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Since SeneGence Multi-Level Marketing has been operating for a number of years, there is a good probability that you have been familiar with its products. There are a lot of individuals who enjoy making purchases during parties, which means that perhaps you could make some respectable money from this opportunity. In this multi-level marketing review of SeneGence, I will examine the company’s offerings and describe the ins and outs of how the program functions. It’s possible that it won’t be that amazing.

What exactly is a SeneGence MLM?

SeneGence is a multi-level marketing firm that sells anti-aging products, skincare items, and beauty products. SeneGence also sells essential oils. In 1999, Joni Rogers-Kante conceived up the idea, and she continues to serve as the company’s chief executive officer today. SeneGence’s corporate offices are located in the state of California, and as of the year 2018, the company had over 500,000 distributors. SeneGence goods as well as distributors can also be found in the following countries outside of the United States: Australia, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

Do You Get Your Money’s Worth From SeneGence Products?

LipSense lipstick is considered to be SensGence’s flagship product despite the company’s wide range of other offerings. In the beginning, it was only available as part of a set, but today customers can buy it separately. The SeneGence catalog also features anti-aging goods, items for the skin, hair, and face, as well as makeup and face products geared specifically toward males.

The LipSense lipstick is available in more than 45 different colors. It is stated in the provided information that it will not cause your lips to become dry and will instead work to restore their natural moisture. It may be used for between 4 and 18 hours, and it is waterproof. However, in order for it to actually be waterproof, you will need to apply the LipSense Gloss to your lips in order to seal them.

Unfortunately, a significant number of customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with this particular product. Complaints include a tingling and burning sensation when the product is administered, allergic responses, chapped and peeling lips, and tingling and burning sensations in the skin. All of this from a product that promises it will keep your lips from becoming dry.

Chemicals that are Not Common

Propylene Glycol is one of the ingredients that are found in this lipstick. Since this chemical is also included in antifreeze, electronic cigarettes, and paint, it is safe to assume that it should not come into contact with the lips. Parabens are a type of chemical that has been linked to triggering allergic reactions in certain people. These are just some of the compounds that are contained in this lipstick, and they have the potential to provoke adverse reactions.

The reviews for certain other products, such the mascara, foundations, and moisturizers, are more positive. Bear in mind that although these goods contain components that have been approved by the FDA, the products themselves have not been approved by the FDA.

SeneGence’s Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity

Signing up for the SeneGence multi-level marketing opportunity through a sponsor is the first step. You are not considered an employee of the company because you operate as an independent contractor for them. In order to bring in cash, you will need to persuade other individuals to arrange parties at which you may give makeovers and demonstrations of the products.

Your subscription grants you access to a SeneSite that is housed within the main company website. Because of this, you’ll be able to sell things on social media platforms in addition to your own website.

What are the fees involved in becoming a SeneGence member?

When you join SeneGence, you will be required to pay $55 for what is known as a New Distributor Kit (NDK), which is essentially the company’s equivalent of a membership fee. You will next be given the option to select a Distributor Pack. There are five distinct packs available for purchase, and the one you select will depend on the primary concern of your study.

The Lips Pack costs $75, while the Glamour Demo Pack costs $295.

The Significant SeneSeller Pack is priced at $795, while the Qualified Distributor Pack may be purchased for $345.

• Fast Start Pack: $1,195

Your agreement has a term of one year, during which time it can be renewed for an additional year at your anniversary date for a fee of $55. This fee covers expenditures associated with promotions, newsletters, updates, and other incidental expenses.

Is There a Way to Earn Money With SeneGence?

When you buy SeneGence products at the deeply discounted wholesale price and then resell those same products at the full retail price, you will have generated profit. Your commission is equivalent to the difference. The amount of the discount ranges from 20% all the way up to 50%, depending on the goods. To market items, you conduct demos. This can be done one-on-one or in the setting of a group activity or celebration.

One more method of earning money is to persuade individuals to join your team and work alongside you. You can establish a network of contacts and earn a residual income from all of the products sold by your team.

You may also promote products by linking to them from your personal website on the SeneGence website and by using other forms of social media.


There Are Multiple Methods To Sell Products

SeneGence is one of the many multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) that acknowledges the importance that the Internet and social media platforms play in our day-to-day communication. Distributors of SeneGence’s products are given their own webspace on the company’s website, where they can advertise SeneGence items and receive customer orders. The same may be said about social media. You may communicate with your consumers and sell products by creating a page on Facebook for your business.

Wide Variety

The SeneGence product catalog features a plethora of different items to choose from. As a distributor, you have the option of concentrating on a particular category of products and purchasing the distribution kit that corresponds to those products.

Guaranteed Return of the Full Purchase Price

Every item is backed by a one hundred percent money-back guarantee. If a customer wishes to return any things, they have to do so within the first year after purchasing them. The customer has the option of getting a refund or exchanging the item. In addition to that, a discretionary 10% processing fee will be deducted. This is something that is decided by the distributor.


Costs Related to Shipping, Handling, and Retail Taxes

The shipping and handling fees, as well as any applicable sales taxes, are the responsibility of the distributors. In order to determine your actual earnings, you will need to deduct these expenses from the commission checks you receive; as a result, your earnings will be significantly lower than you had anticipated.

Kits with Expensive Prices

The Lip Kit, which can be purchased for $75, is the most basic set that can be purchased. This is in addition to the application and membership price of $55 already paid. The cost of other kits is significantly higher.


Prospective distributors have been given false information regarding the expected levels of income and recruiting. In addition, distributors were urged to make false claims in their marketing materials.

Minimum Required Amount of Product Purchase

In order for you to continue to be a distributor, you will be required to make a certain amount of purchases each month. This implies that every six months following your most recent transaction, you will be required to make a purchase of a minimum of $200 worth of merchandise.

Unfit Lipstick to Use

Because they include polyethylene glycol-related compounds and parabens, some items, such as the LipSense lipstick, may not be suitable to use, particularly if you are pregnant. Among these products is the lipstick.

Complaints from End Users

SeneGence has been given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), in addition to a rating of 4 stars based on customer reviews. Unluckily, there have been sixty-two complaints lodged. a number of complaints about the subpar quality of the customer service received while returning things for a refund or an exchange.

Is SeneGence a Fraud or a Hoax?

The fact that there have been many criticisms leveled against the organization and its offerings presents a challenge with regard to this particular possibility. Because of this, it could be difficult to market these products without turning to underhanded methods. And what could be a greater way to drive away clients than to sell them things that you are unable to fully support?

A Few Parting Thoughts

Making money with multi-level marketing, in general, is not easy. They have broadened their sales strategies to incorporate the use of social media, which can make it simpler for things to be sold. Putting together a team is typically the most difficult aspect of the process, and if your team isn’t profitable, then neither are you. When you work for a multi-level marketing company, you won’t get paid for the majority of your hours. You will only receive commissions for the products that you personally sell as well as those that are sold by members of your team. That sums it up nicely. If you divided the amount of time you put in and the amount of commission you received, I’m willing to bet that you’d be dissatisfied with the results.

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