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Welcome to my Now Lifestyle review.

We are fortunate to live in an age in which it is possible to make a respectable living online. Beginning an online business has never been more accessible to the average person. Therefore, it is likely that you have witnessed marketers pushing some kind of new way of life, is that correct?

Now Lifestyle seemed to be one of the shows that particularly piqued your interest. And here is the greatest location to find out whether it is a scam or a legitimate approach to construct a lifestyle centered around a laptop and the internet!

Hi, I’m Ivan! Affiliate marketing enabled me to transition from waiting tables to making a five-figure income online. Now I work as an online marketer.

I have also investigated over 500 other schemes, scams, and online courses in an effort to locate the one that has the most potential for earning money online. To put it more simply, I have a strong interest in making money online and in enabling others to achieve the same level of success as I have.

I didn’t learn about the Now Lifestyle until a few weeks ago. After watching this presentation online, I became interested in learning more about it and started to do some research.

Having stated that, I am certain that you have a great deal of inquiries concerning this approach for producing money online. These questions are connected to subjects such as, “What is the Now Lifestyle about?” and “What is the Now Lifestyle all about?”

• How does it work?

• Is the Now Lifestyle opportunity a hoax or not?

• Should we be concerned about it being a pyramid scheme?

• What are the benefits and drawbacks?

You are going to learn, as you go through this review, just what this platform is all about and what it has to offer. In addition, I will describe the steps involved in becoming a member of Now Lifestyle, provide details on the program’s cost and features, discuss some of its advantages and disadvantages, and more!

Now that you’ve got that out of the way, take a deep breath, put your feet up, and continue reading my Now Lifestyle review to find out everything you need to know. And finally, one more point. Because there are no affiliate links contained within this post, it follows that I am not connected in any way with Joel Therien and his associates.

Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Now Lifestyle Review – Overview

• Recommended? : Yes, but not for newcomers; the product is an affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity.

• Price: $1 trial for 14 days, then $49, 74, or $124 per month.

• Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days.

• Product Owners: Joel Therien.

• Price: $1 trial for 14 days, then $49, 74, or $124 per month.

A Brief Summary of According to the company’s claims, Now Lifestyle provides internet marketers with the training, tools, and other services necessary to build a lifestyle centered around their laptop computers.

Is it a hoax or does it actually work?

Now Lifestyle is an online marketing platform that provides a variety of tools to its users, including bought traffic, an autoresponder, a website builder, and landing page builder.

It is a respectable site in my view, and the only type of marketers I would recommend using it are advanced ones.

Because there is no in-depth, step-by-step marketing instruction included, I do not feel comfortable saying that it is suitable for beginners. This is one of the reasons why. Without it, newcomers stand a good chance of becoming disoriented, which is precisely the opposite of what I want to happen.

The good news is that joining Now Lifestyle will only cost you one dollar, and you’ll get a full two weeks to evaluate how well it meets your needs. The membership package you select will determine the subsequent monthly cost—$49, $74, or $124—which will be charged to your credit card.

That being said, continue reading this Now Lifestyle review to acquire all of the information that you must concerning this platform.

Alternative: A top-rated platform that has been assisting marketers in constructing an internet business from the ground up for more than 15 years is my number one recommendation. This platform has helped me go from a struggling rookie to earning $100 every day, and I couldn’t have done it without it!

What exactly does “Now Lifestyle” entail?

When I was originally made aware of Now Lifestyle, I had a difficult time comprehending what the program actually entailed in its entirety. One thing that I knew for a fact about the opportunity was that it involved making money online, and that it was one that has gained increasing attention over the past few years.

I signed up for the platform, explored it, and discovered that it is a platform that provides access to a variety of tools, such as software for video conferences, website builders, autoresponders, and landing page builders, among other things.

Additionally, Now Lifestyle provides training classes that will teach you how to increase the number of leads you receive, construct funnels and websites, and more.

After giving it some thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that the service in question is genuine. There were no warning indicators of a scam, such as exaggerated claims or pledges, phony endorsements, or other such things.

It seemed like a great wonderful spot to get started with one’s online activities there.

Therefore, I continue my investigation to find out more about Now Lifestyle, its founders, and most importantly, how everything operates.

After reading a few other reviews, I discovered that Now Lifestyle is a multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing organization. This was one of the things that I picked up.

You may, in essence, make use of the training that is included to get started promoting the same platform to other people who have an interest in doing so.

You can also generate money by promoting the goods and services of other individuals inside any market segment that you select for your own affiliate marketing firm. This can be done in any industry.

The health and fitness niche is one of the ones that is immediately promoted inside the member’s area of the website.

If this is something that interests you, then you can take advantage of the training that is provided within the platform to get started promoting the items that are associated with this niche and earn commissions as a result of the efforts that you put into marketing them.

I’ve also become aware that some individuals have the opinion that Now Lifestyle is a pyramid scheme, which is an unexpected assertion to hear.

Having said that, I’m not going to go to such lengths. In my perspective, it is not; nonetheless, I will talk more about this topic in the upcoming section of my review of Now Lifestyle.

Who Was It That Invented the Now Lifestyle?

The narrative around Now Lifestyle is a very recent development. Joel Therien is the one in charge of the operation of the platform. You might have heard of Joel through websites such as Pure Leverage or GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities), both of which he was involved in helping to create.

To put it simply, Joel is an entrepreneur and multi-level marketer who works online.

Now Lifestyle is effectively an upgraded version of the original GVO that was established a long time ago, and it is fundamentally controlled by GVO. It received a new moniker and image in 2017, and ever since that year, the business opportunity has been referred to as Now Lifestyle.

Overall, there were a lot of conflicting opinions expressed on GVO, Pure Leverage, and the same can be said regarding Now Lifestyle.

The most important thing to note, though, is that Joel Therien is a real person as well as a genuine online businessman.

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Now Lifestyle is able to achieve its goals by supplying online marketers with the tools and resources necessary to enhance their present businesses, launch brand-new enterprises from beginning, and accomplish a great deal more besides.

Let’s go through each one at a time and see how everything stacks up.

Instruments and Available Sources

This indicates that anyone is free to join the platform, become a member, and obtain access to the following features and tools: autoresponder, landing page builder, website builder, video streaming, and conference room.

It’s interesting to note that Now Lifestyle has its own affiliate network, which gives you the opportunity to earn income by recommending these tools to other people and earning their business.

If you are familiar with ClickFunnels and the way that it operates, you will also have a good understanding of this possibility.

Because marketing Now Lifestyle is not the only option inside, it is very difficult to state that it is a pyramid scheme. The crucial point to note is that because of this, promoting Now Lifestyle is not the only option within.

Cash giving schemes and pyramid schemes typically operate in a very similar manner. To put it another way, their entire business model is predicated on signing up new customers and convincing them to upgrade to more expensive plans.

You are not compelled in any way to promote the Now Lifestyle in this scenario. You might, for instance, use their tools and capabilities to construct a brand-new website or a sales funnel tailored to any particular market segment.

To put it another way, it functions more like a tools or multi-level marketing organization that assists affiliate marketers in expanding, scaling, improving, and managing their businesses.


You have the ability to buy clicks (also known as traffic) directly from the platform, in addition to all of these options that I’ve covered in my evaluation of the Now Lifestyle app. There are a variety of packages ranging from 25 leads all the way up to 500 leads.

You can find out how much each of these lead packages costs by taking a look at the snapshot that is located below.

You will need to make an appointment for a call if you want to take advantage of this opportunity to buy leads from Now Lifestyle. When they call you, I’m not sure what the conversation is going to be about, but it looks like it’s going to be important.

Others, such as Traffic Authority for instance, will simply sell you the leads and then they will not provide any further assistance.

In this scenario, I have a feeling that you will be provided with a coach or another somebody who will guide you through figuring out how many leads you require and how to make the most of this opportunity to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Therefore, before you can actually make use of everything that Now Lifestyle has to offer, you will first need to complete the five steps that are outlined in this section. Detailed explanations of each step are provided below.

1. Make contact with your team’s coach.

2. Set up your profile

3. Confirm your details

4. Maintain the flow of traffic

5. Become familiar with your various tools.

It is up to you to decide if you are going to use these tools and traffic to market Now Lifestyle or any other possibility that you could find profitable in the future. Bear in aware that the males will attempt to persuade you to promote them as well by joining their team.

This is not a negative aspect at all. In point of fact, the vast majority of MLMs function in this manner. Because they can’t keep their business going without affiliates, they are forced to engage in this practice.

Training Programs

Another thing that you can find inside the members’ area of Now Lifestyle is a set of training videos that you can use to learn more about online marketing and how you can combine these tools with it to make money. You can use these videos to learn more about online marketing and how you can combine these tools with it to make money.

The following is a list of training programs that you are welcome to participate in:

• How to Create a Lead Magnet

• Traffic and Conversions

• How to Create a Sales Funnel

• Advanced Email Marketing

• How to Scale Your Business

• Video Marketing

• Mastery of Email Marketing

• NowBody Certification

• Instagram Dominance

• How to Create a Sales Funnel

• How to Create a Sales Funnel

• How to Create a Sales Funnel

• Advanced Email Marketing

Keep in mind that each of these constitutes its own independent course. That is to say, you will have to work through each one individually, and the fact that they are sold separately at an additional fee indicates that they are not included in the price of your membership.

In addition to its tools, traffic, and training, Now Lifestyle has evolved into a community in recent years. Every member has access to a private Facebook Group where they may talk to other members, build their professional network, and share their experiences.

At the time that I was writing my evaluation of Now Lifestyle, there were approximately 54,000 people a part of the community, which is a really respectable quantity.

It’s hardly the biggest community I’ve ever been a part of, but at least there are some people here.

And that brings us to the conclusion! That was a condensed rundown of everything that comes with it as well as the operation of the Now Lifestyle. In a nutshell, they provide online marketers with various tools, as well as training, a community, and traffic.

To further elaborate…

Who Is the Now Lifestyle Target Audience?

There is no one person who exemplifies the ideal definition of what Now Lifestyle is about. Simply said, anyone who is interested in making money online can sign up for, explore, and make use of all the opportunities that this platform provides.

Earning money on this platform is possible for everyone who is interested in advertising the products of other people and has an interest in doing so.

You can promote any things that you have an interest in, or you can use the Now Lifestyle affiliate network to promote the same thing to other people. Both options are available to you.

In a word, it is for affiliate marketers, multi-level marketers, email marketers, bloggers, and many different kinds of internet business owners.

I simply want to mention that the Now Lifestyle brings ClickFunnels to mind quite frequently. It would appear that Joel Therien has made the decision to use the same formula that Russel Brunson employs for his very own product, which is, in my opinion, a positive development.

Is There a Catch to the Now Lifestyle?

Because of the weight of the word “scam,” I try to avoid using it in situations where there is no justification. Having said that, I do not believe that Now Lifestyle is a fraudulent business. It is a multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing organization.

As you’ve seen throughout this review, they provide a collection of helpful products and services that anyone can use to start a genuine internet business or to improve an existing one. This is something that you can see for yourself by reading this evaluation.

It is possible that some reviews would state that the only reason Now Lifestyle exists is to sign up new affiliates whose primary responsibility is to sell the company to other people. However, this is not the case.

Inside, yes, but that’s not your only choice; there are also opportunities outside. You are free to market whatever you like using these various methods.

The presence of an affiliate program does not indicate that Now Lifestyle is a pyramid scam, despite the fact that it has one. Even companies like Apple and Nike have their own affiliate schemes. Does that mean that they are frauds?

It doesn’t seem likely to me.

Affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate form of online commerce that a large number of organizations, including Now Lifestyle, are turning to in order to expand their consumer base and bring in more revenue.

The fact that they do so makes myself and the other affiliates really happy since it means that there will be more options for us to make money.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no intention of making this business appear to be the most reputable in the entire globe. I’m just stating for the record that this platform does not contain any indications of fraudulent or illegal behavior of any kind. Simply said, it is reliable and beneficial.

So, what are your thoughts? Is the Now Lifestyle program a fraud? Do you have any previous experience working with it?

Please make use of the comment area that can be found at the bottom of this post if you have anything that you’d want to contribute to this section of my evaluation of the Now Lifestyle. It’s more fun to share!

On the other hand, if you are a newbie and are looking for the finest business model to create passive income online, there are other options that are more suitable and cost-effective.

My top-rated course has assisted me in increasing my daily earnings from zero to over one hundred dollars.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Member Of The Now Lifestyle?

At the time that I was writing my evaluation of Now Lifestyle, you may sign up for the service without cost. However, once you’ve done so, they will begin pitching you further purchases, sometimes known as upsells. Because I didn’t buy any of these upsells, I have no idea what they are trying to sell me.

You will be able to look around and investigate the platform’s features if you sign up for the free membership.

However, your access to videos, tools, and other elements of the platform will be extremely restricted, which means that you will need to immediately change from being a free member to a premium customer.

Before I commit any cash, it is usually preferable to have the opportunity to enter the establishment without charge and peruse the “menu” available to me. Where do you stand? Do you enjoy trying things out for free?


In any case, here is what Now Lifestyle has to offer if and when you decide to upgrade from a free membership to a paid membership in the event that you ever make that decision.

As you can see, there are three distinct alternatives available for you to select from. You will have access to the same Now Lifestyle features regardless of the membership you choose. The quantity is the only point of differentiation.

A Promise to Return Your Investment

And while we’re on the subject of cash, I should mention that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee attached to your purchase. If you decide that the Now Lifestyle program is not right for you, all you need to do is send an email to support, and they will take care of processing your refund.

What I Enjoy Most About My Current Lifestyle

• Tools of an acceptable quality

• Paid traffic included

• $1 for a trial period of fourteen days

• Money-back guarantee valid for thirty days

• Community and support

• Affiliate program

What IDon’t like about It There is no comprehensive training in marketing There are hidden upsells once you join There are additional fees for training programs

Now for the Concluding Part of the Lifestyle Review

Every anyone who has ever read one of my reviews is aware that one of my preferences is for websites to provide all of the tools and resources necessary to launch an internet business from scratch or to enhance an existing one. According to me, currently Lifestyle offers NEARLY everything that one would require.

Because there is no in-depth, step-by-step training that can show you how to create an online business from scratch using these tools, I do not suggest this platform to people who are just getting started in the world of online business.

Aside from that, there were many aspects of this platform that I found appealing, and I believe that more experienced marketers may benefit from using it.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my review of the Now Lifestyle. I have high hopes that this post has been of use to you in gaining a deeper understanding of this platform and in determining whether or not it constitutes an appropriate investment for you.

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