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As you are all aware, Vorwerk is a multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing (NM) company that specializes in the sale of household goods. They portray themselves as a family-run business, and they are in the business of producing goods of a high standard. Additionally, they provide exceptional support to their clientele in the form of excellent service.

You will find the whole review of the Network Marketing company Vorwerk contained inside this post.

About Vorwerk

More than 130 years ago, Vorwerk entered the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry. A carpet business in Germany established Vorwerk in 1883. The year was Germany. It began expanding at a rapid rate, and by the time it reached its current size, it had 12,000 employees and 633,000 advisors who worked independently.

The following is a list of the five core principles that are always adhered to.

• Keeping the customer in mind

• Fostering entrepreneurial spirit

• High standards

• Commitment over the long term

• Flexibility

Being a part of this industry for more than 130 years, the company adapted its product line and grew its business so that it now operates in over 75 countries and employs more than a half million people. This will undoubtedly cause others in the industry to be envious of their growth, and you cannot argue that they are not happy with how things have turned out. The total revenue of the company reached $4 billion across the globe.

It bases its operations on either network marketing or direct selling as a business model.

They have a lot of success with their Jafra products in the United States. When searching for these Jafra products, you may come across Vorwerk as well.

The Items in Question

You are about to look at the primary products of Vorwerk. The product line encompasses anything from beauty products and financial services to kitchen equipment and other household goods. Despite the fact that they began as a carpet manufacturing, they have since grown their business to include a wider variety of items. The most important products are detailed down below.

• Vorwerk Carpets

• Kobold Vacuum Cleaners

• Jafra Cosmetic

• Thermomix Kitchen Appliances

• Lux Asia Pacific Water Purifiers And Air Filters

• Vorwerk Carpets

• These vacuum cleaners have been a part of the industry since the year 1930 under the brand name Kobold. Therefore, we can claim that it is Vorwerk’s primary offering in the market.

• Its primary selling point is its superiority to other brands on the market in terms of its capacity to thoroughly clean the entirety of the home.

• It is incredibly simple to use, and the majority of the things offered are not available on Amazon or any other online retailer’s website. Nevertheless, this location should be able to supply you with Kobold dust collection bags.

Appliance for the Kitchen Called a Thermomix

• The Thermomix kitchen appliance is the best product that the company offers, and it is utilized frequently by customers.

• There are 12 different uses for this equipment.

• It is possible to utilize this appliance as a multi-functional kitchen appliance because it has 12 features that can genuinely replace other kitchen equipment.

• The price of a Thermomix product is $1500, which is a pricey amount, because the company does not cut corners when it comes to the product’s quality.

• In 2016, the sales of this product brought the corporation a total of 1.3 billion euros in revenue.

Jafra Cosmetic

• As we have seen previously, they are well-known in the United States for its Jafra cosmetic.

• Jafra cosmetic is a collection of many different kinds of beauty items, ranging from skin care products to ornamental cosmetics.

• Jafra cosmetic also includes anti-aging treatments and perfumes.

• Not like other Vorwerk products, you can find them on Amazon and other online product selling platforms or sites. • Royal jelly is their skin care product, and it costs $40. This product is quite popular.

• The skin care product known as Jafra balance, which is manufactured by Jafra cosmetic, can be purchased for the price of $60.

I really hope that the pricing are within a reasonable range and that you will be able to give it a shot. The sales of Jafra beauty products hit a record-breaking 360 million Euros in 2016.

Water purifiers and air filters manufactured by Lux Asia Pacific

• The Asia area is primarily where this product is sold, making up the majority of its primary market. •

They were able to increase their revenue to 24 million Euros thanks to the sale of Lux Asia Pacific filters.

Vorwerk Carpets Even though they got their start as a carpet manufacturing, the company now maintains its focus on this particular product as the core of their operations.

Because it is of such great quality, it is quite well-liked in Germany.

• 2016 saw 70 million Euros worth of production from Vorwerk flooring.

These items are of an exceptionally high standard. They also established a small bank in 1968, and the name of this financial organization is AFK Group. Its purpose is to provide assistance to consumers while they are purchasing products from the company. They work with enterprises of a small to medium scale. This AFK group generates $431 million in revenue each year.

In the event that you are unfamiliar with any of these goods. You can learn more about these items by visiting the company’s main website, which is located at http://vorwerk.com.

You can find them via their independent distributors or agents if you are unable to locate them on Amazon or any other online site that sells them.

The products are well-known for the sales that take place in this location. Do a search on Google for “sales agent” and the name of your nation to find things like these; once you have found them, you will be able to purchase them from the sales agent.

The Unique Occasion

They began their company by selling the products themselves, employing the marketing strategy of direct selling. Since the year 1930, they have been employing this approach. They make chances available to their prospective distributors by having them go through an application procedure; once they have been accepted by Vorwerk, the distributors are able to sell the company’s products and receive commission on those sales.

The distributors have the ability to select the product of their choosing and can concentrate their efforts on selling only that particular item if they so want.

The distributors are encouraged and given training in order to build a fresh and powerful team that works under them. They will be able to duplicate the task and get the commission for each sale that occurs under the team if they establish a strong team.

All MLM firms operate in exactly the same manner, therefore this is a pretty typical procedure. This is only feasible if they agree to become Vorwerk distributors, and it is not a simple task to become familiar with the company’s organizational structure and operational procedures.

The website does not even include the compensation plan for employees to view.


Numerous aspects, such as Vorwerk’s extended history in the multi-level marketing industry, the large number of people it employs, its widespread popularity, substantial profits, and global reach, all point to the company’s genuineness. In order to fulfill the requirements of its clientele, the organization adheres to the mission, goals, principles, and declarations it has established. It demonstrates that they have arrived at the pinnacle as a top MLM firm, which enables you to place your trust in them and join their MLM business.

If you wish to sign up with other multi-level marketing organizations, this does not imply that only Vorwerk is the best choice for you to make in this regard. On their website, you won’t get all of the information that you need. On this page of their website, there is a lack of information such as a compensation scheme and a full explanation of how distributors can join. Because you will only find such items in MLM firms and organizations with a lower level of credibility.

In conclusion, you may determine the point at which the market is saturated by looking at the number of part-time agents or distributors, as well as the level of communication that exists between the owner of the firm and the distributors.

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