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Isn’t it true that everybody enjoys getting a good deal? There is no experience that can compare to the satisfaction of saving money on something. When you know that something can be had at a reasonable price, the value of the item in question immediately rises. What if there was a way to genuinely turn a profit from selling discounted items? Doesn’t it seem like everybody you know would want a slice of the pie? This is where the National Team comes in to play. In this Team National MLM review, we’ll examine how this membership savings program can help you gain additional money so that you can put it toward your financial goals. Don’t be fooled by the price of membership for this club.

What exactly is the National Team?

Richard Loehr established Team National in 1997, and the company has its headquarters in Florida. It is a corporation that engages in multi-level marketing (MLM) and offers discounts on a variety of goods and services.

Over the course of the past few years, Team National has racked up significant financial losses. According to reports, total income for 2018 was $734 million. The stated revenue for the year 2020 was 640 million dollars. There are more than 523,231 distributors located throughout the United States.

Do You Get Your Money’s Worth From Team National Products?

The membership program that makes up Team National is the product that we offer. Team National is in charge of negotiating discounts on a variety of goods and services with large corporations such as AT&T,, Walmart, and MetLife, amongst others, and this is how the program operates. Those participants who choose to purchase memberships will be eligible for special price reductions.

A lifetime membership is included with the Premium/Business Membership package. At the conclusion of the first period of two years, the Standard Membership can be renewed for an additional year for the cost of $795. The following is a list of some of the products and services that are available:

• Travel insurance

• Financial services

• Health discount benefit plans

• Automobile rental

• Driving services

• Hotels

• Transportation services

• Communication services

Additionally, Team National is in the business of selling tangible goods, such as commercial office furniture, home furnishings, home improvement, floors and rugs, and even more. Customers who purchase these items through Team National can receive savings of up to 65% with a membership to the company.

Are these things really worth the money they cost? Because the money a client pays for membership might be used to pay for the items and services that are given, I do not believe that this is the case. In addition, there are a vanishingly small number of customers who would use all of the items and services. Why, then, would a consumer even consider purchasing a membership?

The Potential for the Team on the National Stage

Sign up through your Independent Marketing Director if you want to be a part of Team National (IMD). Through the sale of memberships, you make money. Training consists of a variety of media, including audio and video files accessed online.

Customers can purchase new memberships in an IMD by paying either a one-time charge or a down payment followed by a modest monthly subscription over the course of some period of time.

IMDs are permitted to disseminate information regarding memberships through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as blogs; however, sales of memberships and other products are prohibited through these platforms.

What are the fees involved in becoming a member of Team National?

For a fee of $49, new Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) can purchase a beginning kit that contains several sales and marketing-related resources. In order to keep your active status, you are required to pay a charge of $69 per year around the anniversary date.

A “small monthly fee” of $25 is charged as well. This money covers ongoing assistance, accounting reviews, training update, and other marketing resources.

It is also made clear that IMDs are liable for covering any and all costs incurred while acting in their capacity as Team National employees.

Is There the Potential to Make Money with Team National?

The audience that these kinds of membership packages are aimed at is extremely niched down. Even the more affordable membership options are out of reach financially for most people.

The standard membership, which is good for two years, will reward you $50. You will receive $100 if you choose for the Lifetime membership. That works out to roughly 5–6% in commission. And things will only grow worse if the new member is paying with a credit card or financing the membership themselves.

Let’s say, though, that you are successful in selling these memberships. The purchase of a membership with Team National is said to be capable of generating a monthly income stream. I searched high and low, but I was unable to discover any material that would support this.

The main money is made in the process of recruiting new people to join your team. There will be a left squad and a right team available to you. You will be awarded points whenever you bring on board a new member. You will also receive points for everyone who is brought into the organization by members of your downline.

You will need 10 points in order to win the grand prize of $1,000. It must be simple, right? One point is awarded to members who maintain their regular membership for two years. Three points are allotted for lifetime memberships. You can earn points by selling memberships directly to customers or by having your downline do it on your behalf. When I consider the cost of membership, I get the impression that it is not an easy task.

You’ll see that 69.7% of all IMD Representatives made a maximum of $105 throughout that year if you look at the image that’s been provided for you. ALL THROUGHOUT THE CALENDAR YEAR! That comes out to $8.75 each month. These days, you’d be lucky to get a cup of coffee and a donut for that amount of money.

Advantages of the National Team

IMDs are not expected to reach a monthly sales quota, and this requirement is not placed on them.

Participation is inexpensive: Fortunately, you are not obliged to buy a membership for yourself, and the basic package costs only $49 to purchase.

The hours for this position are flexible, so you can work on it in the evenings after you get off work or on the weekends.

The disadvantages of Team National Products are their high prices: Memberships are the only two products available for purchase at this time. Both of these options are prohibitively costly for the typical person.

Terrible Compensation Plan: If you sell memberships, you will only receive $50 to $100 (6%), depending on the type of membership.

Grossly Overstated Earnings Statements: According to TINA (Truth in Advertising), Team National distributors have been accused of embellishing their income and claiming that participants have a better lifestyle because they are able to travel, quit their jobs, purchase real estate, and drive luxury vehicles. They also have been accused of claiming that participants have access to better products and services. In 2017, 88 percent of Team National distributors did not bring in any money at all.

Complaints from Customers According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), customers have complained that they felt pressured to purchase memberships, that they were given misleading promises of income, that they were denied refunds when they requested them, that the savings on products and services were disappointing, and that they had other complaints as well.

Is It True That Team National Is A Fraud?

According to the information provided by the BBB and TINA, Team National is a multi-level marketing firm that has a troubled history. In point of fact, it has been next to impossible to find reviews that are positive. The vast majority of multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) offer physical goods, but Team National sells memberships. Since this article was written, Team National had just been purchased by ACN, and it is impossible to predict what will happen to either of these companies in the future.

A Few Parting Thoughts

When you do work for an MLM, you are not considered an employee of that company. There is no remuneration at the base level. There is no other compensation other than commission. You will not receive payment for your out-of-pocket costs, which is a benefit that is typically offered, even to independent contractors. To make money in this place, you are going to have to work really hard.

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