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It can be challenging to discover legitimate work-from-home options. You can maintain your current employment while also earning additional income by selling things in your leisure time. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to do so. But what if you want complete independence and flexibility in your daily life? Is it feasible to create a good living just from the sale of things on a full-time basis? One company like that is Yanbal International, which has the potential to provide you that freedom. In this Multi-Level Marketing review of Yanbal International, we will examine the opportunity to determine whether or not it is a good way to earn money.

Who is Yanbal International and what do they do?

In 1967, Fernando and Eduardo Belmont Anderson of Peru established the multi-level marketing business that would later be known as Yanbal. Lima, Peru serves as the location of Yanbal’s main office, while Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the location of the company’s office in the United States.

The company produces cosmetics and other items related to personal grooming, which are then distributed to customers by means of Style Advisors (SAs). Over 600,000 Style Advisors are employed by Yanbal International in the United States and Europe.

The corporation recorded a total revenue of $536 million for the year 2020. The company reported sales of $747 million in 2015, which is a decrease of 35% from the previous year.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the goods and see if we can figure out what’s going on by observing them.

Are the Products Sold by Yanbal International Worth the Money They Cost?

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s have a look at the products to see if there is anything particularly noteworthy about them. Here is a selection of the products that Yanbal Style Advisors has available for purchase.

Although I am unsure as to whether or not the aforementioned items are noteworthy, I can affirm that the pricing are reasonable. It does not appear that these products are of particularly high quality. There is a good chance that your neighborhood department store sells things that are comparable to what you’re looking for at roughly the same price.

There are also some products sold by Yanbal that may be found on Amazon. There is a price of $14.99 associated with the Yanbal Effective Deodorant. On the other hand, there is absolutely no mention of it on the Yanbal website.

On Amazon, you can purchase the Yanbal Eau Vitale Aromatherapy Mist Neroli for the price of $18.99. The similar item may be purchased on the Yanbal website for the price of $20. Customers get a discount of a few dollars if they buy the product from Amazon.

The Wonderful Possibility for International Engagement at Yanbal

You will most likely be approached for recruitment by a fellow Yanbal Style Advisor who is looking to grow their team. Getting started requires that you buy a beginning kit. After that, you will be provided with sales training and tools to assist you in making sales.

The Yanbal Business Portal provides SAs with a free trial subscription as well as the ability to create their own personal website within the platform. It is not entirely apparent whether or not accessing the business site incurs a charge on a monthly basis.

The Yanbal Maya USA app is a standalone business application that may be downloaded to your mobile device in its own right. This program allows you to carry out business functions regardless of where you are.

Customers can buy things from Style Advisors if they share the address of their personal online portal with them and conduct business with them directly.

What are the fees involved in becoming a member of Yanbal International?

There are two different Starter Kits available, but it makes the most sense to purchase the one that includes a greater number of products. The Starter Kit 2022 features demo versions of a variety of products, including scent samples, demo bags, pamphlets, and more.

You should also keep in mind that Yanbal does not reimburse any personal expenses that are incurred while conducting business on behalf of the company. These costs include the cost of gas and maintenance for your automobile, as well as any and all other costs.

Are There Opportunities to Earn Money With Yanbal International?

Yanbal SAs are accountable for the successful execution of a total of thirteen campaigns per year, each of which spans a period of four consecutive weeks. Commissions are paid out on a weekly basis and are calculated based on the combined sales totals of both you and the team that you recruit.

There are two types of orders: customer orders and personal orders. Commissions might be anywhere from 20% to 50% of the total. You are required to keep a Personal Volume (PV) of at least $300 per campaign in order to be active.

If you spend one to three hours every week focusing just on selling things, Yanbal claims that you can make between one hundred and twelve dollars per campaign. That comes out to approximately $30 per week.

Another example from Yanbal: If you spend 15 to 30 hours per week directing your team in addition to selling $16,000 worth of products in a period of four weeks, your expected profits every four weeks are $3,000.

Therefore, if you are able to sell exceptionally successfully and have a decent network of individuals you can tap into, you have the potential to make money off of selling Yanbal products.

The Benefits of Working at Yanbal International

No Required Minimum Amount to Spend: There is not a required minimum monthly sales quota, and you are not required to hold any inventory; nevertheless, there is a minimum sales volume that must be met in order for you to keep your active status.

Promotions in Social Media Products may be advertised via social media platforms like as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or even individual blogs.

Options for Adequate Training: In order to assure the success of newly hired SAs, there are a number of training tools accessible.

SAs are not restricted to selling things only in their immediate geographic area; rather, they can sell products everywhere in the United States. They are allowed to sell their items in any location within the continental United States.

Contradictions Regarding Yanbal International

Customers Are Lost Through Online Sales Customers who buy things directly from the company’s website rather than from a sales associate will be contacted and asked if they would like to be transferred to a sales associate in their area. In the event that the consumer does not accept the offer, Yanbal will acquire him as a client.

It Is Not Permitted to Recruit New Members Via Social Media Although SAs are permitted to promote items via social media channels, they are not permitted to recruit new members.

Must Make Use of the Yanbal Platform Sales Associates (SAs) are prohibited from developing their own websites to market Yanbal items. They are required to use the business portal for Yanbal.

Minimum Monthly Sales Volume: In order to maintain your active status, you are required to sell a minimum of $300 worth of products each and every month.

Is Yanbal International a Fraudulent Organization?

Even though Yanbal International is not a pyramid scheme, that does not mean that it is a good way to generate money. You have to put in a lot of effort to sell products, and you have to pay for things like gas, the phone, and other expenses out of your own pocket because you won’t be compensated for them.

When your own expenses are subtracted from the commissions, you may find that they are not nearly as appealing as they once were.

A Few Parting Thoughts

A goal of many of us is to one day achieve the independence and adaptability required to earn one’s own money in one’s own time. There is a wide variety of work that can be done at your own pace, giving you more control over how you spend your time. Unfortuitously, not all of the opportunities are lucrative employment options.

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