. You accomplish this in a QUICK manner by assisting each new individual in generating their name list and contacting their initial three to five persons. Within a period of 30 to 90 days, your objective is to drive a leg 20 to 50 levels deep.

SPEED is of the utmost importance. Maintain a sense of the time crunch and move quickly. Everyone knows at least one person who can join them in this endeavor. If you keep repeating that again and over, sooner or later you will find a STUD that is exactly what you have been looking for. You simply do not know WHEN they will make their appearance. It’s possible that the person on the tenth level is responsible, but it might also be the person on the hundredth level.

#3: Concentrate on the Product

I adore the people that are product-focused (most of the time). They also drive me completely insane. Although the products are essential, the customers are much more vital. People, not the goods or services offered by the organization, are the primary focus of network marketing. People are what make our company what it is, and we build people.

Yes, items must sell. Customers certainly play a crucial role. However, multi-level marketing is about much more than just selling a product. Please make sure you grasp that BEFORE you decide to establish your company using this strategy. Leverage is an important concept in network marketing. It is dependent on a large number of people, each of whom contributes a small amount. It is not about a single individual selling a large amount of merchandise.

If you decide to go with the technique that focuses on the product first, you should be aware that this way will be more time-consuming than the others that I discussed. Indeed, it does work, and it does so quite effectively. However, if you only talk about the products, you will primarily find clients rather than people who can expand your business.

If you take this technique, you will just disseminate the merchandise to each and every person. You cultivate a consumer base by providing excellent service to your existing patrons. You have the fondest of hopes that some of these consumers will fall in love with the products and become ardent supporters of them. There are those of them who will. It’s possible that some of them will turn out to be serious folks. However, the vast majority will merely be consumers.

People that use this method should also mention the business, since this is my finest piece of advice for them. Make sure that your buyers are aware of not only the product story but also the other side of the argument. After that, you should allow them to choose the course of action that best suits their needs.

# 4: Recruit Network Marketers

Recruiting other people who are already involved in network marketing is, without a doubt, the quickest approach to build a large MLM team. Please take a time to hear me out before you get upset and start saying that this is unethical or dishonest. Thank you.

Imagine for a moment that you were the owner of a professional football team. At the conclusion of the season, there were a few spots available on your roster that you could fill. A number of the players left the team due to retirement, some were released, others were traded, etc.

If you had available positions, would you consider going to the local unemployment office to find candidates? Would you seek out someone who has never played football before in the HOPE that you could inspire them and coach them in the appropriate manner for the season? It’s not likely in my opinion. In my opinion, if you continued to use this tactic, you would very certainly end up losing your football franchise (and rightfully so).

If you were shrewd, you would either draft a fantastic player with a ton of potential or, even better, you would look for a qualified free agent and sign them to play for your club. Either way, you would improve your chances of winning. Why? Because these two choices are the most reasonable ones. They come with a high probability that the endeavor will be successful. And it just makes business sense.

Permit me to provide you with one more illustration to drive home the significance of my point. Let’s pretend you are a real estate broker. You run a successful real estate business out of your own office in Beverly Hills, California, where high-end properties are sold. We are discussing mansions that cost a million dollars or more. Because of the strong performance of the housing market, you are considering expanding your company. You want to take your company to the next level.

If you were looking for new agents, would you go to the town’s bowling alley or the local office that handles unemployment claims? I sure do hope not. If you were clever, you would look for experienced realtors who are looking for new opportunities in the real estate market. Why? because they already possess the contacts, motivation, abilities, and experience necessary for success. There is little to no steep learning curve involved.

It’s merely good business sense to do so. If I were the broker who was searching for new agents, I am aware of what I would do. I would search for the most skilled independent real estate agents that I could discover and try to convince them to work with me.

Therefore, there is no reason why network marketing should be any different. Why should you prioritize your time with friends and family that are likely not entrepreneurial, highly motivated, or even interested in the area that you work in? Why would you talk to folks who have never worked in the sector before if they have no experience?

I can’t speak for you, but I don’t see how that could possibly make any sense. Recruiting people who already have experience in multi-level marketing is the quickest approach to establish a large MLM team. You should look for employees who already have the necessary experience, abilities, and a drive to succeed in the sector. You want to find people who have faith in the sector, are competent in their work, and are already familiar with how to construct a large group. Building your company will be a lot quicker and easier as a result, and you’ll be able to operate more efficiently.

If you still don’t understand what I’m saying, I want you to take a look at the highest earners in your company’s top 20 list. If I were a betting man, I would wager that at least 18 to 19 of those 20 persons have PREVIOUS MLM Experience, previous to joining their current organization. This is the assumption I would make if I were a betting man. And I’m willing to guess that most of their top talent has prior experience working in MLM.

I want to preface this by saying that I am not going to instruct you to go out and steal customers from other network marketing businesses. There is no reason to act in that manner. When you act in such a manner, you bring discredit upon yourself. Instead, you ought to be searching for free agents. You are seeking for persons who are not already involved in a network marketing company or for those who are involved in a network marketing company but are dissatisfied with their current employer. You need to look for folks that have experience in the field and are now looking for a new location to call home.

As we speak, there are THOUSANDS, if not tens of thousands, of network marketing representatives who are in this predicament. To find a means to recruit them, you will need to exercise your imagination, think critically, and think outside the box.

How to Develop a Large Network Marketing Group

Now that we’ve gone over the four different approaches to building a large MLM team, I’d want to talk about the attitude, the actions, and the process involved in actually achieving it.

# 1: Decide

The first step toward achievement is making a choice. You are aware of that already. You won’t accidentally grow a sizable MLM team if you work at it. There is no role played by chance either. At some point, you will need to DRAW a line in the sand, take away the choice to give up, and DECIDE that you will construct a significant enterprise regardless of the circumstances.

The vast majority of people never make that choice. They don’t pay much attention to the tides or the currents. They test the waters. Or, what’s even worse, they test it out just to see what happens. That is never how success is achieved. Once more, success starts with making the right choice. You have to MAKE THE DECISION that you are going to grow your MLM business no matter what. When you finally get around to doing that, you’ll notice that things start to come together for you.

#2. Make a plan for how you will play the game

Your objective of developing a large multi-level marketing business is nothing more than a pipe dream if you don’t have a game plan. Your plan serves as a guide that will lead you from where you currently are to the destination that you have in mind. Included in your game plan should be your daily routine, as well as long-term and short-term objectives, as well as a marketing strategy. In other words: • What sort of monetary goals do you have for yourself?

• How much volume do you need to achieve that, and what rank do you need to get there?

• Who do you plan to speak with?

• How many hours per week do you anticipate spending working on your business?

• What kind of a budget do you have available for marketing?

• Who exactly is your intended customer base?

• How will you spend each day to ensure the continued success of your company?

• What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the day with the company?

• Why do you do what you do?

You are going to need to set aside some time to respond to these questions. It is not necessary for your strategy to be foolproof, but it does need to be documented in some way. You should make sure to consult it every day. It is strongly recommended that you modify and adapt your strategy as necessary when you gain new knowledge and discover out what functions best. In addition, make sure that you discuss your game plan with your coach so that you may receive their feedback.

# 3: Launch Your Business

Amateurs often start their own businesses. Those with experience start their own company. If you were launching a conventional business, you would have a suitable grand opening for your company. You would engage in advertising. You would discuss it with everyone you know in great detail. You would post it on various social media platforms. You wish to accomplish the same thing with your brand-new business involving network marketing.

It is in your best interest to get your business off to the right start the first time around so that you won’t have to start over! In order to get your company off the ground successfully, you need to compile a list of at least one thousand people who know your name. You need to extend an invitation to these individuals to either purchase a product from you or view a presentation given by a different company (preferably a webinar or video).

You are required to buy the starter kit and enroll in the auto-ship program. You need to get through your name list as rapidly as you possibly can so that you may sponsor a large number of people as soon as you start your firm and generate some forward movement.

I strongly suggest that you make a commitment to completing a 90-Day Blitz as well. This is the point at which you multiply your efforts by a factor of five or ten in order to generate quick development and momentum in your company.

#4. Ensure the Success of Your Very First Circle

In this line of work, the only thing you have any control over is what you really do. It is essential that you are successful in running your first circle so that you can always set a good example for the others. This entails that you carry out the tasks in the following order:

• You will need to purchase a beginning kit.

• You decide to sign up for automatic shipment.

• Each day, you engage in conversation with at least five to ten new potential customers.

• At any given time, you keep between two and ten personal retail customers.

• Each and every month, you are responsible for sponsoring four new business builders.

• You don’t miss any of the events.

• You maintain an active connection to the training system of your company or team.

• Every day, you put effort into furthering your own personal development.

• You maintain daily communication with your coach.

• You never give up and never make any excuses for your behavior; you are tenacious and constant.

These elements are REQUIRED if you want to construct a sizable multi-level marketing business. They cannot be negotiated in any way. You have to set an example for your team by acting in the way you expect them to! You have to set the pace for others to follow, and they will follow it. Be someone who is worthy of being imitated!

# 5: Recruit One New Business Builder Distributor Every Week

This would seem impossible, but in reality, even a part-time worker could manage to pull it off. You will need to approach around five different people every single day in order to sponsor one new business builder distributor every single week. If you put your mind to it, even a person who works only part time could pull that off!

This will introduce you to new people with whom you can collaborate, but not an excessive number of people all at once, which would be too overwhelming. If you commit to sponsoring one new distributor (business builder, as opposed to wholesale customer) every week, you will have sufficient time to assist that person in getting their business off to a good start. Learning how to recruit new employees is a skill that can be applied to practically every other aspect of running a business as well.

#6: Launch Your New Representatives the Right Way

It is ESSENTIAL that you take the new distributors that you sponsor through the exact same stages that you went through. Your first objective is to assist them in quickly sponsoring a few individuals so that you can immediately begin establishing roots and constructing a strong foundation for your team. It would be foolish to sign up a new representative in the blind hope that they will adhere to your methodology. They won’t do that!

You have to instill in them a feeling of the time constraint. If you want them to be successful with their new venture, you need to assist them in getting it off the ground. It can be very profitable to spend some time getting to know each new distributor while they are in their first few weeks of working with the company. In addition, you will be able to attach them into the business as you assist them in sponsoring other people. After that, you can begin to collaborate with THEIR new individuals and just repeat this process in greater depth. Tip #7: Always Be a Student of Your Business

Every successful entrepreneur, no matter what field they’re working in, views themselves as a student of their industry. They are well-versed in their field, knowledgeable about the things they sell, and consistently working to improve their abilities. This company is the same as the others.

You have an absolute obligation to educate yourself well on management, sales, and network marketing. You must commit at least some time every day to furthering your own personal development. Listening to audio programs, going to events, reading books, and paying attention to the advice of your mentors are all excellent ways to hone your skills.

Get into the trenches and remain there as much as possible. This is the most crucial thing you can do. This is the most effective method for acquiring new knowledge and honing one’s existing abilities. Keep in mind that in this line of work, your skills are what will pay the bills! Talk to more people and work on improving your talents if you want to increase your income. Put aside at least half an hour every day to work on improving your abilities.

#7. Remain Active in the Front Lines for the Next Two to Five Years

Never, ever go into managerial mode. You have a minimum commitment of two to four years to serve on the front lines. This indicates that you should never give up on sponsoring new people and searching for new clients. You don’t unplug from the world. You maintain the weekly recruitment of a single new business builder distributor. You maintain conversations with at least FIVE new prospects per day. You keep taprooting and driving depth. You are continuing to model the behaviors that you expect from the people of your team.

The majority of sales representatives make the error of just recruiting a few people before giving up on their own recruitment efforts to focus on team management. If you do this, you will fail! Continue to work hard in the trenches until the basis of your firm is so strong that you no longer need new employees to build it. That will take the vast majority of individuals a minimum of two to five years.

A Few Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, the aforementioned are the most useful pointers that I have for expanding an MLM team. Although none of this is really complex, it was successful. If you follow these instructions, I won’t be able to give you a 100% guarantee that you’ll be able to assemble a large team, but I do feel the odds of you doing so will be greatly increased.

What kind of ideas do you have? What are some of the most helpful suggestions you can offer for expanding an existing MLM team? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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