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About How It Operates

It Works is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that operates in the health and beauty sector of the economy. It was established fewer than twenty years ago, making it a relatively new company in comparison to other multi-level marketing companies. It Works functions as a traditional multi-level marketing company by providing its distributors with the opportunity to generate income from both their own sales and the sales of members of their downline who are successful. Many people have negative things to say about the corporation, and the quality of some of the products it sells is a contentious topic.

An Analysis of the It Works Company

The Past Of How It Functions

It Works is a relatively young firm given that it was only established in the year 2001. Mark and Cindy Pentecost, who are now husband and wife, established the company at the beginning. The pair actually operated their very own telecommunications-related side business for a number of years prior to starting their family.

The Pentecosts were having a hard time making enough money to pay their bills. They came up with a strategy to run a home-based business related to telecoms in order to bring in an additional $500 every month. Mark rose rapidly through the ranks of this brand-new business venture, and he soon became one of the highest earners in the organization. Because of their newly acquired financial freedom, the Pentecosts were able to investigate several ways in which they could assist others in attaining the same level of financial success.

The Ultimate Body Applicator, which was the company’s first product, was produced in 2001, and that year marked the beginning of the It Works business! The company expanded rapidly, and new product lines, such as nutritional supplements, were developed during that time. In addition, the company started to expand its operations globally, entering new markets such as Australia and several regions in Europe.

In 2009, It Works was able to pay off all of its debt, and shortly thereafter, sales began to explode. As of the year 2018, It Works generated around $600 million in annual revenue. In addition to this, they had developed a distribution network that consisted of over 100,000 persons. They offer a variety of products on the market today, including as dietary supplements, body wraps, and clothing.

Investigations into the Company

It Works has been in business for fewer than 20 years, yet there has been no indication that the company has been involved in any big controversies during that time. There are no documented cases of formal investigations being conducted by the FTC or any other regulatory body, which is something that a large number of MLMs have been subjected to. Having said that, there have been a few events that have transpired, and as a result, some people have developed an intense aversion to the organization.

The inappropriate marketing methods of the corporation are the primary source of criticism directed at the company. Because the FDA does not have authority over the items that It Works sells, the company is free to make any claims it wants about those products, no matter how outlandish they may be. There is a widespread perception that the company’s claims are overly optimistic and that the goods do not deliver the results that were promised.

The second issue that people have with the company is that distributors are encouraged to sign people up for recurring shipping and billing without the customer fully understanding that they will be charged on a monthly basis. This is seen as one of the primary causes of the problems that people have with the company. People have reported that it is extremely difficult to cancel their memberships, and even after they believe they have done so, they continue to be paid for the service. Many former distributors have voiced their disapproval of the corporation and its questionable business methods, and many have done so in a public forum.

Present Organizational Makeup of the Company

Today, the company is led by its founder, Mark Pentecost, who also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. The company just relocated its offices to a brand-new location in Palmetto, Florida, which is far larger than its previous location. In addition, the corporation has additional administrative offices located in Seoul, South Korea, as well as Dublin, Ireland. The corporation has gone so far as to purchase its very own personal island close to its corporate headquarters so that it may host events there for its most important distributors.

The organization now has a network of over 100,000 distributors across the world. In comparison, it just has slightly more than 300 people working there full-time. Despite the fact that it still generates annual revenues of roughly $600 million dollars, those revenues have been steadily decreasing over the course of the last few years. The social media craze around the brand reached its zenith a few years ago; however, since that time, both revenues and the number of distributors have been on the decline.

Products That Work by It

The Ultimate Body Applicator, the device that started it all, is still the most popular one available today. This item is a body wrap that, according to the manufacturer, can reduce the size of specific parts of the body. It is utilized as an alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery as well as shapewear that is too restricting.

It Works is now selling dietary supplements in addition to the body wraps that it previously sold. Items that are designed to help ketogenic diets are included in some of their most popular supplements at the moment. Keto coffee, ketones, and the Keto Go package are some examples of these items. Keto Go is a liquid supplement that helps you maintain your keto diet throughout the day by providing you with amino acids and other proprietary mixes in a liquid form.

It Works also sells anti-aging products in addition to other kinds of beauty items. The majority of these are formulated in the form of various creams and serums. You may also purchase clothing and accessories from the brand, such as gym bags and water bottles.

Marketing Strategies Utilized by the It Works Company

It is common knowledge that the use of social media has been a significant contributor to the success of It Works. Distributors started using social media to share “before” and “after” pictures of their products, and they also started recruiting new distributors. Around 2015 was when sales and sign-ups reached their highest point when the offer effectively went viral. The company continues to make significant use of social media as a marketing channel, and their website is where practically all of their transactions take place.

Making Money Off of It Is Possible.

In a conventional multi-level marketing setup, distributors earn income not only when they make sales but also when they attract other people into their downline who are able to generate sales. The highest earners in the corporation bring in more over one million dollars annually, but how typical is that? The correct response is in no way.

When they join up to be an It Works distributor, many people find that they actually wind up losing money rather than making it. In 2018, the company’s own Income Disclosure Statement revealed that the typical monthly income for all distributors was $173. Although it might sound reasonable at first, this sum does not take into account any costs that the distributor might have incurred while selling their products or operating their company. Because of this, it is not hard to understand why the vast majority of distributors make no money off of the sale of these products.

Instructions on How to Become an It Works Distributor

The procedure to sign up for classes is simple and uncomplicated. To sign up, you need to visit the It Works website and click the associated link. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to sign up under a certain distributor. In the event that this does not occur, an individual will be chosen to serve as your upline. You are required to make a purchase of a beginning kit before you can register for the program. The $99 option is the most affordable one.

Access to your own personal website, where clients can go to place their orders, also comes with a monthly cost attached to it. A distributor must meet monthly minimum order criteria in addition to paying the fees in order to maintain their current status as a distributor. To maintain their active status and remain eligible for commissions, the distributor must either make sales of or purchases equal to around $80 each month.

Plan of Pay and Benefits

The It Works compensation structure is somewhat convoluted, as the computation of an It Works distributor’s overall commission involves terminology such as “Personal Volume,” “Group Volume,” “Personal Bonus Volume,” and other terms that are difficult to understand. To make matters even more confusing, a distributor may have more than one leg in their downline, but each leg must meet certain minimum order requirements before the distributor can be eligible for commissions on that leg.

A distributor will earn a commission of 10% on both Level 1 and Level 2 sales, which is the most basic form of this arrangement. After that, the distributor has the opportunity to earn commissions ranging from 5% to 2% for each level of their downline, all the way down to the sixth level. Remember once more that in order for a distributor to be eligible for any commissions at all, the monthly minimums must be met each and every month. Last but not least, acquiring Loyal Consumers, which are defined as customers that sign an auto-ship arrangement for a minimum of three months, is favored because it results in increased value and commission.

Techniques for Sales and Marketing That Actually Work

Making money with It Works through social media has without a doubt been shown to be the most successful technique. People frequently throw parties where they invite the company to do demonstrations since their most popular product, the body wrap, is supposed to produce visible benefits in a relatively short amount of time. A distributor will first demonstrate the wraps, then invite attendees to a “wrap party,” at which they will attempt to make a sale after the presentation. The high earners in the organization have had a lot of success with this strategy, which shows its effectiveness.

It’s Effective When Contrasted with Other MLMs

It Works has an opportunity that ranges from average to below average when compared to other multi-level marketing companies. The revenues of the company as well as the number of new distributors signing up has been on a downward trend for the previous three years, and average earnings are exceedingly low. This does not even take into account the mandatory minimum orders or the monthly costs that are connected with maintaining an operating firm. The company’s actions regarding auto-ship agreements have driven off a great number of customers. Given the information shown above, it is highly unlikely that this will result in monetary success.

3.58 out of a possible 5 stars overall rating

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