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When you’re looking into a job that allows you to work from home, the first thing you want to know is how much money you could potentially make, right? When it comes to making extra money while selling products, multi-level marketing companies offer the ideal opportunity for you to do so. It’s possible that they even extended an invitation for you to attend one of their parties. There is a company called Javita that sells coffee products and claims that these products can assist people in losing weight. In this review of the multi-level marketing company Javita, I will investigate the specifics of the offer to determine what it takes to be successful with this business and the various ways in which you can make money with it.

What exactly is the Javita MLM?

Stan Cherelstein established Javita in 2004 as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Javita’s origins can be traced back to the MLM industry. Boca Raton, Florida serves as the location of the company’s headquarters. Coffee, green tea, and cocoa drinks are just some of the products that are available. Other products include shakes high in protein and fiber, as well as a few different kinds of supplements.

My investigations have shown that the company has been experiencing a gradual decline in revenue over the course of each year. They reported revenue of $50 million in 2015, but only $20 million in 2019 according to their financials.

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth From Javita MLM Products?

The herbal supplements sold by Javita are formulated to address particular health issues, such as a reduction in appetite and improved concentration. Coffee drinks, teas, and powdered shake drinks are the products that are offered. Coffee beverages are by far the most sought after item. There are also some supplements that come in the form of tablets and powdered drinks.

The instant coffee beverage is made entirely of a blend of South American Arabica coffee and other natural ingredients, including infusions of herbs and other natural ingredients.

The first item is a coffee drink called Burn & Control. The regular price of this product is $35, but it is currently on sale for $25. Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate are both components of this product. Garcinia Cambogia, according to the claims made by Javita, “makes meals more filling and satisfying.” Yerba Mate is said to speed up the metabolism and aid in the removal of excess fat.

A box contains 24 individual packets, and the recommended dosage is to consume two of them each day, thirty minutes before a meal. Therefore, the product has a lifespan of roughly fourteen days. That amounts to $50 every month when broken down. Not terrible, but also not fantastic.

According to the findings of my research, a significant number of people appear to appreciate the benefits of this coffee for weight loss. There is a possibility of experiencing adverse effects, such as headaches, stomachaches, and nausea.

This product is also available on Amazon, where it has received mostly positive feedback from customers. There have been a few reports of consumers claiming that the product is ineffective and has a repulsive flavor. On this website, there is not a single consumer review to be found.

To me, it seems like a lot of money to pay even $25 for a coffee drink that claims to be able to help you lose weight. Because users may get these things on their own through Amazon, they are not considered to be exclusive products.

The Javita Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity

This is a business opportunity that you can pursue in your free time, after work, on the side, or even full-time if you so choose. The coffee-related products are by far the most sought after ones. In one of the coffee products, herbs have been added specifically to help suppress appetite and promote fat burning. Another is designed to assist with improving one’s energy levels. You can also sell other products such as green tea, cocoa, weight loss capsules, and various other supplements. These are some examples of products.

The lack of exclusivity presented by these products is one of their primary drawbacks. Customers can also purchase them from Amazon at a price that is comparable to that of Amazon.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Javita’s Multi-Level Marketing Program?

The fee to become a member of Javita is really steep. There are only two routes one can take from this point. You have the option of purchasing the $99 or $599 package. The basic membership is covered by the $99 fee, which also includes two boxes of coffee. The Star Bonus and Car Bonus programs are open to those who purchase the $599 Business Pack, which comes with 16 cartons of coffee and eligibility into the programs. Your membership grants you access to an online office, complete with a free website, from which you can market various products to end users.

Is It Possible to Earn Money Through the MLM Javita?

Product sales are the most fundamental means through which one can earn money. You make a profit on the products you sell based on the difference in price between the wholesale and retail levels. As shown in the image that follows, however, you will not receive any commissions on the first 200 PCV (Personal Customer Volume) that you generate.

In addition to that, there is recruitment, which pretty much goes without saying. If the only source of income you have is commission from product sales, you are not going to make very much money at all. However, you can also earn residual income here if you are successful in recruiting a small number of people to join your team.

You become eligible for commissions from a Join pack as soon as one of your new recruits places an order for one of those packs. In order to remain eligible for commissions, you are required to keep your Personal Volume (PV) at a certain level on a monthly basis. Your current level determines the minimum amount you need to keep up.

• Join Pack Option 1 is available for $99 and includes a bonus of $20 (20% commission).

• Join Pack Option 2 is available for $499 and includes a bonus of $100 (20% commission).

• Join Pack Option 3 is available for $999 and includes a bonus of $250 (25% commission).

In addition, the member kit and the first year’s membership are both included in this pack.

Customers who become members of the Coffee Club are eligible to receive free shipping on all monthly product orders that total more than $75. A strong selling point for potential new clients. This is yet another method that can be utilized to bring in residual income. Additionally available to distributors who are required to keep their PV at a specified level is the auto-ship option.

Customers who become members of the Coffee Club are eligible to enjoy free shipping on any monthly product orders that total more than $75. A strong selling factor for potential new clients. This is another another method that can be utilized to bring in residual income. Additionally available to distributors who are required to keep their PV at a specified level is the auto-ship option.


Pay Given Weekly

You get paid on a weekly basis, which is one of the benefits of participating in this program. Your commission payment will not be issued to you at the end of the month as was originally planned.

A multitude of Bonus Choices

You will become eligible for a variety of different bonuses as you make sales and grow your team. These bonuses include the Team Development Infinity Bonus, the Top Enrollers’ Bonus, the STAR Bonus Program, the BMW Car Bonus, Team Commissions, the Diamond Global Infinity Bonus, and at the highest level, the Diamond Rank Advancement Bonus.

A Satisfactory Method of Return

Within the first thirty days after receiving payment for an item, Javita will give a full refund to any customer who is unhappy with the quality of an item they have purchased. Alternately, customers have the option of selecting a replacement product.


Transport of Automobiles

You should probably sign up for the auto shipment program if you want to increase the likelihood that you will be eligible for commissions each and every month. As a participant in this program, you will be sent a certain quantity of products on a monthly basis. You can either put them to personal use or put them up for sale. In any case, you are required to keep a minimum of at least 50 PV at all times. You are required to make at least 100 PV in monthly sales if you do not participate in the auto shipment program.

Exorbitantly High Minimum Commission Requirements

On the first 300 PCV, you will not be entitled to any commissions at all. You will only be paid commissions on the first 200 PCV of any sales you make, even if those sales total 500 PCV.

A Questionable Reputation

One of the major issues that I have with these products is that the website only has a very limited number of customer reviews. The vast majority of items lack any reviews. Only one or two products have only one review each, and naturally, this review is favorable to the product in question. At least, with the reviews on Amazon, you can get a more well-rounded picture of what people’s thoughts are about the products.

Is Javita a Pyramid Scheme?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives the company an A+ rating, but customers have rated their experience with the company as only one star. A billing error resulted in a one-star rating from one of the customers. There is not a lot of information available to help determine whether or not the company has a good reputation. Even the most fundamental starter package does not provide you with sufficient inventory to generate satisfactory sales.

A Few Parting Thoughts

Sadly, the MLM operates the same way as the vast majority of others. You are responsible for everything. The majority of the profits are retained by the corporation. You get a cut of the money made from sales. Because you have to purchase a beginning kit, you will almost always begin in the negative. That should serve as an incentive to bring in more money through sales. However, your profits are merely the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price of the item.

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