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Today, I’d like to talk about some actionable tips that will help you build your multi-level marketing business in just one hour a day!

Let’s be honest with one another for a second. The majority of people who do network marketing do it on the side. The vast majority of people who enter our industry already have full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities outside the home. They are unable to devote five to ten hours per day to developing their network marketing business; however, they are able to devote one hour per day to this endeavor.

What Ought to Be a Part of Your Everyday Routine?

The activities that are listed below are the ones that should take up the majority of your attention and be incorporated into your daily routine at some point. These are activities that can result in monetary gain. Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that busy work equals productive work. Pay attention to the aspects of running a business that actually result in growth, such as retailing, recruiting, and duplicating.

• Communicating with potential new clients.

• Sending out invitations to attend presentations.

• Giving each other presentations

• Keeping in touch.

• Making money off of merchandise.

• Assisting new members of the team in getting started.

• Checking in with the people who are already on the team.

• Personal development.

• Participating in events and promoting them.

You are not required to engage in each and every income-generating activity on a daily basis; however, the more of these activities you engage in, the better.

How to Build Your Multi-Level Marketing Business in Just One Hour Daily

Here are some sample daily routines that can help you build your multi-level marketing business in just one hour per day. Simply for the purpose of putting things into perspective, I put time slots next to each activity.

1. Send 10 text messages to the leads (8 minutes)

• Add 5 Facebook friends (2 minutes)

• Make contact with two potential clients during the lunch break (10 minutes)

• Conduct follow-up with two potential customers (10 minutes)

• Distribute five different drop cards (10 minutes)

• In the event of an emergency, page two teammates (10 minutes)

• Personal development (10 minutes)

2. Send out ten postcards, wait ten minutes, and then text five leads (5 minutes)

• Communicate with two potential customers from the previous day (10 minutes)

• Get in touch with one of your teammates (5 minutes)

• Conduct a live product review broadcast on Facebook (20 minutes)

• Personal development (10 minutes)

3.  Call 10 Potential Customers (20 minutes)

• Contact two people from the previous day for a follow-up (10 minutes)

• Send an e-mail to five potential customers (5 minutes)

• Help new team member get started (15 minutes)

• Personal development (10 minutes)

4. Routine

• Publish an article on Facebook about a product (5 minutes)

• Upload a little video to your YouTube channel (15 minutes)

• Send out five post cards (5 minutes)

• Text 5 is the leader (5 minutes)

• Place five calls to the leads (10 minutes)

• Check in with five different individuals (10 minutes)

• Personal development (10 minutes)


You are not required to perform your daily routine in precisely the same manner on a daily basis. You are welcome to shake things up in order to keep things interesting. You can’t go wrong as long as you devote at least 90 percent of your “work hours” to activities that result in monetary gain.

Advice from the Experts

• Make a daily schedule and review it the night before.

• Evaluate your performance each day and look for areas of improvement.

• Track everything you do to determine your productivity results and success formula.

• Do not try to multi-task when you are working your business. Do one item at a time till complete.

• Encourage your team members to build their own daily routine.

• Maintain a regular schedule, performing this activity at least five to six times per week for two to three years before deciding whether or not it is effective.

• Over time, the sum of many small accomplishments will build up to a significant total.

A Few Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, the preceding is a selection of instances and pointers that will assist you in developing your multi-level marketing business in one hour every day. There is absolutely no mystery involved here. These activities are both simple to do and simple to avoid doing. The accumulation of seemingly insignificant efforts over time might, however, eventually result in the achievement of significant goals.

What are your ideas on how you may build your multi-level marketing business in just one hour every day? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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