4th Quarter Sales Tips

In today’s piece, I’d want to provide some of the most helpful sales advice I have for MLM Representatives throughout the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter of the year is a particularly memorable time. Typically, the most lucrative three months for network marketing are October, November, and December. During these months, business is typically booming.

People tend to get into the spirit of the holidays over these three months. They are out shopping for presents for their loved ones, both friends and family. They enjoy themselves and are in a pleasant mood. There are a lot of people looking for new methods to supplement their income. Because of this, now is an excellent time of year to promote the goods and services offered by your firm as well as the commercial possibilities available.

You will see that the following is a description of a training that I delivered for my own team, in which I shared my top 12 sales ideas for MLM Reps during the fourth quarter. Enjoy.

Sales Advice for MLM Representatives in the Fourth Quarter

During the final three months of the year, there are many different things you may do to EXPLODE your business. What I’d like to do is zero in on a dozen strategies that I am confident will be successful. In the training that we have today, we will focus specifically on this topic.

1. Remarket to previously acquired clients

2. Present them with things as presents.

3. Put your attention on the things that are selling best.

4. Throw a holiday get-together or host an open home.

5. Distribute seasonal greeting cards.

6. Give presents to your most promising leads, clients, and members of your team.

7. Become a fixture at community gatherings

8. Run contests

9. Advertise 10. Suggest products to customers as possible gifts for stockings

11. Provide your top 10 customers with complimentary items Dream List

12. Content blitz

You should, by the time you reach the conclusion of this essay, select two or three items from this list that strike a chord with you, and then devise a straightforward course of action for each of those items.

# 1: Retarget Existing Customers

It is easier to sell something to an existing client than it is to go out and acquire a new customer. Many people who fell out or stopped can be “reactivated” if you have a game-plan and follow a few basic steps. Your biggest source of business is current and former customers.

Items to Consider

1. Create an electronic copy of the list of all current and former distributors and customers.

2. Take your total and divide it by 30, and that is the number of people you will communicate with each day.

3. Communicate with each individual by calling them, texting them, sending them an email or a Facebook message, or writing them a note.

4. If it’s at all possible, try to restart the relationship.

5. Find out why they left, and determine what you can do to get them back as customers by answering their questions. Think about giving away the merchandise or offering a discount.

6. If you think they will love a certain product, share some customer reviews of it with them.

#2. Make the Products You Sell Into Gifts

• One of the most effective methods for getting someone to test a product is to give it to them as a present.

• Shop in your own establishment rather than going to other stores to purchase items for other people.

Items to Consider

1. Make a list of everyone who is on your Christmas card list.

2. Determine which of our products, if any, would make an appropriate present for any of these individuals.

3. If your pals have friends and family of their own, ask them if they need “present ideas” for those people.

4. Give some thought to purchasing things to give as gifts for Secret Santa, to coworkers, as stocking stuffers, and so on.

5. Pick FIVE people who have a lot of power in your niche, and give them a free sample of your product along with a handwritten note.

#3: Concentrate on the Products That Are Already Selling Well

• Pick your top two or three products and devote all of your marketing efforts to promoting just those items.

• Alternatively, you might concentrate on the products that sell the best for your business.

Items to Consider

1. Is Facebook’s existence dependent on these products?

2. Write blog posts regarding gift ideas in which you do not mention the specific brands or products.

3. Upload a few videos to your YouTube channel.

4. For the following sixty days, send a person you care about a personal note along with information about a product you believe they might be interested in purchasing.

5. If it is possible to do so, distribute free samples of the product whenever possible.

#4: Host a Holiday Party or Open House Make the most of the holiday season by making use of your party-planning skills.

• Working efficiently and maximizing your leverage are both possible when you sell things in a group setting.

It is easy to earn a few hundred dollars or more in just an hour or two of selling, because people prefer to touch and feel a thing before purchasing it.

Items to Consider

1. Organize a holiday party or open house at your residence and demonstrate some of your products throughout the event.

2. Make arrangements for a celebration with team members, current customers, and old customers by contacting them.

3. Concentrate on retail sales so that you may start making money right away and build up some nice commissions.

4. To prevent customers from having to wait to get their orders, you might want to consider keeping an inventory of a few of the most popular things you anticipate focusing on and selling.

5. Give those who attend your event a discount or a free gift to show your appreciation for them being there.

6. Ensure that you book further parties by following up with all of the attendees.

#5: Distribute Season’s Greetings Cards

• Since most people wait until December to send out their holiday cards, the best time to do so is around October (yours will stand out).

• Your typical holiday shopping list, in addition to a list of your top 100 “dream consumers”

Items to Consider

1. Write down the names of at least 100 persons on your list of people to whom you wish to send a holiday card.

2. This includes members of your family and friends as well as members of your staff and consumers.

3. Either include a year in review, a voucher, a discussion of one product that you enjoy, or an offer to book a party.

4. Mail 10 daily until complete.

#6. Enlist the assistance of your children in the creation of the Christmas cards (or outsource it).

Sending gifts to your top prospects, customers, and team members is recommendation number six.

• Consider sending a present to your most loyal customers and distributors; the size of the gift is not important.

• Consider sending a free present to your retail clients.

• Send a gift card to the people on your dream prospects list in the form of a gift.

Items to Consider

1. Set a budget.

2. Make a list of the people who will receive your gifts.

3. You won’t need to spend a lot of money on each individual guest.

4. The best gifts are those that are personalized (coffee cup, pens, paper, hand made gift, etc.).

Set Up Shop at Local Events The local events are a fantastic area to meet people. It’s a great opportunity for people to try the items. You can set up as a vendor or just go and network with other vendors. Local events are a great method to promote your business.

1. Conduct an internet search to compile a list of local events taking place in your area.

2. Identify one local event that takes place every month that you may either attend or participate in as a vendor.

3. Speak with other members of teams in your local region to determine if they are interested in participating alongside you.

# 7: Run Contests

• People enjoy contests.

• Competitions are a great way to enhance production with the team you already have.

• Even quite inconspicuous awards can be effective.

• If you are having trouble deciding what to do for a competition, you should poll the members of your team to find out what interests them.

• Continue holding competitions tailored to part-time players.

Items to Consider

1. Come up with different concepts for a competition.

2. Decide on an approach.

3. Choose a date and select some rewards.

4. Make the announcement to your squad.

# 8: Market

• It is recommended that all businesses advertise.

• Advertising provides you with leverage while also allowing you to reclaim some of your time.

• Word-of-mouth referrals are another benefit that can result from effective promotion.

• Due to the fact that people are shopping for the holidays, this is an excellent time of year to put the focus on the products.

• Some places where advertisements can be placed include the newsletters of HOAs and churches, as well as classified ads on websites like Craigslist and Thrifty Nickel and Penny Saver, postcards, magazines, and social networking sites like Facebook.

1. Determine how much money you want to spend on advertising.

2. Determine the cost of advertising in five possible locations by conducting research on them.

3. Conceive of an advertisement and run it by your mentor for his or her feedback.

4. Give one or two advertisements a shot.

#9: Suggest Items to Be Used as Christmas Stocking Fillers

• The majority of consumers are looking for suggestions for stocking stuffers that are inexpensive.

• Determine three or four low-cost products that your company sells and concentrate on marketing those products.

Items to Consider

1. Choose four or five inexpensive items, write them down on a flyer, and distribute it to various people.

2. Create a video for social media platforms with suggestions for stocking stuffers.

3. Include your company’s wares as gifts inside Christmas stockings.

#11: Send Free Products to Your Top 10 Dream List

• Many influencers are looking for products or services to promote to their audience. • It can pay tremendous dividends to send a gift to someone, especially a dream customer. • Many influencers are looking for products or services.

What you give out will always come back to you many times over. Sponsoring even one influential person is more beneficial than sponsoring one hundred average people.

Items to Consider

1. Jot down a list of all of your aspirations (most influential people you know).

2. Include a coupon, a free product sample, and a handwritten note in the envelope you send to each individual.

3. Make sure to follow up with each individual two weeks after you’ve mailed the letter.

4. Form a group with FIVE other members of your team and have them carry out the same task.

# 12: Content Blitz

• Producing content, which can include articles, videos, podcasts, and other forms of media, is an excellent method for automating a portion of your business. • Content can generate leads and sales for your company for many years to come.

Items to Consider

1. Set a target to generate 10 videos.

2. Post each video to your Facebook and YouTube accounts.

3. Have each video transcribed, and then post the articles to an online publication.

4. Remove the audio from the video and post it to SoundCloud as a podcast.

5. Direct each individual piece of material to either your website or the capture page you have created.

6. If you follow this procedure, you will end up with ten videos on Facebook, ten videos on YouTube, ten articles, and ten podcasts: 40 PIECES OF CONTENT.

A Few Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the finest sales recommendations I have for the fourth quarter for MLM Reps. Instead of attempting to carry out each and every activity on this list, pick two or three of the suggestions that speak to you the most and concentrate on implementing those. After you have finished those responsibilities, it is quite acceptable for you to move on to other activities if you so desire. If you find any of this material to be useful, please make sure to pass along the link to this article to the rest of your team.

What kind of ideas do you have? What are some of the most helpful sales advice you can give to MLM Reps for the fourth quarter? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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