Multi-Level Marketing company Sun Hope International was established in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California. It was established in 1978 and later spread to a great number of additional countries. The Sun Hope Multi-Level Marketing scheme refers to the earth as the “Planet of Water.” There is no other resource that is quite as important as clean water. Although water covers nearly 70 percent of the earth’s surface, only 2 percent of that water is in a state where it can be safely consumed. The remaining water source is frozen solid in the form of glaciers or ice, and the remaining bodies of water are polluted and salty. They have never stopped pushing the idea that you can get “Maximum Results with Minimum Water Usage,” and they always have.

Sun Hope is very concerned about controlling how much water is used from their available resources. Before the world began to understand environmental problems caused by ‘climatic variations’ and ‘human activities,’ Sun Hope MLM began a business with the goal of having a relationship with the environment that was not exploitative. As a pioneer in the multi-level marketing industry, Sun Hope provides the most effective environmental solutions for the agricultural, industrial, and landscaping sectors. They are always loyal to their customers by placing the utmost importance on ensuring that their needs are met. The Sun Hope Multi-Level Marketing Company has an annual revenue of 940 million USD and is ranked number 23 on the list of the Top 100 Network Marketing Companies in the world. During our time together today, we are going to focus on the following subtopics:

WHAT Kind of Business Is an MLM?

Multi-Level Marketing, also known as MLM, is a marketing strategy that is used by a large number of Direct Sales companies to promote existing distributors in the process of recruiting new distributors who are paid with a percentage of commission for the sales that they make. The term “Network Marketing” is often used interchangeably with “Multi-Level Marketing.” “Distributors” is the name given to freshly signed up members of the organization. These distributors also have the opportunity to make a percentage profit on the sales that are made by the members of their “Downline.”


Software for MLM Businesses


Sun Hope International was founded in 1993 in Tianjin, China. At that time, the company committed one hundred million yuan in the construction of a large-scale and fully-equipped Sunhope Intelligent Technology facility. Sun Hope is a well-known manufacturer of a wide variety of goods, including but not limited to healthy foods, metal products, medical devices, glass products, cosmetics, beauty machines, and air purifiers. The corporation maintains locations all over the world, including the United States of America, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and a great number of other nations. Sun Hope International Co. Ltd. was initially established by a man named “Kazuyuki Masumitsu.” Sun Hope International is in the business of importing and selling equipment and commodities related to brackish water. Additionally, Sun Hope is well-known for its sale of agricultural materials such as seedlings and plants. More recently, the company has expanded its product offerings to include home gardening and mushroom cultivation equipment.

While working for Oregon Agriculture Machinery Company in 1955, he was the first person to introduce a water sprinkler to the Japanese market (USA). He went all over the world in quest of the most impressive product that he could introduce to the Japanese market. In the year 2010, a new product called the Versatile Side Irrigation System was released.


Based on the level of quality and service they offer, as well as the personal experience I’ve had with their products, Sun Hope International is easily one of the greatest multi-level marketing firms. The reviews of the items are typically based on how well they meet the expectations that the manufacturer has set forth for them. It allows for the creation of applications such as a Factory Waste Management System, Automatic Washing Machine for cleaning industrial materials, Livestock Deodorization System, Snow Removal System, and Dust-proofing System. Let’s take a look at some of the other things that are doing really well right now.

Mix of Sun and Hope Pow

Sun Hope Pow Mix is a highly regarded product that a great number of households put to use. It is a Colostrum Milk Powder of the highest quality, and it is derived from certain cows that provide milk that is fortified with immunoglobulin G (LG-G). Immunoglobulin G is the primary factor in immunity, and it is especially important during pandemic seasons. In addition to these benefits, Sun Hope Pow Mix protects against infectious disorders caused by bacteria, viruses, and toxins. It also helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, this product is a source of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, including Insulin Growth Factor and Epidermal Growth Factor, both of which are essential to overall health.

Sun Hope Omega-3 Deep Sea

The Omega-3 supplement contains 360 milligrams of EPA, also known as eicosapentaenoic acid, and 240 milligrams of DHA, also known as docosahexaenoic acid. Both of these acids are obtained from Alaskan salmon oil. Vitamin E is included in Omega-3 Deep Sea, which helps maintain a healthy heart as well as healthy eyes, brain, and blood vessels. It makes skin that is harsh and dry more hydrated and improves the skin’s natural radiance. In addition to this, it has a calming effect on the skin and helps reduce the visible indications of aging. This product is extremely abundant in a high-end delivery formula of anti-reflux medication, and it does not include any harmful substances, cholesterol, preservatives, or Gluten. Sun Hope Mega Formula

A mixture of plant and animal extracts is utilized in the manufacturing process of the multivitamin supplement known as Sun Hope Mega Formula. Beef liver extract, wheat germ oil, ginseng, and royal jelly are the key components of the product. Additionally, the product contains L-methionine, vitamins A, E, and B complex, all of which are intended to nourish liver tissue. The use of Mega Formula can assist individuals in overcoming anemia and low blood pressure, increasing their stamina and helping them maintain vivid vitality throughout the day. In addition, Mega Formula encourages the growth of healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Sun Honey Vi Sun Hope Honey    

Honey and date juice are the primary ingredients in Sun Hope Vi Honey, along with a variety of carefully selected natural herbs, including Manjakani, Kunci Pipet, Fatimah Grass, Rapet Wood, Betel Leaves, White Turmeric, and Rosella Flowers. This unique beverage was developed specifically for contemporary women. Sun Hope Vi Honey is an excellent choice and option for all ladies, particularly younger girls who have only recently begun their menstrual cycles. Honey is known as a source of energy due to the fact that it is high in vitamins A, B, C, and E in addition to minerals, and it is very good for recovering from weariness after engaging in a variety of physically taxing activities.

Since we’ve been discussing the well-known products that Sun Hope produces, let’s move on to discussing the various projects and missions that are available through Sun Hope International.


The Sun Hope multi-level marketing company operates under the principle of enhancing all elements of social life, constructing a beautiful home together, and putting into action Sunhope’s contributions to public welfare in all of these areas. In addition to this, Sun Hope raised the total amount of social donations and initiated the “Shanghe One Heart Charity Aid.” In addition to that, I would like to inform you about some additional Sun Hope Projects.

Founded in 2021, the Tianjin Sunhope Charity Foundation.

The Tianjin Sun Hope Charity Foundation was given the title of “The 3A Grade Social Organization” by the Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau (2012). This honor was bestowed upon the organization after it passed a series of qualification examinations, conducted an internal evaluation, and was subjected to reviews by experts in the field of evaluation. In the year 2021, the headquarters of Sun Hope International, which was located in China, played host to the very first gathering of the session council of the Sun Hope Charity Foundation. At this meeting, the work report and the report on the financial condition from the first session of the Board of Directors were both approved, and the second session was chosen to oversee the charitable donations made by the foundation.

Program for Sustainable Development in the Year 2020.

On October 28, 2020, the formal kickoff event for the Sun Hope Sustainable Development Program took place. The Vice President and General Secretary of the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies bestowed upon it the honor of “Leading Enterprise in Practice of Sustainable Development.” The prize was given for sustainable and long-term development, as well as for education, public welfare, environmentally friendly practices, and technological advancement. The business developed its own management philosophy and a sustainable strategy based on getting the most out of its employees, materials, and products while expanding its operations in as many locations as possible.

2015 Year of the Sun Hope Charity Council

The charity board meeting for Sun Hope was organized and held without incident on November 27th, 2015. During the charity event review of 2015 that was held by the Sun Hope Charity council, Secretary-general Chen and director Luo gave speeches revolving around the concept of Sun Hope Charity Work and that 2015 is a productive year for Sun Hope Charity. Both of these ideas were discussed during the event. Sun Hope’ Spreading Love’, ‘Continue Love’, and ‘Helping Others’ brings the warmth and hope of the sun to the general public, thereby warming every corner of the planet. On February 10, 2015, Sun Hope attended the Tianjin high tech industry 2014 corporate commendations. On February 10, 2015, at 2015 promotional activities, they also got the 2014 top 10 corporate contribution award.

Primary School for the Sun of Hope Charity

Since the beginning of this year, Sunhop has been gradually systematizing its charity concept of ‘Let Love Continue,’ and it has become Sunhop’s appeal for the annual charity season. Stepping into the Sun Hope Charity Primary School, which had been constructed with their individual aids over the course of seven continuous years. People have seen the kindness, love, and dedication that Sun Hope demonstrates thanks to the unending pile of facts and experiences. The program known as “Caring for Charity and Perpetual Love” has been responsible for increasing people’s faith in the Direct Selling Industry. A satisfying tale. Over the course of years, with no breaks in between. Primary school run by the Sun Hope Charity.


The Sun Hope International brand is ranked among the top five in direct sales in China. Internationally, the brand is ranked 14th in direct sales, and it holds the top position in the health business. Sun Hope is responsible for manufacturing all of the products and using a natural marketing approach to sell them. The active period is established by the company, during which the potential customer can earn commissions by trading and enlisting more members to do the same in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the company. The Sun Hope Public Welfare actively works under the principle of ‘Charity, Love, and Sustainability,’ and their goal is to develop a charitable platform with love serving as the foundation.

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