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Are you interested in finding MLM leads that actually work? If so, you’re not alone. Finding excellent leads for their products, services, and business opportunities is one of the most common challenges faced by network marketers. In the majority of cases, even if they do have quality leads, they are unable to make first contact with the leads, successfully follow up with them, or successfully close the transaction. Or, what’s even worse, they have irrational expectations regarding the rates of conversion they will achieve.

There are literally hundreds of different approaches that can be taken to get additional MLM Leads. Please keep it in mind even if you take nothing else away from this piece of writing. There are some lead generating tactics that are free to implement, while there are other strategies that require financial investment. There are procedures that are straightforward and some that are more involved. It’s possible that what works well for one individual won’t have the same effect on another. It is critical to locate a method of lead creation that is successful for your business. Everyone has their own unique perspective on the situation.

MLM Leads That Are Proven to Work

If you’ve been looking for the key to successfully finding MLM leads, I’ll provide it to you now:

The MLM leads you produce yourself are going to be the most successful ones!

The value of one lead that you generate yourself is far higher than the value of one hundred leads that you buy. When someone replies to your advertisement or when you manage to stimulate someone’s attention during a conversation, you have a better lead than when you call someone you’ve never met before out of the blue.

One more thing that nobody knows:

People that have prior experience in network marketing make for the BEST prospects since they have prior experience in the industry, have a strong belief in the industry, have gotten some training, and have friends who are also involved in network marketing.

Thought-provoking material! You are leaving A LOT of money on the table if you do not approach FREE AGENT network marketers and you should do so immediately.

The Three Most Important Things

The process of generating qualified leads for network marketing (or buying them) is a scientific endeavor. Because of this, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the three M’s of marketing. This is a lesson that I picked up from Dan Kennedy, who is widely regarded as one of the most successful direct response marketers in the world. The following is a concise outline of the three Ms.


Who exactly is your intended audience? Who would be the perfect person to buy from you? Who is it that you are trying to communicate with? Before you try to develop your own leads or buy leads from another source, you need to be able to answer the questions in this list. Make sure you are as descriptive as you can. It is to your advantage to have as much information as possible regarding your ideal prospect. This enables you to concentrate your efforts and make intelligent decisions regarding your marketing. Keep in mind that if every person is a potential, then none of them are prospects.


What exactly is your point? What kind of deal are you making? What sets you, your product, or the potential you have for business apart from others? You are required to have the ability to respond to these questions. Your potential customer won’t be able to respond them if you can’t answer them first. In order to differentiate yourself from the competition in this oversaturated market, you need to convey this message in any advertisements or offers that you make.


Which mediums will you employ in order to communicate with your ideal customers? What kinds of magazines do they subscribe to? Which websites do they frequently browse? Where can you find them, either online or in real life? Newspapers, magazines, trade journals, networking events, websites, Facebook, YouTube, and a number of other platforms all qualify as examples of various types of media.

Invest a few hours of your time in reflection on the three M’s. Your upfront investment of time and money into accomplishing this will, in the long run, save you a significant amount of time, money, and irritation.

MLM Lead Generation Methods

Just to start your mind going in the right direction, here are a few easy techniques to obtain more MLM leads.

• LinkedIn

• Facebook

• YouTube

• Safelists

• Pay Per Click

• Postcards

• Drop Cards

• Buy Leads

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Home Parties

• Referrals

• Networking Events

• Texting

• Business Cards

• Bandit Signs

• Wear a Button!

• Car Magnet

• Cold Calling

• Clothing LinkedIn

• Facebook

• YouTube

• Safelists

• Pay Per Click

• Postcards

• Drop Cards

• Buy Leads

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Home Parties

• Referrals

• Networking Events

• Texting

• Business

Any one of these approaches is going to be successful! The most helpful piece of advice I can give you is to zero in on two or three lead generation tactics that really speak to you and make those your primary emphasis. Do not make the mistake of attempting to juggle too many tasks at once. First you need to get those few techniques under your belt, and then you can add more ideas to your marketing mix.

Intentions Regarding Prospective Customers

Many people in the network marketing industry have unreasonable expectations regarding MLM Leads. They believe that everyone will be interested in what they have to offer and will immediately pull out their credit cards and make a purchase.

They aren’t aware of how many people they need to speak to in order to discover one individual who will be interested in what they have to offer. Even if you have solid leads, at least nine out of ten people you chat to won’t join or buy whatever it is you’re selling. This is an accurate representation of the ratio of warm market leads.

When it comes to leads from cold markets, even if you have good leads, at least 19 out of 20 leads won’t buy or join. This is true even if you have good leads. This is a true statement.

Do not try to change it or put up a battle against it. The art of recruiting is a game of statistics. Yes, it is also a game of talent and strategy, but in order to sponsor new reps and consumers, you will need to go through five to ten times as many individuals as you currently believe you will.

What I Have Done

The following are some of the steps I take to find MLM Leads That Work in my business.


I send a large number of postcards and fliers to individuals who have previously been involved in network marketing and home-based businesses. It typically costs me less than $1 per item to mail, and there have been times when the cost was far lower. Prospects who are interested might contact me by getting in touch with me directly or via my website. Every month, I send out anywhere from 500 to 2,500 postcards and flyers. Wilson’s Lists is the sole provider of all of my leads, and I buy them all.


I have a great deal of respect for Safelists, particularly Herculist and ViralURL. I make frequent use of them. They provide me with a large quantity of viable multi-level marketing leads. I upgraded to their paying membership and make multiple purchases of advertisements with them each week. Remember that I’m not referring to their free service or their basic membership in any way, shape, or form. I use the paid advertising that they provide.

Apache Leads Don, who works with Apache Leads, and I conduct a fair amount of business together. I pay close to two hundred dollars for the 250,000 old leads that I purchase. When I text these leads, I use the scripts I have created. No, I do not contact them via phone or email. I send them an SMS. They are inexpensive, and although I have to look up a lot of numbers, some of them can be converted. However, when considering the cost per lead, this method of expanding your business is one of the most cost-effective options.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Microsoft Ad Center is where I manage the majority of my pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Bing gives you the opportunity to advertise through the Microsoft Ad Center, however Google Adwords does not support multi-level marketing (MLM). When you engage in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you are responsible for writing brief ads, selecting relevant keywords, and determining your maximum bid. Your advertisement will appear on Bing, AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN whenever a user searches for your term. If they click on your ad, you will be charged an amount equal to or greater than the amount you bid. PPC is something I’ve been utilizing for the past decade or so.

Content Marketing

Doing your own content marketing is one of the greatest ways to find MLM Leads That Work and is one of the finest strategies. When you do this, you are creating content about a certain subject in the form of articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts. You establish yourself as an authority and provide stuff that is of value to others. If the content is of high quality, then many of your viewers will be interested in learning more about the work that you do. They will initiate contact with you in order to inquire about buying from you or joining your team.

Beneficial and Useful Sources

To assist you in transforming your leads into paying customers and distributors, we have compiled a list of a few useful tools that you can use.


To begin, reading screenplays is not one of my favorite things to do. When you speak like that, you come out as a pushy salesperson. In light of this, before engaging in conversation with potential customers, you need to have an idea of WHAT you will say. Create a script for yourself, or get one from an upline who is more experienced in the field, and rehearse it to the point where you no longer need to refer to it.

Sales Skills

You need to have some fundamental abilities in communication and sales. Selling is a game of INFLUENCE and PERSUASION, and it doesn’t matter if you do it over the phone, by email, or via text. Learn more about marketing and sales every day. Learn how to seal the deal by reading up on communication, persuasion, and closing techniques. It is going to be worth both your time and your money.

System for Future Follow-Up

Invest in an autoresponder for yourself. Aweber is the email service that I use. The use of a reliable auto-responder will allow you to automate the process of following up with leads. Aweber is without a doubt the most valuable business tool that I use.

Manager of Contacts

You are going to require a location where all of your contacts can be stored together. Investing in the Stat Trak Address Pro software is a recommendation I have for you. My experience with them has been positive overall (not an affiliate).

Codes for Tracking

In order to determine your conversion rates, you will need tracking numbers for every advertisement and every source of leads. If you go to Google and search for tracking software or tracking codes, you will see that there are various different solutions available to choose from. is now being utilized by me.

A Couple of Final Considerations

Before I finish writing this post, I want you to be aware of something. Individuals join people, not businesses. Individuals do business with other people. People are more likely to make purchases from someone they like, know, and trust. You have to be someone who is interesting enough to join. This indicates that you have a positive mental attitude, are skillful, and are liked by those around you.

Additionally, the typical consumer requires anything from seven to twenty follow-ups at the very least before deciding to make a purchase. Maintain a long-term perspective and communicate with potential customers on several occasions until they either make a purchase, pass away, or specifically ask you not to. The majority of the people I support have a waiting period of anything from three to nine months before they buy or join.

When you do talk to someone, put the emphasis on what they can get out of the conversation. The benefits of an item are what draw customers in. Make sure that the entirety of your interaction is focused on how the other person may benefit from your offering, whether it be a product, service, or opportunity.


In conclusion, these are the most useful pointers I can offer regarding MLM leads. I really hope that the information was of some use to you.

Everyone requires new leads constantly. This enterprise is all about the statistics. You won’t be in business for very long if you don’t have a steady stream of new potential customers with whom you can discuss your wares and the opportunities they present.

I’m interested in hearing your perspectives on MLM leads that are effective. Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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