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In spite of the fact that it was just established in 2006, Plexus Worldwide has already grown to become the thirty-first largest direct selling organization in the entire world. Their “pink drink” for weight loss helped catapult them into the spotlight, despite the fact that they offer a wide range of items related to health and wellness. Despite the fact that there is less of a buzz surrounding the company than there was when it was at its height, they are still doing fairly well and continue to sell their products in many other countries.

Plexus Worldwide Overview

The Origins Of The Plexus

Tarl Robinson is the one who initially established Plexus in 2006. During that time period, Plexus only offered a single product to its customers: an in-home breast health kit. One can even say that Mr. Robinson was born with a direct sales disposition. Both of his parents worked full-time in the direct selling industry as distributors for several companies. This was their primary source of income. During his time in college, he started his own business as a distributor of nutritional and weight loss products.

Robinson moved to Arizona in 2002 and started expanding his skill set in the field of estate management around the same time. Despite this, he continued to have a strong interest in direct selling. In 2006, he launched Plexus with just a single breast care product on the market. The pace of the company’s expansion accelerated, and it now offers more than 20 different health and wellness products.

At the present time, the corporation has an annual revenue of more than $500 million. The precise amount for the corporation in 2017 was 562 million dollars. They have less than 200 full-time workers, despite the fact that they have a massive distributor network consisting of about 700,000 salespeople. Plexus has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by Direct Selling News, and the company is frequently included on the Inc. 5000 list of the 500 fastest-growing private firms in the United States.

Investigations into the Company

During its very brief career, Plexus has been the subject of more than its fair share of inquiries and accusations. The majority of the allegations focus on the products themselves, as well as the methods of marketing and advertising utilized for those products. As a result of selling their products as treatments for diseases and afflictions rather than simply as unregulated supplements, Plexus has found themselves in a bit of legal trouble.

The Food and Drug Administration took a strong stance against the promotion of several of its products in 2014, including BioCleanse, Fast Relief, and ProBio5. In the warning letter that the FDA sent to Plexus, they included particular instances of the wording that was being used on their website, which was where the false or misleading statements were being made. Plexus was given notice to immediately cease engaging in deceptive advertising.

In 2016, despite warnings from the FDA, the organisation Truth in Advertising discovered over one hundred claims made by Plexus that were not supported by evidence on their website. In addition, the Environmental Research Center filed a lawsuit against Plexus for failing to give customers with adequate warnings regarding the presence of lead in some of the company’s products. Lastly, the organization is embroiled in a number of litigation involving both its original members and former members who have since joined other multi-level marketing companies. In addition, over 600 customers have complained that the corporation has continued to bill them for things even though they did not place an order for those items.

Present Organizational Makeup of the Company

Scottsdale, Arizona is still the location of Plexus’s corporate headquarters. Despite being the firm’s founder, Tarl Robinson is still serving as the company’s CEO, and the corporation has built a powerful leadership team to support him. Despite the fact that the rate of the company’s expansion has slowed in recent years, annual revenues continue to be healthy at approximately $500 million. The prognosis for the future of the company is somewhat cloudy as a result of the innumerable complaints from customers and the multitude of lawsuits that are now pending.

The company just just made an announcement regarding some organizational changes that they would be implementing in order to better align themselves internally and position itself as a legacy company for the years to come. The company, which has a distributor network that is still in the neighborhood of 700,000, is hoping to make the most of their enormous network so that they may continue to drive sales all over the world.

Product Categories Offered by Plexus Worldwide

Plexus Worldwide does not have a huge product range like many other multi-level marketing companies do because it only offers about 20 different items. Every single one of the company’s offerings, from moisturizers and serums to dietary supplements, is designed with the customer’s health and well-being in mind. They continue to market their first product, the Breast Check Kit, and their original breast cream, which is now called Plexus Body Cream, is still available for purchase.

The Plexus Slim, sometimes known as the “pink drink,” is the company’s most successful and best-selling product. This dietary supplement for weight loss is intended to restore a healthy balance to one’s blood sugar levels and subdue feelings of hunger. Even while a lot of people are enthusiastic about this product, some see it as nothing more than a marketing ploy.

The significance of maintaining a healthy gut is yet another topic that the organization places a strong emphasis on. They claim that by selling several goods aimed at promoting gut health, it helps prevent bloating and ultimately results in a client who is healthier and more satisfied. In addition to selling individual goods, Plexus also offers a wide variety of kits that include a mix of several of their individual products. They also like to sign up clients for auto-ship delivery so that the subsequent shipments of merchandise are automatically billed and dispatched on a predetermined schedule. This is done as an added convenience to the customer.

Marketing Methods Used by the Company

Social media is one of the most important marketing avenues for Plexus, just like it is for the majority of the MLMs that have become prominent in recent years. There is a large number of websites available on the internet that provide advice and suggestions on how to market your Plexus business. The expansion of your social media following is a recurrent element in all of these. Distributors should carefully consider who their target audience is and then generate material that is geared toward meeting the needs of that group.

In addition, the company encourages its sales representatives to provide prospective consumers with free samples of the company’s products. This is done in the anticipation that the buyer will find the product to be of high quality and will ultimately opt to purchase it. In addition, sharing success stories is a great approach to generate excitement not just about the products, but also about the possibility of becoming a sales representative for the company. A successful form of advertising for a business is anything that can generate interest in the brand and disseminate enthusiasm about its offerings.

Earning Money With Plexus All Over the World

The market for items that help people lose weight and improve their overall health is massive; given this, what are the opportunities for selling Plexus products? The market for Plexus goods is already considered to be somewhat saturated because the company already has a big network consisting of around 700,000 distributors. The majority of sales representatives make just enough money to cover their expenses, while only a select handful make a significant amount of money.

Plexus has, regrettably, not been providing investors with accurate and up-to-date income disclosure statements that contain extensive information. The 2016 income disclosure statement contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive information that may be located quickly and readily online. When you perform the math based on this statement, you can determine that around 78 percent of their distributors did not receive any money. This is due to the fact that the statement only discloses data for qualified ambassadors and above. Another 17% of distributors made only $301 for the entire year in income. Therefore, fewer than 4% of sales representatives had earnings of more than $301 in 2016. You can get a complete rundown of everything here.

Although there is an Income Disclosure Statement for 2018 that can be found on the website of the corporation, the level of material that is disclosed there is insufficient. When looking at the data that was supplied there, it does not appear that the statistics are very different from the assertion that was made in 2016. In either case, the likelihood of you making a respectable revenue through Plexus is extremely minimal.

Instructions for Enrollment Becoming an ambassador is a simple process. Going to the Plexus website and following the on-screen instructions to enroll with the company is as easy as going there. During the process of signing up, you will be given the opportunity to receive a discount on one of the starter packs, the prices of which range from $99 to $199. You will be required to pay a fee of $34.95 in addition to the purchase price of the starter pack. This cost must be paid on an annual basis in order to maintain the functionality of both your ambassador website and membership.

Plan of Pay and Benefits

If you want to make any money with Plexus, you need to become an authorized Ambassador first. This indicates that you are required to keep your membership fee up to date and achieve a predetermined level of monthly sales volume. Their compensation systems may differ slightly from country to country, but the fundamentals of each plan are, more or less, the same. Reps are eligible to get commissions on their own sales; however, they will not be eligible to receive commissions until they have reached a monthly sales volume of $100 or more. After reaching that point, they will receive 15% of sales up to $500 and 25% of sales over that amount.

Preferred Customer incentive programs are yet another fantastic method for generating revenue. When an ambassador successfully recruits a Preferred Customer, they are entitled to a bonus on the products the customer purchases, which varies in accordance with the kind of product. Depending on the product, these bonuses can range anywhere from $4 to $28 in value. Lastly, the expansion of your business and the formation of your team both provide you with the opportunity to earn more commissions and bonuses.

Methods of both sales and marketing.

As was mentioned earlier, the most successful Ambassadors have a sizable number of followers across all of their social media platforms. They engage their audience on social media by giving product demonstrations and sharing success stories about the products, and this encourages their audience to buy into what they are selling. They sell products to this audience in addition to recruiting new ambassadors for the brand. It is essential to your success in this organization that you be aware of your target demographic and that you construct your messaging in a way that speaks specifically to them.

Comparison of Plexus Worldwide to Other Multi-Level Marketing Companies

How does Plexus Worldwide compare to the many other multi-level marketing companies that are available, such as Young Living and Mary Kay? On the one hand, Plexus has been a rapidly expanding corporation that has truly increased in size over the course of the past several years. On the other side, the company has been the target of numerous complaints, lawsuits, and investigations. The earning potential of an Ambassador is quite modest, and even the highest earning distributors in the organization make less money than their equivalents in other multi-level marketing companies. In comparison to other multi-level marketing companies, Plexus Worldwide does not appear to offer a very lucrative business opportunity. This is compounded by the fact that the company requires its members to pay an annual membership fee.

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