Six Figure MLM Income

I’ll give you a few pointers if you’re interested in building an MLM income of six figures and are curious about what it takes to do so.

I struggled to succeed in this FANTASTIC industry for more than 15 YEARS. How pathetic is that? When I think back on it, it wasn’t necessary for things to turn out that way. In spite of this, I am grateful for the experience because it contributed to my development as a person.

I’m happy to share my thoughts on what it takes to be successful in network marketing (earning six figures from MLM), in the hope that it will be useful to at least one person who reads this message.

I want to talk about some fundamental qualities, attitudes, mindsets, and skills that you need to master in order to build a large team and make a six figure income from an MLM opportunity.

Obviously, I am unable to ensure that you will be successful (for the lawyers reading this). That can’t be done by anyone. Having said that, I do believe that doing these things will significantly increase the likelihood of you developing a six figure income from your MLM endeavors. However, the specific outcomes for each person will vary.

How to Build a Multi-Level Marketing Income of Six Figures

# 1: Vision

Having the ability to foresee potential challenges and opportunities is essential to the success of every business. This concept is referred to as VISION. It’s not just about knowing what you’re doing; you also need to know why you’re doing it and where you want to go with it.

Every top earner in our sector has a clear understanding of their motivation. They have a very well defined plan for the future of their company. Because of this, they remain motivated and focused.

When you understand why you’re doing something, you can’t be stopped. Your reason for doing anything keeps you motivated and keeps you working hard toward your objective UNTIL you achieve it. On the other side, if you don’t know why you’re doing something, it’s quite easy to give up as soon as things start going wrong.

#2: The importance of delaying gratification

This can be considered a sacrifice by some individuals. People in this world have become accustomed to having their needs met immediately. We desire it, and we desire it at this very moment.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed path to financial success in business of any kind. It takes a new company an average of several YEARS to get off the ground when it’s first starting off. If you approach your network marketing business as if it were a game of chance, like the lottery, you will never be successful over the long term. Instead, you will become one of the many people who are addicted to multi-level marketing and will switch from company to business every few months.

Keep in mind that in order to achieve anything worthwhile, you will need time, money, persistence, and a TON of hard work. If it were simple, then every person would do it.

Choose the business that you are willing to have troubles with and stay with that firm. Put your flag down somewhere, and continue moving forward. Regardless of the firm that you choose to join, you will inevitably face problems at some point in time. If you leave the ship the moment there is a problem, you won’t last long in any corporation or business since you won’t be taken seriously.

# 3: Skills

To be successful in their chosen venture, all entrepreneurs, regardless of the sector in which they operate, need a specific set of talents. This type of knowledge is referred to as specialized knowledge.

The good news is that you do not need to have these skills when you first start out in company, nor do you need to have them if you were born with them. However, in order to be successful in multi-level marketing or any other endeavor, you need to have mastered a core set of abilities. To your good fortune, in order to be successful in multi-level marketing (MLM), you need to learn only a few fundamental abilities.

These are the following:

• The production of leads

• Inviting

• Presenting

• Following-up

• Closing

• The introduction of new sales representatives

• Publicizing upcoming activities

• Retailing products

The greatest way to learn these abilities is to go in the trenches. Learn by doing. And, listen to your valued mentor. Read daily, attend events, and be a student of your business.

# 4: Commitment, Follow Through, & Focus

I put these three traits together. Commitment involves sticking with something, even after your original excitement has faded.

Follow through involves doing what you said you were going to do, even when you don’t feel like it.

And focus means FOCUSING on ONE THING until you achieve it.

These three categories are probably perhaps the most typical reasons people don’t succeed in MLM. They lack the commitment, follow through, and attention. They are in pursuit of bright objects or anything for free. Or, they want everything to be quick and easy.

You will find that successful entrepreneurs master these three things. They are 100% committed to their chose vocation. They are all in. They don’t give up and keep pushing forward day after day, month after month, and year after year UNTIL they achieve what they set out to do. They just engage in one transaction at a time and do not diversify their business in any way.

#5: The Role of Followers

It is necessary to get experience in following in order to become a good leader. This is something I was taught in the military, but I completely disregarded it when it came to MLM.

From the very beginning, I attempted to carry out all of my responsibilities in my own unique fashion. This was something that I did for more than 15 YEARS. What a mortifying situation.

If I had been more experienced, I would have known better and would have humbled myself sooner in order to listen to the advice of my elders (and did what they taught me).

If you cannot lower yourself to the level of humility required to submit to the leadership or authority of another person, then no one will follow you. Thought-provoking material.

6. The Art of Leadership

In the end, we are a business that focuses on leadership. Customers and part-time workers come and go as easily as the common cold, but the leaders in your organization are the source of your TRUE residual income.

Leaders are essential to the success of a network marketing business. They may not have begun as one entity, but they DECIDED to join together as one through time. They are the ones who set the standard and constantly lead by setting an example. They make everyday efforts toward advancing their own personal growth. They aim high and work to get better every day.

In addition to this, they are always on the lookout for potential future leaders within their team (as well as their list of prospects) to grow and cultivate. Leadership determines everything that succeeds or fails in our sector of the economy.

# 7: Systems

In EVERY type of business, having effective systems is essential to achieving success. In network marketing, individuals’ skills and personalities do not get replicated, but the systems do. Successful sales representatives not only stick to, but also implement, a set of operating procedures for their teams. They do not stray from the path. They are aware that the system itself is the answer.

#8: The Figures in Question

The last thing that will be necessary for your success in network marketing is the following. Will you (not can you) speak to five to ten potential customers each day, five to six days a week, over the next five to ten years? Are you going to run the numbers? That is a query that can only be answered by you.

You have to understand that the first step in this business is a game of numbers. Once people sign up, it transforms into a relationship-based business, but in order to identify those people, you have to sift through the statistics.

Are you going to run the numbers? Will you continue to talk to new prospects even if everyone else is refusing to work with you or leaving the company? Will you continue to follow up on this? Are you willing to commit to sponsoring three to four new company builders each and every month until you reach your objectives?

That is up to you to decide. You are going to have to do the math. It is impossible to do anything else. If you don’t work the numbers, you will never achieve a multi-level marketing income of six figures, regardless of how well you execute everything else on this list. This is the key to success.

If they put in the effort to work the numbers, even someone with no abilities can be successful in network marketing. On the other hand, if one does not work the numbers, even the most gifted individual will fall short of their goals.


In summary, these are the things you need to accomplish in order to generate a six figure income through MLM, in my opinion. You are free to choose either option. These are all things that CAN be done by anyone if they DECIDE to do them, but the majority of people will not make that decision.

If you do this, you will be glad that you did it, and you will be well on your way to developing a six-figure income from your MLM efforts. And if you don’t, you will almost certainly wind up as a number in a statistic. Make judicious decisions.

What kind of ideas do you have? Do you agree or disagree? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment.

This is simply my viewpoint, as I indicated earlier. Different people will have different outcomes.

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