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Younique is a relatively new player in the world of multi-level marketing (MLM), as well as in the world of the beauty industry. The year 2012 marked the beginning of operations for the company, which has enjoyed tremendous success despite its relatively short history. Its meteoric rise can be directly attributed to the widespread adoption of social media, which is also the primary distribution method for the company’s wares. However, given that annual sales has been falling for the previous few years, it’s possible that the company’s growth has reached its maximum potential.

The multi-level marketing (MLM) industry is a significant one. How does Younique compare to other multi-level-marketing companies like Scentsy and OPTAVIA, which are prevalent in today’s market? With this review of Younique, let’s find out what this firm is all about and discover what it has to offer.

An Overview of the Younique Company

The Background Of Younique

The history of Younique is a little bit different from that of the majority of other multi-level marketing companies. Younique was not started with the intention of making money or selling things as its primary objective. Instead, the corporation was established as a means of providing financial support to an already established charitable organization known as The Younique Foundation. The Younique Foundation provides assistance to people who have survived sexual assault in childhood.

Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, who are brothers and sisters respectively, established Younique in 2012. Together, Derek and Melanie hope to shake up the MLM industry with their unique contribution. They intended to raise money for their foundation while simultaneously enhancing the self-esteem of women and providing them with opportunities to make more money for themselves.

Before he started Younique, Derek worked in the direct selling industry for a total of twelve years developing software for several firms. He realized that the direct selling business model could be revolutionized with the help of technology, which would also give the company’s distributors more agency. As a result of Melanie’s 16 years of experience working full-time as a housewife, the Presenters at the company were able to connect with her on a more meaningful level.

In 2017, Coty, Inc. paid $600 million for a majority part of the company, which they purchased. This resulted in the company being valued at one billion dollars, which was an incredible accomplishment considering it had only been in business for the previous five years. As of the beginning of May in the year 2020, the organization has around 1.5 million Presenters. The company’s annual revenue reached an all-time high of $450 million in 2017, but it has fallen steadily since then to reach only $350 million in 2019.

Investigations into the Company

Since its inception, Younique has managed to steer clear of any significant scandals or probes. There are allegations made every so often that the organization is running a pyramid scheme, but the reality is that no multi-level marketing company can avoid being accused of doing so. These allegations are, for the most part, unsubstantiated, and there are currently no official investigations being conducted in connection with them.

Younique’s Moodstruck mascara has been the source of some of the company’s recent headaches because of a quality control issue with one of its products. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims their mascara is produced from 100% natural green tea fibers, a class action complaint has been filed alleging that the product is actually constructed from synthetic nylon fibers. The business has not admitted any wrongdoing, but they are attempting to reach a settlement deal for $3.25 million so that they may avoid incurring any more fees from subsequent litigation.

Structure of the Company Today Co-founder Derek Maxfield continues to serve as today’s Chief Executive Officer of the company, and the company’s headquarters are still located in Lehi, Utah. Melanie Huscroft is the company’s Chief Visionary Officer, and the fact that she has a background in both art and marketing enables her creative juices to flow freely across the entire organization.

Although Coty, Inc. had owned the bulk of the firm’s shares since it was founded in 2017, the company made the decision in 2019 to sell those shares back to the original founders. Coty acknowledged that the Younique business model was incomparable to that of any other firm it had previously owned. As a result of falling sales, the company decided to sell its part.

Today, the business continues to be one of the only multi-level marketing (MLM) enterprises in the world that markets and sells its wares nearly entirely through internet and social media platforms. Co-founder Derek Maxfield was aware of the potential for technology to transform the way that multi-level marketing (MLM) companies conducted business. As a result, the company has implemented technology that enables Presenters to run their businesses from any location in the world.

Younique Product Lines

Younique is primarily concerned with the cosmetics market, and the vast majority of the company’s offerings are categorized as makeup. They provide a wide variety of beauty items, from eye shadow and lipstick to foundations and bronzers. In addition, they sell accessories for makeup, such as brushes and other types of applicators.

Younique’s product line now includes more than simply makeup; they’ve broadened it! They now now sell a line of skincare products, which may be broken down into categories such as cleansers, toners, serums, and masks. They also have a line of fragrances, so you may discover practically whatever you require in terms of your personal appearance if you shop at this establishment.

Marketing Methods Used by the Company

Younique takes great pleasure in the fact that it markets and sells its products nearly entirely through the use of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is one of the only MLM companies in the world, if not the only one, that sells its products exclusively through social media platforms. In point of fact, many industry professionals credit Younique’s meteoric rise to the company’s emphasis on online sales.

Presenters have the ability to throw virtual parties via social media, at which they can demonstrate the company’s wares to potential customers. They can also utilize this stage to entice other people to join their team and present with them by offering the opportunity to do so. They are not restricted by geographical boundaries because they can invite participants from anywhere around the world thanks to social media. This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of sales.

Making Money With Younique [Company Name]

Is it conceivable to generate money with Younique, considering that the firm now has over 1.5 million presenters signed up and that revenues have been going down? Although the beauty market is quite huge and consumers are virtually always prepared to spend money on related products, it appears that the excitement surrounding Younique is beginning to die off.

Anyone interested in becoming a Younique Presenter ought to realize right away that the company does not publish an Income Disclosure Statement because this is an immediate warning indication. However, it is feasible to gain a reasonable estimate of how much their Presenters are earning by using other information that they reveal. Warning: the amount is not very impressive.

After accounting for costs related to running a business, the typical monthly income of a Younique presenter is probably somewhere in the vicinity of $14. Consider the fact that in order to keep earning commissions as a Presenter, you are required to keep a certain minimum level of sales going at all times in order to keep your status active. Because of this, it is clear that marketing Younique is not a particularly lucrative business prospect.

Instructions for Enrollment Joining the company as a Presenter is a simple process. You can begin selling Younique items as soon as you finish completing their online signup form and make the initial purchase of the beginning kit for $99. Once you have reached the status of Presenter, there are no annual renewal costs; however, there are minimum purchase requirements that must be satisfied in order to be commission eligible.

Plan of Pay and Benefits

Younique is very proud of the fact that their compensation plan is easy to understand and not overly complicated. Depending on their current standing, presenters receive a commission of between 20 and 30 percent on things that they offer. In addition, they receive fees ranging from 3% to 6% of the sales that are made by their team. Presenters have the potential to earn commissions on downlines that are up to three tiers deep in their organization.

The fact that they offer quick commissions is yet another advantage that may be derived from their reward scheme. Presenters will have their commission payments transferred to them no later than three hours after a customer has placed an order. This is unlike any other multi-level-marketing company that exists today.

Sales And Marketing Techniques

As was just discussed, Younique markets their products nearly entirely through the use of various social media platforms. Presenters who have a strong following on social media have a much increased chance of being successful within the organization. Additionally, new Presenters are brought into the firm through this route by way of recruitment. In order to demonstrate the items and promote the concept of the business opportunity to potential presenters, virtual parties are hosted using social media. These parties are used to showcase the products.

When Contrasted With Other MLMs

Although Younique’s incentive plan is less complicated than those of other multi-level marketing companies, the likelihood of really making any money through the firm is extremely remote. Their one-of-a-kind sales technique does make it possible for anyone to sell things without having to make personal sales directly to customers. Despite this, the excitement that has been surrounding the brand appears to be dissipating as declining sales continue. It would suggest that their products were part of a passing trend that is now losing popularity, as consumers are shifting their focus to other brands that have demonstrated greater staying power for their cosmetics needs.

Conclusions For Younique

Although the vast majority of Younique’s clients are pleased with their purchases, the company’s items appear to be part of a fad that is gradually losing popularity. Although there have been some Presenters who have been able to make a respectable amount of money surfing the wave of this trend, the overall odds of success are quite low. Although the company supports a worthwhile aim and cause, those who are searching for an excellent business opportunity that can also bring in some side income should look elsewhere.

3.7 out of a possible 5 stars overall rating

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