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Infinitus is a Network Marketing Company with its headquarters in Asia; the majority of the products they sell are Chinese herbal remedies for various ailments. They have a strong global presence, and their products are particularly well received in Asia. They are the industry leaders in Asian countries, and as a result of their popularity in those countries, they are expanding their services in order to grow their business in other parts of the world.

A comprehensive analysis of Infinitus can be found in the following piece of writing for your perusal.

An Overview of Infinitus

The Lee Kum Kee Group launched the Infinitus brand in 1992. This Lee Kum Kee Group is a food firm that operates out of Hong Kong and has its headquarters there. They bring a wealth of experience in this field to the table. It has been more than a century since they began selling their items.

They put the majority of their efforts on the sales of the sauces, all of which have a Chinese origin. They export their wares to more than one hundred different nations from their base in China. One of the most successful food enterprises in China is called Lee Kum Kee. Both in Canada and the United States are where you may find the company’s headquarters.

They are affiliated with five additional production firms. China is home to two of those locations. The headquarters of the other three businesses are located in Los Angeles, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, respectively. As a result of this, it is plain to observe that the parent firm of Infinitus also operates a service in the United States.

The food manufacturing corporation known as the “Lee Kum Kee Group” provides backing and guidance to the business known as Infinitus. To build their Multi-Level Marketing business at the same time, Infinitus pushed Chinese health care products or medicines to all of the corners of the world.

It is now the most successful networking company in China as a result of this, and the company asserts that it will expand its business techniques to other parts of the world in order to secure its own position within the MLM market. Now we may have a look at the primary goods that Infinitus offers.

This Is the Product

The majority of these products are from China and are focused on healthcare. They began marketing this medication with the intention of enhancing people’s general health and warding against a variety of ailments. They came up with new items by merging western and traditional Chinese medical practices. Although there is not a particularly large assortment, there are four distinct categories of goods to choose from.

# The Infinite Variety of Healthcare Products

Combination of traditional Chinese remedies, such as vitamins and herbs, designed to strengthen the body’s defenses and improve overall health # Skincare products-Beautrio

It combines cutting-edge skin care technology from Europe with traditional Chinese herbs to give the user skin that is flawlessly clear and velvety soft.

Products such as creams, cleansers, and whiteners are manufactured using a variety of skin care technologies that are combined together during the manufacturing process.

# Cosmetics and personal care items Phytocare

It includes products such as shower cream, toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo, breath spray, and so on, all of which contain natural ingredients and glycoside.

# Products for the home that are manufactured from scratch

The varieties of homemade household items that can be used to clean clothes and dishes respectively include laundry detergent and dish wash detergent. These detergents are manufactured out of plant materials. These cleaning products also use natural ingredients.

The Unique Occasion

Infinitus is broadening its scope by going global with the expansion of its service. Because it gives its potential distributors access to a diverse selection of options, the company encourages anybody and everyone to become distributors for its network marketing business.

They also offer lucrative benefits, making the business more desirable to everyone who is interested in beginning a career in network marketing, and they make the business easier to get started in. Additionally, Infinitus asserts that it will function as a commercial platform for all independent distributors and business owners. The distributors have the opportunity to live comfortable lives supported by lucrative incomes.

The commission plan of the company is designed in such a way that the prospective distributors have the opportunity to earn a commission of 25% on the selling price of the products.

Not only does the company offer a commission to potential distributors, but it also offers performance bonuses, there are good chances for any leadership jobs, and there are bonuses for stable growth.

The bonuses for steady growth are not distributed because they are customarily reserved for the company’s most successful distributors.

In general, it is accurate to claim that they offer a wide variety of bonuses at each and every level of the business. This is strong evidence that they provide all of the people who join their organization as distributors with a wide variety of opportunities to pursue in their business.


In most cases, there will be a question regarding whether or not Infinitus is a reliable and genuine multi-level marketing firm.

The point that needs to be made clear here is that the parent firm of Infinitus is one of the most successful food companies that are situated in China.

As we have seen, the brief history of the Lee Kum Kee Group makes it very evident that their company is real, and you may have faith in the multi-level marketing business of Infinitus. It would appear that Infinitus is growing its business by broadening the scope of its operations internationally through the implementation of direct sales.

In addition to this, Infinitus has a strong reputation for giving its employees with a greater variety of resources and opportunities than its competitors do.

As an illustration, approximately 13,000 employees took a vacation trip from China to Thailand using company facilities. These employees came from Thailand. It was a six-day tour package to Pattaya and Bangkok. They made a contribution to Thailand’s tourism sector in the amount of eighteen million dollars.

As a result of this, it is abundantly clear that Infinitus places a high priority on providing a positive working environment for its employees by providing luxuries and opportunities for recreation.

In addition to this, they provide prospective distributors with a generous commission on the sale of their products. You may not only earn a good commission with their products, but you can also earn a healthy life with all of their herbal products thanks to the products’ natural ingredients.

Due to the fact that the items are manufactured using traditional Chinese herbs, we are unable to guarantee that they will be made available in western markets.

It is not very simple to make a sale because clients will be skeptical about the products and sometimes won’t show much interest in trying out this thing. This makes it difficult to make a sale. As a result, achieving a satisfactory level of sales volume might be challenging for the distributors.

As a whole, and after taking into consideration all of the data, we can come to the conclusion that being a distributor for Infinitus is not a simple task. On the other hand, you can have faith in the company. If you do not discover that you are interested in the things that Infinitus sells, then it will be quite challenging for you to be successful as a distributor for Infinitus.

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