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Isagenix is a multi-level marketing firm that specializes on the sale of nutrition and dietary supplements, however it does sell a few other products in addition to those two categories. The company has attained annual revenues that are close to one billion dollars, but it has received several complaints that its products do not live up to the claims made about them in their advertising. The organization boasts that certain sales representatives make over $100,000 per month, yet the typical sales representative makes nowhere near that much. Reviews of the company and the things it sells are, on the whole, extremely contradictory.

In addition, there is an abundance of businesses available to choose from when it comes to multi-level marketing (MLM). There is Plexus Worldwide, Melaleuca, and Arbonne, to name just a few of the many other companies. In the world of multi-level marketing, how does Isagenix actually fare? Let’s take a look at this Isagenix review and see what we can find out.

Isagenix: An Overview of the Company

Isagenix: A Brief History

In 2002, John Anderson and Jim and Kathy Coover laid the groundwork for what would become Isagenix. Anderson had devoted his entire life to the research, development, and production of health and wellness goods that would make people’s lives better. However, he did not wish to sell his formulations to any of the businesses that had shown interest in purchasing them. He was committed to employing high-quality components, whereas the businesses that were interested in purchasing his formulations wanted to utilize low-cost components and manufacture large quantities of the product.

Jim and Kathy Coover had a great deal of experience in the field of direct selling, and as a result, they were frequently sought out by others in the industry for assistance in selling their products. They, like Anderson, were dedicated to looking out for the best interests of their consumers and they refused to take any shortcuts. When Anderson asked for their assistance, they immediately recognized that this would be a position that would suit them well. Isagenix was established in 2002 with the intention of manufacturing the best health and wellness products in the entire world. They desired a product as well as a business opportunity that would bring about a transformation in people’s lives that was both material and experiential in nature.

The items began to sell briskly, which resulted in the company reporting revenues of $958 million in 2017 and employing approximately 850 full-time employees at that time. Over two hundred thousand distributors were active in 2013. Isagenix is currently operating its business in 14 different nations all over the world, including the United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and others.

Investigations into the Company

The fact that Isagenix makes exaggerated and deceptive promises about its products is one of the most common grounds for customer dissatisfaction with the company. Specifically, their “nutritional cleansing” products have been called into question by many customers. [Citation needed] In point of fact, a medical professional by the name of Harriet Hall is well-known for her criticism of the company’s products, noting that many of the company’s claims are completely incorrect.

The company has also run into problems in Australia, where a consumer advocacy group called CHOICE has stated that the claims the company makes about its products are not supported by any scientific evidence, and these problems have been caused by the corporation. A further allegation made in these statements is that Isagenix distributors give unlicensed medical advice to customers and that the company employs the same components as goods that can be purchased elsewhere for significantly lower prices.

Last but not least, the organization has been confronted with the typical claims of operating a pyramid scheme, which almost all MLM businesses face on occasion. Some distributors claim that the company’s recruitment techniques are deceptive and that they are required to aggressively seek new customers in order to make money. The operation of this business walks a tight line between being a legitimate multi-level marketing organization and being an illegal pyramid scheme.

Present Organizational Makeup of the Company

Isagenix’s corporate headquarters are still located in Gilbert, Arizona, the city in which the company was established in 2002. Over the course of its existence, the company has achieved cumulative sales of more than $6 billion, and in 2017, it employed over 850 people on a full-time basis. Although there were around 200,000 active distributors working for the company in 2013, more recent information regarding the total number of distributors employed by the company has been difficult to uncover.

Jim Coover is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company to this day, and Kathy Coover is one of the Executive Vice Presidents. John Anderson, who helped create the company, is still actively involved in its operations, including the development of recipes for novel and forward-thinking goods. In addition, the company has strengthened its senior leadership by recruiting new executives in order to assemble a formidable group capable of guiding Isagenix into the future.

Isagenix Product Lines

Products sold by Isagenix are designed to assist customers in leading lives that are both better and healthier. The majority of their offerings are concentrated in the realm of nutrition and dietary supplements. Supplements to aid in weight loss and improved athletic performance are among the company’s offerings; other products promote vitality and overall health and wellness.

In addition to dietary supplements, the company provides a variety of additional goods that are concerned with health and wellness. One of these products is comprised of essential oils as well as the accoutrements that are sold alongside them. Isagenix also provides customers with the opportunity to purchase items for their personal care, including body cream, eye cream, toner, and other items related to skincare. Even their skin care products are designed to encourage a better way of life by utilizing high-quality ingredients that are clinically shown to be effective.

Marketing Methods Used by the Company

Isagenix is committed to the prosperity of its distributors; as a result, the company has developed and disseminated a variety of business resources to support this objective. One of them is a book about running a business that guides new distributors through the steps of selling and recruiting new members. When it comes to multi-level marketing, Isagenix itself acknowledges that social media is a disruptive force in the industry. They encourage their distributors to make the most of the opportunities that social media presents for their businesses and to do so to the fullest extent possible.

However, they do discourage dishonest marketing practices and sales pitches that are overly aggressive. It would appear that the corporation has the intention of acting in a morally responsible manner and enabling its distributors to grow their customer base in a manner that is not unethical or illegal.

Isagenix as a Means of Financial Gain

Isagenix produces a significant amount of business and generates sales of close to one billion dollars each year. The market for dietary supplements is a massive market around the world. Considering that there are only about 200,000 distributors working for the organization, it appears to be an excellent opportunity to acquire some of this pie. To what extent, however, is this statement accurate, and do individuals genuinely profit from the sale of such items? Unfortunately, the answer is not yes.

The majority of Isagenix distributors make very little, if any money at all, with the company, as is evident from a cursory examination of the Earnings Statement for Isagenix. In point of fact, the annual salary of fifty percent of US-based colleagues was less than $337 in 2017. Even among the other half of associates who made more than this, the median annual salary for those associates was still only $985. During the course of the year, only 1% of distributors made more than $40,323 in revenue. In regard to the assertions that distributors make more than one hundred thousand dollars per month, there have only been 254 distributors across the globe who have made a cumulative total of more than one million dollars. This accumulated sum takes into account all earnings with the organization and not just those from one particular year.

How to Enroll The process of enrolling with the organization is not exactly as simple as it is with some other multi-level marketing companies. To begin, you will need to make contact with the individual who introduced you to Isagenix in order to sign up for the program. It won’t cost you anything to become a favored customer if you only want to use the service. In either case, the first thing that you will need to do is join up as a customer. Then, in order to become an associate, you will be required to pay the $29 yearly membership fee in order to participate. This is a prerequisite for earning commissions.

Associates in the Isagenix Compensation Plan are eligible for a commission of 25% on all sales they generate. They simply buy the things at a discount of 25% off of the retail price, and then they resell them to their consumers at the full retail price. People will be able to make orders with you using a website that will be provided to you when you have successfully joined up for the program and had your application to become an associate accepted.

The Isagenix Compensation Plan, much like the plans of other multi-level marketing companies, outlines the requirements that must be met in order to qualify for bonuses and other supplemental payouts. Taking into account the different sales cycles and the individual sales volumes for each member of your team makes the payment plan a little bit difficult to understand. It would appear that the corporation makes it difficult to comprehend precisely how the compensation plan operates and makes it challenging to acquire the bonuses that are specified.

Methods of both sales and marketing.

Isagenix wants their distributors to be consumers first, which is why they want their distributors to utilize the products and share their experiences with other people who may be interested in purchasing the company’s offerings. The use of social media platforms is an ideal method for accomplishing this. Those that adhere to that approach and already have a big following on social media are likely to have the most success as distributors. They also use social media in order to recruit new colleagues; however, this strategy has brought the firm into some difficulties in the past owing to the income claims that were made by existing members, so beware of using it.

Isagenix Compared to Other Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Isagenix operates in a market that has enormous growth potential; despite this, consumers have had a variety of reactions to the company’s offerings. In addition, some of the claimed revenue levels do not correspond with the actual income levels that are being earned by its distributors. Isagenix is fairly similar to the vast majority of other multi-level marketing companies in the sense that the majority of distributors earn relatively little, while a small number of associates earn a substantial income.

Isagenix: Some Concluding Thoughts

Although Isagenix has a high volume of sales, the majority of its distributors do not make a living wage selling the product. The company has received a significant amount of negative criticism regarding the efficacy of its products, as well as statements that were made by its distributors that were false. Isagenix does not appear to be a good prospect for individuals who are looking for a legitimate way to make money, taking into consideration both the company’s reputation and the possible earnings.

3.36 out of a possible 5 stars overall rating

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