Support Your MLM Team

I’m here today to talk to you about how to provide support for your multi-level marketing team.

Within our sector, this is considered to be one of those “strange” subjects. There are others who believe that you ought to put your team’s needs before your own. You should encourage them to create a list of people they know, call them every day, practice positive affirmations with them, spend every weekend with them, pamper them, answer every question they have, and find solutions to any problem they face.

Others believe that after registering them, you should give them a swift kick in the rear, then wish them well and send them on their way. My hope is that there is something that may be considered a “middle ground” between the two extremes.

You need to start by thinking about where you want to end up. Construct your company in such a way that it resembles the success you intend to attain in the future, when you have a large staff and a significant residual revenue. Do this right from the start.

A Little Bit of Tough Love

The following are some difficult lessons that I’ve picked up through the course of working in this sector for more than two decades now.

You are wasting your time by attempting to provide assistance to members of the team who are not seriously dedicated to the project. It’s possible that this will come across as harsh, but your time is valuable. You are a CEO. Nobody can be forced across the finish line, and nobody can be made to be successful. Trust me, I’ve tried. Working with someone who wants their own success less than you do will waste your time and lead to dissatisfaction in the end. If you desire someone else’s success more than they want it for themselves, you are wasting your time.

At least half to the majority of your team will leave within the first three to four months after they join. Your primary responsibilities are to (1) thoroughly investigate each participant you sign up for, and (2) swiftly identify the individuals who will comprise your team.

The next point is that this line of work is an unpleasant experience if you are constantly available to everyone. If everyone on the team relies on you to assist them and provide answers to their questions, you will have an unending stream of work to complete. You will put in too much effort for too little pay.

Do you really want hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of individuals to approach you every day asking for your assistance? Me neither. You are looking for persons who are INDEPENDENT of you. Instead of being dependent on you, you want them to be dependent on the system.

Individuals and their personalities cannot be replicated. Remember to jot that down and save it in your notebook. The word SYSTEMS is repeated here. You need to put in place the procedures and tools necessary to REPLACE you in the business as soon as possible if you ever want to enjoy the time freedom that this line of work makes possible for its participants.

And finally, the success or failure of others is in no way due to your actions. Every individual is their own chief executive officer and is accountable for their own level of motivation and success. You can’t place the blame on yourself if other people on your team are unsuccessful or give up, and you also can’t take credit for their achievements. All that you can do is set an example for others to follow and collaborate with those who are willing.

Having this information at your disposal will prevent you from wasting a lot of time, feeling resentful, and being disappointed.

How to Provide Assistance to Your MLM Team

I’m going to discuss what I do to help my team rather than teach you how to support your MLM team so that you can get some perspective on what I’m talking about. Feel free to use what I do as a model for what you want to achieve, or even to put your own spin on it.

On a related topic, if you are one of the few people who are fortunate enough to have a successful sponsor or upline who already has these tools and methods in place, then you are among the lucky few. This happens quite infrequently in our field. If your team does not already have these things, you will need to make arrangements for them as soon as possible.

I want to emphasize once more that I am a firm believer in the value of systems, tools, and resources. This life-changing education was provided to me by the Army. As a result, I’ve developed these resources for the members of my team to use so that I may improve my efficiency and make better use of my time. In a nutshell, this is what I have to give.

A group on Facebook

There is a Facebook community for the team. This is the place where we provide recognition, share significant updates and announcements, answer queries pertaining to the business, and have our community. In addition to that, the corporation offers something called a product testimonial group, which is really helpful.

Website for Team Training Our company maintains a website for team training that features a directory of our various instruments and sources of information. On this website, you can get an official training course for getting started. The website provides information about scripts, several ways to obtain leads, the training for getting started, as well as our various systems, amongst other things.

Weekly Webinar On Tuesday evenings, I host a weekly webinar for the members of my team. We provide training on products, training for businesses, and recognition. My team has divided the webinar into multiple segments, each of which is led by a different leader. I try to give them responsibility as much as I can. In addition, on Thursday evenings, a group of leaders from our team hosts a webinar that is devoted to product instruction.

Live Events

Every ninety to one hundred and twenty days, we hold live team tournaments in a variety of cities across the country. After all, our company is based on the outcomes of events. The success of our company can be directly attributed to our events.

Videos Our team has access to a large library of instructional videos on our website. The fact that several of the team’s leaders produce their own tutorial videos makes everyone’s work more manageable.

How to Get Started with Training

The training we provide for getting started is standardized, and you may find it on our website for team training. The completion of the steps is strongly urged for everyone.


For the members of our team to utilize, I have developed a free leads program, a team advertising CO-OP, a team rotator, a drop card system, postcard system, Craigslist system, and coffee system. Every week, we go over these systems and share what we’ve learned.


I do some one-on-one coaching from time to time, but it’s not very often. In the past, I was always available whenever somebody needed me. My one-on-one time is limited, so I have to be picky about who I spend it with these days. Why? I carry myself with the poise of a CEO. Wherever it is warranted, I provide my attention and focus. Because it enables me to be more efficient in my work, I try to organize everyone’s training and support sessions such that they take place in groups.

My Mindset

To begin, I’m a little bit traditional in my thinking. I’m not the type to care for others or to hold their hand. I spent a lot of time in the military, so my mentality has always been “show me what you’ve got” if you want my attention. I’ve explained what needs to be done in our training and systems, but if you aren’t coachable or willing to accomplish those things, I’m not going to spend my one-on-one time with you. I’ve outlined what needs to be done in our training and processes.

I am aware that the vast majority of customers are merely window shoppers. They will complete their work and then leave the company in fewer than ninety days. It is unfortunate, but reality. I’ve come to terms with this reality.

I do not give my one-on-one time to anyone who has not been a part of our community for a significant amount of time, demonstrated their worth, and earned it. It’s possible that this will come across as uncaring. It is. But, that is a clever move.

I expect every member of my team to make use of the processes, instruments, and materials that we already possess. I want them to figure out the answers to their own questions, to take charge of their own company, and to give their workers more agency. If they have looked through all of the resources that we provide and are still unable to discover what they are looking for, I will gladly assist them in their hunt for it.

This sector of the economy has, for a considerable amount of time, functioned in a manner analogous to that of an adult babysitting service. That way of thinking is not something I support for any reason. In my mind, everyone is their own chief executive officer. They are accountable only to themselves for maintaining their drive and achieving their goals.

As we come to the close of this section, I want to emphasize one particular aspect. I am kind and respectful to everyone, despite the amount of effort they put in or how well they did. I try my best to be kind and friendly to everyone. I am grateful to each and every member of my team. My patrons are the best. I simply make the decision to work efficiently.

The One Thing That Is Most Important To Me

To best help my Multi-Level Marketing team, I try to set a good example for others to follow. I demonstrate to them what is feasible in the industry by actively recruiting new distributors, selling products in retail locations, and generating a six-figure income. It is entirely up to them to decide whether or not to follow both my leadership and my example. I simply want to be in the forefront of the charge.


In conclusion, these are the most useful pieces of advice I can give you regarding how to support your MLM Team. At the end of the day, it is essential for you to provide your team with the systems, resources, and tools they need to be successful. In addition to this, you need to cultivate a culture and a community. That is how you handle the events.

You are the only one who can decide how you want to run your company and how much time you want to spend with each individual customer. There is no answer that is definitively correct or incorrect. It is none of my business. You are free to manage it however you see fit, but keep in mind that every decision you make will have consequences of some kind.

What kind of ideas do you have? What steps do you take to help the MLM team that you are a part of? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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