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Selling products related to health and wellness appears to be a wonderful option for anyone interested in generating some additional income. If you are already engaged in health and fitness, it might even complement the way you live your life. It’s possible that you’re familiar with the items manufactured by Optavia. In this analysis of the multi-level marketing opportunity offered by Optavia and Medifast, we will investigate the company’s products to determine whether or not it is possible to earn money by selling them. It is essential that you read the terms and conditions in their entirety.

What exactly is this Optavia/Medifast thing?

Through its Optavia brand, the multi-level marketing corporation known as Medifast specializes in the production of items for weight loss. In 1980, medical practitioner William Vitale established the corporation that bears his name. At first, weight reduction products were only available for sale to other medical professionals, who then recommended them to their respective patients.

The organization currently employs more than 52,500 coaches and has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Revenue for the first three months of 2021 was reported at a total of $340 million. This represents a ninety percent increase over the first quarter of the year 2020.

Are Optavia’s Products Really Worth the Money They Cost?

Diet programs offered by Optavia are high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating plans that are intended to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals. It is common knowledge that consumers can choose from a wide variety of weight loss products on the market today. Then, what makes this deal so unique and desirable? Let’s look at the plans and see what they entail:

The 5&1 Strategy: This plan supplies between 80 and 100 grams of carbs and between 800 and 1,000 calories each day. This diet is normally followed by clients for approximately 12 weeks, during which time they shed approximately 12 pounds. That amounts to one pound lost every week. There are two different kits available for you to pick from, and they are called the Essential Optimal Kit and the Essential On-the-Go Kit respectively. The total price for both sets is $428.20.

The 4&2&1 Plan is one that offers a bit more leeway in terms of customization. You will have four Optavia Fuelings, which are distinct meals that you will purchase separately. There are sixty different meals from which to pick. These suppers can be substituted for one another.

Plan 3&3: This plan is intended to assist you in continuing to maintain a healthy weight once you have reached your target weight. This plan calls for a daily total of three Optimal Fuelings as well as three healthy meals each day.

Because the meals are all prepared ahead of time, following the programs is quite simple. You also have the option to purchase individual products. However, the fact that you have to purchase pre-made meals presents a challenge while following any of these diet regimens. And this may not always be a nice thing to have happen. These meals have the potential to harm your health if you are unaware of the ingredients that are being used in their preparation.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), consumers have lodged complaints alleging that the products they purchased have unwanted side effects, some of which can be quite serious. Some of the most common complaints are bloating, inability to defecate, and pain in the abdominal region.

These items come at a very high price, and there are undoubtedly comparable programs available that are just as successful but cost significantly less, such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.

The Opportunity Provided by Optavia and Medifast

You are automatically considered a coach whenever you become a member of Optavia or Medifast. The majority of coaches begin by utilizing the goods themselves and successfully shedding excess weight. You will need a sponsor in order to begin, and you will also need to buy a startup package. When you sign up, you are automatically added to the downline of the person who sponsored you. You will require the Optavia Business Kit, which can be purchased from our website.

As soon as you have everything you need, you may begin selling meal plans. In your role as a coach, you will provide one-on-one assistance to all of the company’s clients, responding to their inquiries about the available goods and encouraging them to adhere to healthy eating and exercise routines.

What are the fees involved in becoming a member of Optavia or Medifast?

In order to get started as an Optavia Coach, you will need to pay the one-time fee of $199 for the Optavia Business Kit.

The business kit provides you with knowledge for developing a company strategy, as well as equipment and supplies for running a business, as well as free access to a personal website space hosted by Optavia for a period of one year. There is no information about the cost of maintaining a personal website space after the first year has passed.

Advantages of Optavia and Medifast

Reasonable Benefits: If you are successful in getting certified as a coach, you will be eligible to receive bonuses whenever you make qualified sales.

Programs of Instruction That Are Certified: If you wish to move to the next level, you will need to attend the more advanced training classes in order to earn the necessary certification.

3 to 6 Months Revenue from Customers: Customers that choose these plans will continue to buy 3-6 months’ worth of monthly supplies, which will help you earn steady commissions in the long run.

Negative Aspects of the Optavia and Medifast Product Side Effects A number of consumers have voiced their concerns that the products caused them to undergo a variety of unfavorable reactions. (Please refer to the product details located above.)

There are no reductions in pricing offered to customers or coaches; everyone pays the same amount for the products.

Dietary supplements and items that aid in weight loss do not bear the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Products That Come at a High Price Both the Starter Kits and the Individual Products Come at a High Price.

In 2012, Medifast was given a $3.7 million fine for engaging in deceptive advertising, which led to the company’s closure. The advertisement for the Medifast 5&1 Plan that claimed users may lose between 2 and 5 pounds per week was the primary focus of the fine. Sadly, there was no evidence to back up this allegation among the scientific community.

Is Optavia/Medifast a Fraudulent Enterprise?

Another multi-level marketing organization, Optavia/Medifast generates revenue entirely through the efforts of its independent contractors, known as coaches. In this particular scenario, however, a person who is concerned with their health and fitness would not generally buy or sell things that are highly processed and contain sugar along with other additives.

A Few Parting Thoughts

When you offer items with the potential to make other people sick, you can’t help but feel sick yourself. Not to mention the fact that it will have an effect on the commissions you receive. It is highly likely that in order to be a good coach, you will be required to speak from experience, which implies that you will need to go through the plans on your own. This will result in an additional cost of $428.20 for you.

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