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MLM Flyers are a great tool for generating leads for your network marketing firm, and today I’d like to offer some useful suggestions on doing so with you.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of passing out fliers, I have to admit that the premise is sound. It has been demonstrated and validated over time. Flyers have helped many businesses attract new customers and grow their consumer bases.

Having said that, there is both a proper and an improper approach to carry out the action. In the following lines, I’d want to share some of the most helpful advice I’ve ever received, as well as provide some suggestions for WHERE you should distribute your flyers. Enjoy.

What does it mean to be an MLM Flyer?

Flyers are basically just pieces of paper that have marketing messages printed on them. In most cases, it will consist of a title, a number of important bullet points (benefits), and a compelling call to action. To put it simply, it is an advertisement promoting your company’s goods or services.

Why Should We Use Them

MLM Flyers are not only simple to use, but also simple to create. Anyone can do it. They can be replicated within your firm and provide a cost-effective means of advertising your company and expanding your staff at the same time.

Suggestions for Achieving Victory with MLM Flyers

The following are some of the most helpful success strategies that I’ve learned through MLM Flyers:

#1: Never Mention Your Own Company or Product Names In Conversations With Customers

When it comes to designing a flyer, the last thing you want to do is include the name of the network marketing company you work for. Also, do not mention the actual product’s name. Keep it general. Curiosity is what brings in the customers! If you disclose that information to your prospect right off the bat, all they will do is pull out their phone, search Google, and end up signing up with another company instead of you.

#2. Make an Offer to Give Something Away for Free

People are drawn to freedom. When developing a flyer for your MLM business, you might want to think about including a free sample or gift card offer. When you do this, you will see a significantly increased rate of response. For instance, my business gives away free $25 gift cards that customers can use on their very first purchase. If I were to make a flyer for a multi-level marketing company right now, it would focus on that aspect.

#3: Keep Tabs on Your Progress

It is absolutely necessary for you to incorporate a tracking device of some kind into your MLM flyers. You absolutely must have an understanding of the sources of your leads. You might make this straightforward to track by including a specific email address, website, or phone number on each of your flyers.

# 4: It’s All About the Numbers

Always keep in mind that passing out fliers is a numbers game. There will be some people who are not interested. The vast majority of people are NOT going to be interested, but some of them will be. If you distribute more MLM Flyers, you will receive a greater number of responses.

# 5: Be Consistent

It is unrealistic to expect significant results from just distributing a large number of fliers all at once. Being persistent and consistent is the most important factor in determining whether or not a marketing approach will be successful. Instead than handing out 10,000 brochures all at once, I’d rather see someone distribute 200 flyers once a week, each and every week, for a whole year.

#6: The lower the price, the better it is.

I would advise you to order flyers online or from a print shop in your area rather than purchasing printer cartridges because of the high cost. If you do enough shopping about, you should be able to get flyers printed for between four and six cents each. If you were to do it yourself, it would probably end up costing you more than that, even if you simply factored in the price of the ink.

#7: Have a Powerful Call to Action

You absolutely need to include a compelling call to action at the bottom of your MLM Flyer. Provide the reader with detailed instructions regarding the next step they should take. It may say something like this:

• To get your free sample right now minute, give us a call at XXX-XXX-XXX!

• To obtain your gift card, please visit my website!

• If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (your email address here).

• Call our 24/7 messaging to receive extra details!

#8: Give people multiple ways to get in touch with you.

It is essential to include on your flyer a number of different ways that people can get in touch with you. I recommend that you include an email address, a phone number, and a website in your response. Because not everyone who sees your flyer will be familiar with modern technology, it is best to provide a number of different possibilities.

# 9: Distribute Them to Individuals Who Fall Within Your Target Market

If at all feasible, narrow your attention just on the customers you want to attract. Buying a tailored mailing list of people who fall inside your target market and then sending a flyer to each individual on the list is the most effective technique to bring about the desired result. Even though it will set you back more money, you should see a significant increase in the number of responses you receive.

# 10: Obey any signs that say “No Soliciting”

Do not distribute flyers within a business community that has a sign that says “No Soliciting Allowed.” It is imperative that you behave ethically and stick to the guidelines. When it comes to distributing flyers, I’ve discovered that handing them directly to individuals, as opposed to sticking them to the doors of people’s homes or cars, is the most effective method.

#11: Teach it to your team.

There is only one thing that can top handing out 10,000 flyers all by yourself, and that is having ten members of your team each hand out 1,000 fliers. This is the power that comes from replicating something. Your company will see explosive growth if you instruct your employees on how to use MLM Flyers to increase the number of leads it generates.

# 12: Test Different MLM Flyers

Although it is crucial to keep track of the results you receive from each flyer, the greatest approach to increase the reaction you receive is to test out new flyers. There are occasions when making only a few minor adjustments to a flyer can result in a significantly increased number of responses. If you don’t put it to the test, you won’t ever know which method is most effective.

The Best Locations to Distribute Flyers for MLM

Before you hand out flyers or leave them lying around at any of these places, please make sure it is okay with the management team by checking with them beforehand.

Flea Markets

The best spot to hand out flyers promoting your event is at a flea market. You could either pass out flyers to customers by renting a booth at the event and distributing them there, or you could simply go around the arena and distribute them to whomever you come into contact with.

Yard Sales

You could go to yard sales that are held in the neighborhood, or you could even hold your own yard sale and distribute flyers to everyone you meet.

Farmer’s Markets

You can find a Farmer’s Market in most places, and you should go there. You might put up a booth, pass out MLM Flyers to the other vendors, or simply distribute them to the attendees of your conversation.

Community Events There are a plethora of various community events that you can go to as a guest or a vendor and distribute flyers at.

Regarding Your Charges

You can put a flyer in every bill that you mail out as well as in any mail that is being sent out. This strategy has been successful for me over the course of many years. Someone is responsible for opening the mail. There is a good chance that they will at least look at your flier.

Cafes & Tea Houses

If you are able to do so, coffee shops are wonderful places to post fliers, provided that you have permission to do so. Inquire first with the management team.

Health and Fitness Centers

Flyers are a terrific marketing tool, and if your firm provides products related to health and wellness, fitness centers are an excellent place to distribute them. The most effective strategy is to first strike up a discussion with a stranger, and only then to hand that person a flyer.

Flyers Can Often Be Left Behind in Public Restrooms Flyers Can Often Be Left Behind in Public Restrooms. Because everyone goes to the bathroom numerous times during the day, you may expect a large number of people to view your flyer.


You should be able to affix some of your flyers to the bulletin board that is found in most libraries.

Filling Stations

You can affix a few fliers to the bulletin boards that are located in gas stations.

Bus Stops If you frequent public transit, the bus stop is an excellent area to meet people and distribute flyers for your multi-level marketing business.


If the restaurant is a “mom and pop” establishment, you should inquire about the possibility of leaving some fliers near the entrance or the cash register.

Laundromats Take some flyers with you and distribute them at the local laundromats. The vast majority of persons currently present at the laundry have been there for at least two hours and are experiencing boredom. There is an excellent chance that they will at the very least look at your flyer.

Message Boards for the Community

Look for community bulletin boards where fliers can be posted by other members of the community. Always make sure to include fresh ones on a regular basis.

Greeting and Waiting Areas

It is a good idea to post flyers for your multi-level marketing firm at the reception areas of smaller businesses, particularly those belonging to accountants, veterinarians, insurance agents, and doctors’ offices.

Small Businesses

Think about the various local companies in your community and come up with a list of businesses that would be willing to let you leave some of your MLM Flyers at their establishments.

One Last Important Tip

Here is some very useful advice. Keep a record of all the locations where you distribute flyers. In this manner, you will be able to restock each of these locations once per calendar month. It will save you time and money on petrol if you don’t have to drive all over town trying to figure out where you will post your MLM flyers if you have a list of locations written down ahead of time.

A Few Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the most useful pieces of advice I can offer for achieving success with MLM Flyers in the context of generating leads for your MLM business. I really hope that the information was of some use to you. What kind of ideas do you have? Have you ever attempted to create leads by using flyers? If this is the case, please share your thoughts and experiences by leaving a comment below. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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