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Team Beachbody is a relatively new multi-level marketing company in the industry as a whole. After beginning with the sale of workout videos and instructional material, they have since expanded their product offering to include clothes, meal replacement shakes, and nutritional supplements. Their product distributors are referred to as “coaches,” and they use a wide array of distribution methods to sell their wares. Team Beachbody is not immune to the claims that it operates a pyramid scheme, as is the case with the vast majority of multi-level marketing organizations.

An Overview of the Team Beachbody Company

The beginnings of Beachbody

Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon established Beachbody, Inc. only a little bit more than 20 years ago, in 1998. P90X, INSANITY, and the 21 Day Fix are just a few of the iconic workout video series that Beachbody is responsible for creating. The vast majority of people have at the very least become familiar with one of these programs.

The company started offering nutrition supplements after initially focusing on producing instructional films and writing diet instructions. Shakeology, which is now regarded as a superfood nutrition shake, was the company’s flagship dietary supplement when it was introduced in 2009 and was developed by the company. Even now, Shakeology remains one of their most popular products overall.

Because the company was expanding its distributor network at the same time, it used the term “Team Beachbody” to signify that all of its distributors were working together as a single unit. These independent distributors are referred to as coaches, and it is expected of them to offer guidance, accountability, and inspiration to the people who purchase their products. Over 350,000 self-employed fitness instructors make up Team Beachbody at the present time.

Investigations into the Company

When compared to other multi-level marketing companies, the company has avoided the majority of the penalties and inquiries that are associated with pyramid schemes. There is still a significant level of scrutiny from the public on the company and the procedures it engages in, but the company has not been subjected to any significant official fines as a result of the claims. The fact that the vast majority of instructors do not turn a profit is still the primary source of criticism, as is the fact that many of them are mislead into joining up by promises of erroneous earning potential.

Even while the corporation has managed to escape serious probes concerning its structure, this does not mean that it has successfully sidestepped all difficulties. Beachbody reached a $3.6 million settlement with the City of Santa Monica, California, in a complaint that was filed in 2016. As part of the terms of the settlement, the firm agreed to refrain from making exaggerated statements on its Shakeology product. It is currently against the law for the state of California to allow the firm to make any claims that are not supported by scientific data.

In addition to the promises that were made regarding the company’s Shakeology product, the company suffered losses due to the auto-renewal practices that were in place. It was compelled to make adjustments to the manner in which it managed the automatic renewal of consumer subscriptions. The City of Santa Monica was concerned that it was too challenging for customers to cancel their subscriptions, and that customers were continuing to be billed for the programs long after they had made the decision to discontinue participation.

Present Organizational Makeup of the Company

The organization is proud to brag that they have a network of more than 350,000 coaches at this time. The group counted 450,000 members in 2016, but this number represents a decrease from that year’s membership total. Over the course of the last few years, both the total number of coaches and the sales revenue have seen a downward trend. Carl Daikeler, who was also one of the company’s original founders, currently serves as the company’s CEO.

The company still generates annual revenues of more than one billion dollars, despite the fall in the number of instructors. To ensure the continued success of the company, Daikeler is always improving and broadening the scope of its product offering. Once upon a time, the company’s most popular product was DVDs; nevertheless, they now sell “Beachbody On Demand.” Customers that subscribe to this video streaming service will have access to an online video collection that they may watch from any location.

Product Lines Offered by Beachbody

Beachbody’s fitness programs are now offered on-demand through their website. In the past, DVDs were the most popular format for distributing the company’s content. The company provides customers with access to around forty distinct exercise programs and accompanying nutritional options. These programs range from those that are well-known, such as P90X and INSANITY, to others that are more recently developed, such as Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam.

They also sell nutrition programs in addition to their workout programs at their business. These are not only nutritional supplements or meal replacements; rather, they are comprehensive programs that are intended to assist clients in cultivating healthy habits and gaining a fresh perspective on nutrition. Two of their most well-known and successful nutrition regimens are called the 2B Mindset and the Ultimate Portion Fix.

In addition to digital content, the company sells tangible goods, such as the well-known Shakeology product as well as other supplements. They also sell gear and accessories such as resistance bands and chin up bars in addition to their BEACHBAR snack bars, which are a new product that has quickly gained a lot of traction in the market.

Even while each of these items can be purchased alone, the corporation places a strong emphasis on selling them in bundles. They frequently refer to these collections of things as “challenges,” and they encourage their consumers to finish the challenges they purchase from them. For instance, a client has the option of purchasing a 21-day challenge that covers not only the exercises but also the eating plan and the nutritional supplements necessary for the entirety of the challenge. The company’s trainers can make a significant amount of money from these challenges.

Marketing Methods Used by the Company

Infomercials stood almost alone as a form of marketing strategy throughout the first few years of the company’s existence. Having said that, quite a few things have shifted significantly in that regard throughout the years. Although the corporation does sell its products through more conventional forms of advertising, social media has emerged as their primary push in recent years.

It is highly urged that coaches provide an example for their clients by documenting their own fitness adventures on social media and leading by example so that clients can witness the positive effects that can be achieved with the company’s goods. The instructors who bring in the most revenue have a significant number of followers across their various social media platforms, and they leverage this network to sell products and attract additional coaches. Because the majority of product transactions take place on the company’s website, it is no longer necessary for coaches to deal with the physical distribution of things.

Earning a Living with Beachbody Products

The question that most people have regarding any multi-level marketing opportunity that is currently available is whether or not they can genuinely make money selling the items of that particular firm. The response appears to be the same for the majority of MLMs as well. The answer is that it is possible to make a lot of money, but the typical individual produces very little money. However, it is possible to make a lot of money.

According to Beachbody’s Statement of Earnings, the typical coach made slightly more than $3,000 in 2018. This was reported for the year 2018. According to some other data, more than half of the active coaches ended up making no money with the organization. According to the most optimistic projections in the research, the top earners at the corporation brought in more than three million dollars in 2018.

Instructions for Becoming a Coach

The process of becoming a coach is simple. To enroll, all you need to do is go to the Beachbody website and click the button. The registration charge is $39.95, and it includes a welcome book as well as online support resources to assist you in managing your company. If you want to keep running your coaching business beyond the initial trial period of 30 days, there is a monthly subscription of $15.95. It is strongly recommended that new coaches invest in a Challenge Pack, but doing so is in no way required.

Plan of Pay and Benefits

The compensation structure for selling things is uncomplicated when you get down to its fundamentals. When retail products such as Shakeology or other nutrition products are sold, coaches receive a commission of twenty-five percent on each sale. When a customer purchases a Challenge Pack, the coach receives a commission of 35%, and when a customer subscribes to Beachbody On Demand, the coach receives 40%.

The process of recruiting new members is where you’ll find that things start to get increasingly difficult. A coach is someone who brings in new recruits and makes money off of the sales made by their downline. Additionally, coaches can earn commissions off of the sales made by the coaches they have “personally sponsored.” Because of these sales, coaches have the opportunity to earn bonuses on a weekly and quarterly basis, the amount they receive depending on their tier level and the volume of sales they generate.

Various Methods of Sales and Marketing

The most effective strategy for becoming a successful Beachbody coach and generating a substantial revenue is to leverage social media. The company views its coaches as walking billboards, and maintaining a strong presence on social media is the most effective method for coaches to promote the advantages offered by the items manufactured by the company. A significant online presence provides the coach with access to the widest possible audience, allowing for increased opportunities to sell items and find new coaches.

When Contrasted with Other MLMs

There are a great deal of MLMs operating in the world nowadays. The earning potential of Team Beachbody is higher than that of many other multi-level marketing companies, and the average earnings of roughly $300 per month are also better than those of most MLMs. However, similar to the situation in many other businesses, almost half of Beachbody’s coaches make no money from their coaching business. Since the company has zeroed in on the health and fitness sector as its primary market, all of its offerings are restricted to this sector.


When compared to other multi-level marketing companies, Beachbody’s earning potential for new coaches is exceptionally significant, despite the fact that the firm is still regarded to be in its infancy. However, in order for coaches to be effective, they need to live the lifestyle that they are attempting to promote to their clients. Beachbody makes it simple to sign up as a coach, and the company also supplies its coaches with materials to assist them get their businesses off the ground and running successfully. To make money through the program, you are going to need to put in a lot of effort and a lot of devotion, but this is clearly a legitimate option.

Overall, this score is 4.32 out of 5.

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