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Where do I find the Color Street?

Despite the fact that Color Street was formed all the way back in 1984, it appears that they have only just begun to make a name for themselves in the industry. As a result of the company’s innovative nail paint strip product, it has gained a lot of attention, and word about the quality of its offerings has spread like wildfire over social media. The organization has witnessed a significant rise in revenue generated from social media platforms as a direct result of using a multi-level marketing sales model. It is not yet known how long the excitement will continue to prevail.

An Overview of the Company

The Past and Present of Color Street

A fairly intriguing beginning circumstance led to the creation of Color Street. The company’s founder, Fa Park, was caught on a bus in New York City’s gridlocked traffic. While he was taking in his surroundings, he observed a woman who was attempting to paint her nails while sitting in a taxi cab next to the bus. In the back of the taxi, she was having a difficult time painting her nails, and Mr. Park believed there had to be a method other than using liquid nail polish that would be easier.

He wasted no time in going out and purchasing some nail polish and immediately started experimenting with it. After what seemed like an endless number of attempts, he was finally successful in developing a nail polish strip in which the top of the strip was completely dry while the bottom was still sufficiently moist to stick to the nail. His masterpiece had at long last been finished!

Mr. Park didn’t stop making improvements to his invention until it was absolutely flawless, at which point he filed for a patent on his innovative design. He started making strips in a variety of colors and patterns, and every single one of the company’s products is manufactured in the United States of America. Even though sales were going pretty well, Park came to the realization that in order for him to completely fulfill his ambition, he needed to utilize a sales technique that would enable his product to be exhibited, explained, and admired by potential buyers. This would allow Park to truly accomplish his ideal. This led to the beginning of the company’s adoption of the direct selling business model.

The revenue of the corporation for the year 2018 was close to 120 million dollars. That represented an increase of close to 800% in comparison to the previous year. In addition, Color Street has over 1,100 full-time employees as well as a large number of agents who are referred to as Stylists.

Investigations into the Company

Throughout its existence, Color Street has, for some inexplicable reason, managed to avoid being the subject of any controversies or investigations. It was not possible to locate any investigations or lawsuits that were filed against the company. If you want to even call the incidents that have occurred around the corporation scandals, there have only been a few of them. The first reason is that customers are complaining that the strips do not last as long as they say they will on the packaging. Despite this, it appears that a significant number of clients are pleased with the merchandise.

Stylists’ complaints that they did not make as much money selling the product as they were promised is another problem that is common to all multi-level marketing companies. Last but not least, there is considerable worry around the fact that Color Street can only be ordered through a Stylist. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Color Street retains the patent on this product, items that are substantially identical can be seen on store shelves elsewhere. The explanation for this can be determined with a little bit of investigation.

Incoco, Color Street’s parent company, is the owner of the retail brand. The parent firm also owns the Incoco brand and the Coconut brand, both of which sell nail polish strips that are comparable to Color Street’s offerings. Color Street is only one of Incoco’s many brands. Because the later brands can be found on the shelves of some stores at a lower price than Color Street, there were some customers who felt as though they had been misled.

Present Organizational Makeup of the Company

The headquarters of Color Street may be found in Clifton, New Jersey. Due to the fact that the corporation draws its motivation from New York City, also known as the “City that Never Sleeps,” it keeps a significant presence in the region. It houses its sister companies Incoco and Coconut Nail Art under the same roof, where it has approximately 1,100 full-time employees working for it. It is impossible to determine the actual number of stylists who offer Color Street goods due to the fact that Color Street has many stylists located all over the world.

Product Lines Coming Soon to Color Street!

The product line sold by Color Street is straightforward and uncomplicated in its heart. There is only one product available, which is nail polish strips. Despite this, there are hundreds of distinct designs and iterations of just one product that may be purchased. They include options such as solid colors, patterns, glitter styles, festive styles, French manicures, pedicure strips, and a variety of additional manicure and pedicure designs.

A nail file that can also be used as an applicator, a nail prep pad, and detailed instructions for applying the strips are also included in the package. The firm brags about how simple it is to apply, and they even offer video lessons to walk you through the process of applying the strips correctly to your nails. After the package has been opened, the strips need to be utilized within a reasonable amount of time (within a week or two), otherwise they will dry out and become worthless.

Marketing Methods Used by the Company

The company’s most important marketing channel in the modern era is social media. Found Fa Park urged that the company find a way to let potential buyers witness demonstrations and explanations of the product, and the company realized that social media is the ideal platform to accomplish this goal. The corporation may, in certain circumstances, actively encourage the employment of third parties to show and sell the items. Customers are given the opportunity to try out the goods firsthand, which increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

Making Money Through the Use of Color Street

The beauty industry is a massive market all over the world, and Color Street is regarded to be a part of that industry. However, is it possible for stylists to make a profit off of the sale of a single item? Naturally, one can purchase that item in any one of a myriad of styles and configurations, which number in the hundreds. Selling products for the company results in a meager or even nonexistent income for the typical Stylist, just as it does for most other multi-level marketing businesses.

The company’s own Income Disclosure Statement reveals that the annual income for all Stylists in 2018 was $178.06 on average. In 2018, slightly more than 70% of stylists were paid some sort of commission or rebate, while approximately 30% of stylists were paid nothing. There are some stylists that earn more than $500,000 annually, although this only accounts for 0.03% of all stylists. On the low end, there are stylists who earn less than $20,000.

Instructions for Enrollment Becoming a stylist can be easily accomplished, albeit at a significant financial outlay. Going to the Color Street website and placing a purchase for the beginning kit will allow you to sign up for the Stylist program. A variety of nail strips, files, accessories, and e-tools such as a website and other things are included in the basic kit, which has a price tag of $129 and can be purchased online. You will need to continue to pay the $9.95 fee each month in order to keep your eSuite subscription active after you sign up for it.

Plan of Pay and Benefits

At its most fundamental level, the Color Street pay plan is straightforward, but navigating it becomes more difficult once it begins to address topics like as bonuses and incentives for employee recruiting. Stylists earn a commission of 25% on their personal sales, which can be increased to 35% if the Stylist hits a particular sales level. Stylists can even earn a commission of 50% if they reach a certain sales threshold. Your potential earnings will increase if you begin to bring on more Stylists to work under you.

A Senior Director can earn commissions up to five layers deep in their downline once they have reached the highest level possible. When a Stylist achieves the level of Executive Director, they become eligible to receive a Lifestyle Bonus, which can be put toward the purchase of a car, a home, or other items that improve their quality of life. This benefit, on top of their other qualifying bonuses, can be as high as $1,000 per month if you meet the requirements.

Methods of both sales and marketing.

The most successful fashion stylists have a huge number of social media followers, which allows them to demonstrate products to their audience and sell them directly to them. The hosting of parties is yet another popular tactic utilized by Stylists in an effort to boost sales; additionally, some Stylists utilize their social media platforms in order to conduct virtual parties. The best thing that Stylists can do to boost their chances of generating a sale is to provide clients the opportunity to witness how the products work in real-world situations.

When Contrasted With Other MLMs

There are a plethora of multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations available today, ranging from It Works to Young Living. So how does Color Street do compared to other neighborhoods? Color Street has earned a solid reputation in the industry and offers a one-of-a-kind product that its patrons appear to adore. The reputation of the corporation has not been damaged by nearly any scandals or investigations that could have such an effect. However, the initial enrollment fee is very substantial, and there is also a recurring charge that must be paid each month.

The opportunity for financial gain presented by Color Street is not particularly high. There are other multi-level marketing companies out there that offer better average earnings than this one, which is roughly $15 per month on average. Even at the high end, annual earnings of $500,000 are far lower than the earnings that some other multi-level marketing companies’ representatives make, which can exceed one million dollars annually.

The Final Thoughts Regarding Color Street

Because it offers a one-of-a-kind product that is highly regarded by its clientele, Color Street has experienced explosive growth in the beauty business over the past two or three years. In spite of the fact that they have a robust compensation plan for their Stylists, the average earnings at this company are extremely low. There are some Stylists that sell the company’s items just because they enjoy doing it and because the products are fun. If you are one of the people who fits into this group, then you should probably take advantage of this opportunity. On the other hand, if you are wanting to make a respectable living, Color Street is not the right choice for you.

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