At the best of times, selling products in exchange for commissions is a challenging career. However, things tend to go more smoothly when people are familiar with the merchandise. The phrase “these items sell themselves” is one that the vast majority of people are familiar with. Regarding ACN, this particular assertion is in fact correct. You are very likely familiar with each of the products and services that they offer. In most cases, this indicates that they are simpler to sell, right? What exactly do you have to do to become an authorized ACN reseller? This ACN MLM review will walk you through the various ways in which you may offer these services so that you can choose whether or not it is worthwhile to take the risk. It’s possible that the effort required is too much.

What exactly is the ACN MLM?

Robert Stevanovski, Tony and Mike Cupisz, and Greg Provenzano established the American Communications Network in 1993. It is a communications network that goes by the name ACN. The company started out with a total of twenty individuals acting as independent representatives. LCI Communications was the company’s initial name when it operated as a long distance reseller. Qwest Communications ultimately acquired ownership of the company.

ACN is a multinational company that conducts business in over 20 countries and has its headquarters in Concord, North Carolina. In the third quarter of 2021, the company reported a total revenue of $3.39 billion and has over 200,000 independent representatives who are known as Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

Services are sold through ACN using a business model known as multi-level marketing. These services consist of satellite television, landline telephony, voice over internet protocol (VOIP), cell phone service, and home security services.

After being acquired from vendors such as AT&T, the services are later resold by independent representatives acting on their own behalf.

It is interesting to note that Donald Trump kept up a business relationship with ACN from the year 2006 until the year 2015, when he declared his intention to run for president of the United States. In addition to him, his children were shareholders in the business. Donald Trump has been a guest speaker at ACN events, made appearances in promotional videos, and has even highlighted ACN products on an episode of The Apprentice.

After becoming president, Donald Trump severed all of his ties with the ACN company. In retaliation, ACN scrubbed its website and other marketing materials clean of any and all references to Donald Trump. In a subsequent statement, Donald Trump denied having any involvement in or knowledge of the company.

Do You Get Your Money’s Worth When Purchasing ACN Products?

A number of services are ones that ACN resells. For the purpose of this illustration, we will look at reselling DirectTV.

The TV service known as DirectTV is delivered via satellite. Customers who purchase the service are able to stream content whenever they want on their phones, tablets, or televisions, as stated in the promotional materials. There is neither an annual contract required, nor are there any other hidden expenses. Add-on services, such as HBO and Netflix, can be purchased independently or as part of a larger package.

Additionally, Internet connection is required to use this service; however, Internet access is not included in the AT&T package and must be purchased separately. The cost of the Internet service is $45 dollars each and every month.

Customers get free access to sports channels and three months of HBO Max when they sign up. There is an additional charge for the sports bundle. All of this is applicable in the event that the consumer enters into a contract with a minimum duration of one year.

And this is where the issue lies. Customers may not be aware that there is a predetermined price rise that occurs after the first year has passed. In addition, consumers are enrolled in an automatic payment plan and are not sent printed bills. In order to view and print their monthly bills, they are need to log into the customer site.

And this brings us to the second issue. It makes no difference whether you acquire the service through ACN or purchase it directly from DirectTV. All of the requirements, along with the plans and prices, are the same. As a result, I am unable to comment on whether or not the products are truly worth the cost. Given that these goods are actually resold, there is nothing particularly unique or noteworthy about them.

The Potential of the ACN Market

You will be required to pay the first start-up charge when you register with ACN to become an IBO. In addition to that, you will be responsible for paying a monthly fee. In exchange, you will receive a customized website on which you will be able to sell services, training, and support.

After that, it will be expected of you to immediately begin the process of obtaining consumers by making contact with all of the prospective contacts you have. You will also be required to throw parties and attend training sessions, both of which will allow you to invite a guest who could be interested in joining the IBO program.

In addition to using social media and holding online video chats, setting up a booth in a nearby shopping mall or open-air market are also viable options for reaching out to potential clients.

You will likewise be tasked with convincing others to sign up with your organization.

What are the fees involved in becoming an ACN member?

When you become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with ACN, you pay a one-time start-up cost of $199. This price gives you the right to conduct business in any country in which ACN is active for a period of one year. After that, you will be required to pay a $25 monthly fee for the support of your business. With payment of this charge, you will be able to keep your active status with ACN. This fee also covers the cost of providing support to customers.

The costs of running your business on a day-to-day basis include, among other things, other expenses. These include the costs associated with making and receiving phone calls, the cost of fuel and maintenance for your vehicle, and any other personal expenses that you incur while conducting business. There is no possibility of getting any of this money back.

Can You Make Money With ACN?

When you close a deal with a new client, the value of the service you provide to that client is equivalent to a predetermined number of points. If you sell multiple services, you get more points per customer.

When you bring on a new customer, you are entitled to a residual income that ranges from 3–20 percent of their monthly bills.

In addition to that, there are upsells. If you sell a television package, for instance, you will earn extra points if the buyer also purchases a gadget and a remote control from you at the same time.

Recruiting is where the big money is at. You will receive a payment of fifty dollars for each individual that you personally sponsor, in addition to a percentage on all of the sales that these new members make. You will receive 4% of all of their sales if you acquire four new members. After that, things get better.

The benefits of ACN

Multiple avenues for communicating with customers: There are several different channels through which you can communicate with prospective buyers.

When a consumer pays their monthly bill on time, Independent Business Owners (IBOs) earn a residual income each month.

Products Under a Recognizable Brand Name ACN Independent Business Owners sell products under well-known brand names. This makes it easier to sell to customers because they are already familiar with the brands.

The downsides of the ACN 60-Day Qualification Period are as follows: By the end of the 60th day following the IBO qualification period, all customers who have signed up for new or transferred services are required to be active or activated. That’s a really significant amount of time to go without commissions.

You will be required to host events, which are quite similar to Tupperware parties, in order to make contact with potential clients.

A number of legal battles have been waged over the ownership of ACN. The most recent incident occurred in July 2019 and involved Donald Trump, his children, and other family members. When the Trumps touted ACN as a lucrative investment option, they were accused of failing to disclose their role in ACN and the fact that they were receiving payment from the company.

In a separate incident that occurred in 2002, ACN Independent Business Owners were accused of moving clients to their services without permission.

Is ACN a Ponzi Scheme?

ACN is not a pyramid scheme because the company is quite forthright about how Independent Business Owners can earn income. If you take the time to read the small print at the bottom of the website, you will discover that it states unequivocally that “…earned annual income obtained by fewer than 1% of ACN IBOs.” This is true of every multi-level marketing company. Those at the very top are the only ones who make a respectable living.

A Few Parting Thoughts

To be successful in this role, you absolutely must have an outgoing personality. Bringing in new consumers and retaining the ones you already have takes a lot of effort. The recruitment process is where both the real money and the actual work are.

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