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Because of the widespread worry that people have about their health, dietary supplements are typically products that are simple to sell. Because of this, it is only normal to assume that there are a great number of potential clients who are interested in purchasing these goods. In this Naturally Plus MLM review, we’ll take a look at the opportunity to see if it’s something that could bring in some additional income for you. It looks like there won’t be much to chose from, which is a real shame.

What exactly is a multi-level marketing opportunity with Naturally Plus?

Naturally Plus is a corporation that engages in multi-level marketing (MLM) and has its headquarters in Japan. They have operations in a number of Asian nations, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore, among others. Additionally, they have a presence in the United States. In 1999, Takaaki Nagoshi established the corporation that bears his name.

Their product inventory consists of only three items, all of which are related to health and wellness. The first is water that has been supplemented with additional hydrogen. The next type of supplement is a carotenoid one. One more thing, an antioxidant.

Do You Get Your Money’s Worth From Naturally Plus Products?

On the Naturally Plus website, the selection of products available for purchase is very limited. In addition, we were unable to locate any references to specific costs. The following is a list of the three goods that they sell.

Super Lutein is a combination of five different phytonutrients in addition to DHA and EPA. It contains a unique proprietary blend that is developed with FloraGlo, which is a lutein that is extremely pure. Carotenoids such as lutein help the brain absorb information more quickly and improve visual acuity, as well as the skin’s moisture and suppleness. In addition, carotenoids like lutein improve the skin’s moisture and elasticity. This item is packaged in a bottle that can hold a total of ninety capsules.

Izumio is simply water to which additional hydrogen has been added. It has one of the highest quantities of hydrogen, coming in at 2.6 parts per million. Athletes can benefit from a reduction in fatigue and an improvement in regions of the body that were previously deficient. It is contained in an aluminum container with four layers that is free of bisphenol A (BPA) and prevents hydrogen from escaping.

Mirto+ is the final option, and it is available in capsule form. It contains French Maritime Pine Bark Extract in addition to Bilberry Extract, both of which are considered to be powerful antioxidants. This combination, in addition to the use of other components, is intended to improve general health.

Evaluations of Products

There are currently no reviews of the product available. If you are thinking about selling these things, you should question yourself whether or not you believe anyone will pay for fancy water. I believe that there is not much of a demand for these products in the market.

Because there is no indication of price anywhere on the website, it is difficult to determine whether or not the items are worth the money. However, let’s make an attempt to compare them anyway. For example, consumers have the option to purchase HFactor water, which is comparable to regular water but also contains hydrogen. It is sold in a package of six pouches of 11 ounces each and can be purchased for $14.99. My best judgment is that this falls well below the pricing range that is offered for the Naturally Plus product.

The Opportunity Provided by Naturally Plus

You will begin by acquiring a beginning pack and signing up for the opportunity through a sponsor. There is no material provided on training; nevertheless, your sponsor will often supply you with the necessary training. There is a possibility that there will be sales material in your starter pack that will direct you.

You will also be required to pay an annual registration charge in addition to the initial price. This is a one-time payment that will grant you access to their website as well as their Back Office.

You will not be needed to keep a monthly inventory if you work as a distributor, and there is no monthly sales target, so that is a perk right there. Additionally, there is no monthly sales quota, which is another perk.

The real money can be made in the recruitment process. You will become eligible for bonuses and earn commissions from the products that members of your team buy for themselves and their clients if you attract other people to join your team.

What are the fees involved in becoming a member of Naturally Plus?

You will also be required to pay a registration fee in addition to purchasing a beginning kit. The most affordable and fundamental starter pack is $180 and includes just one of the company’s products. The alternative starter bundle costs $2,330 and comes with a supply of products that will be automatically delivered over the course of a year.

In addition, there is a yearly membership charge of $30 that grants you access to the Back Office for a period of one year as well as your very own marketing gateway on the website.

Is It Possible to Earn Money Using Naturally Plus?

There are a few different ways one can generate income using these products. Naturally, there are also direct sales involved. The third way to make money is through recruitment, which allows you to make money through a combination of product sales, bonuses for recruiting members, and commissions from the things that the recruits buy.


There is No Inventory: Distributors are not accountable for stocktaking and maintenance of inventory. They only order products they use themselves.

No Shipping Fees: Products are shipped directly to customers so distributors are not responsible for paying these costs.

Refunds: Products are 100% refundable if customers are not happy with the products they purchased. Products need to be returned within 30 days of receipt of the shipment date and be in resellable condition. Customers can also opt to exchange products instead.


Complicated Compensation: If you sponsor a new member, you receive a sponsor bonus and half the points of the purchased products. Your upline will receive half of the points as well. There are other bonuses calculated for new recruits who buy starter packs and products.

High Qualifying Factors: In order to qualify for bonuses, you must be an active member and have 10,000 points accumulated within the one-month eligibility period.

Expensive Start-up Costs: The basic starter kit is $180 which only contains one product. Then there’s the annual fee to maintain access to the website portal and the Back Office.

Is Naturally Plus a Scam?

Naturally Plus is a direct selling company so it’s not a scam but is a typical MLM business model. The products in these business models are all sold for commissions. Just because it’s not a scam, doesn’t mean it’s a good money maker.

Final Thoughts

It’s difficult to make money with MLMs because there’s no base salary. It’s all on commission. I’d like to say that if you work hard, you can sell a lot of products and make a lot of money. But that’s rarely the case. Most people who join MLMs don’t make any money at all and usually lose money. They never even make back the money they invested for the starter pack or any other initial startup costs.

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