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While it hasn’t yet fully opened to the public, Now Lifestyle is a brand-new business founded by a man by the name of Joel Therien. It will launch very soon, and I can already tell it’s going to be massive.

I don’t usually write reviews of products before they go live, but I made an exception for Now Lifestyle because of the overwhelming interest and inquiries I’ve gotten.

Therefore, if you’ve heard about Joel Therien’s Now Lifestyle system and are unsure if you should join, rest assured that you’ve come to the proper place to learn more.

I’m going to tell you everything there is to know about the brand-new Now Lifestyle offer in this review and determine whether it will be worthwhile of your time and money.

What Is the Current Style?

Given that it appears to have made an effort to combine a health & wellness opportunity with a make money online offer, I have to concede that Now Lifestyle is a really fascinating product/opportunity. The product’s overarching goal is to enable you to become healthy and fit while earning money online.

Obviously, in theory, that makes sense; after all, the two most important things in life are health and riches. You will undoubtedly live a happy life if you can accomplish both of those goals, but will any of them be possible with just the Now Lifestyle opportunity? Let’s investigate.

Joel Therien, the founder, will go first.

It is obvious that Now Lifestyle is a network marketing opportunity, and in network marketing, one of the most important aspects of a company’s success is the leadership skills and background of the founder or founders that built it.

In this instance, Joel Therien is the founder, so before we address the offer itself, allow me to go ahead and give you some background information on Joel.

Because Joel Therien has founded numerous other businesses before Now Lifestyle, the majority of which have also been networking marketing possibilities, you may already be familiar with him. It’s safe to assume that Joel has “been around the block” when it comes to network marketing.

In reality, Joel has been involved in network marketing for around 18 years. He has achieved significant success over that time and is unquestionably a terrific businessman who works hard. His prior businesses include Host Then Profit, which debuted in 2011, and 7 Minute Workout (launched in 2011)

• Undiluted Leverage (launched in 2013)

• Got Up Again (launched in 2015)

He also serves as the President and CEO of Global Virtual Opportunities Inc. (abbreviated GVO), which appears to be one of his most lucrative businesses. Internet marketers can use a variety of tools & services from GVO, including web hosting, backup options, & autoresponders.

Joel has achieved great success not only in his own industry but also across many others.

Basically, Joel is the man when it comes to business! But on top of that, he is also a very accomplished bodybuilder, which is something I honestly don’t know how he gets the time to do. One glance at him is all it takes to realize it.

Therefore, it is evident that Now Lifestyle has grown from what appear to be his two main interests—making money and staying in shape. He has combined them and will seek to package them both into a single “done-for-you” multi-niche offer.

What Lifestyle Products Are Popular Today?

Given that Now Lifestyle is currently in the pre-enrollment phase, the majority of the marketing materials are more focused on the money-making possibility itself, which may cause you to wonder what the real items are.

Let me now go through everything Now Lifestyle has to offer because, as you are surely aware, the caliber of the items a network marketing company offers is the second-largest factor in determining that company’s success.

Let’s begin with the health-related products.

Wellness & Health Package

Now Lifestyle offers a comprehensive health and wellness package that includes a personalized diet and exercise program for the customer and up to five additional family members. This looks like it would be quite fascinating, and the extra “5 family member” allotment will definitely help sell it.

The issue, though, is that this package appears to be a duplicate of what Joel presented in his 2011 7-minute workout program. It is claimed that if you only exercise for seven minutes a day, three days a week, you can have “huge” effects by using high intensity, brief-duration exercises.

Although Joel claims to personally employ this technique, I find it difficult to believe him. But then then, I suppose it would undoubtedly explain how he manages so many businesses while maintaining such fantastic health, LOL.

Nevertheless, I’m all for encouraging health and wellbeing, so even if this product only motivates someone to move an additional 21 minutes per week, that’s still better than doing nothing at all. At least, it is how I see it.

Body Boss Home Exercise Program

With Now Lifestyles’ all-in-one trainer, the Body Boss Home Workout System, you may perform a variety of different resistance training exercises at home. You will undoubtedly be persuaded to buy both of these packages if you want to see “real results” because it is intended to be used in conjunction with the health & wellness package that they provide.

My first reaction when I heard the term “home trainer” was, “Nooooooo, not another one!” But I won’t lie—while I oppose 99% of all-in-one home trainers, this one genuinely seems to have some promise.

My guy used to be a professional bodybuilder and he always utilized those resistance bands. He obviously preferred the gym, but whenever he traveled or spent time away from home, he used to bring resistance bands so that he could squeeze in a fast workout wherever he could.

I suppose it will all come down to how much the as-yet-unreleased product costs. If it’s expensive, I’d definitely pass, but if it’s reasonable, this might be a very cute little product.

I can say with certainty that there is a huge market for these products; people desire “simple workout,” and these products are the ideal solution (from a sales point of view).

Expert Auto-Responder System

Joel Therien, who heads the business GVO, which specializes in giving tools to internet marketers, is mentioned previously. There is no denying that Joel is a genius when it comes to email marketing.

Joel’s Now Lifestyle offer naturally includes an email marketing system, which he has bundled as an additional product for sale.

An autoresponder basically just follows up with your leads by sending them pre-written emails that remind them about your items. As a result, when you recommend Now Lifestyle to someone, they input their email to learn more and are added to your autoresponder email list. They will then begin receiving recurrent emails from the company regarding the product until they either opt to buy it or unsubscribe.

An autoresponder is not the be-all and end-all, despite the fact that it may sound fantastic if you’ve never heard of one before. There are several businesses that offer them, and typically they just cost $15 to $30 each month (depending on how many people you have subscribed to your email list).

Again, it all comes down to price; if something is affordable, it might be great, but if not, there are plenty of other options that people can utilize in its place.

Significant Traffic Co-Op

Although Lifestyle now refers to it as a “huge” traffic cooperative, I am unable to estimate its size. A traffic co-op is essentially a place where you go to get visitors; it’s sort of like doing marketing the easy way.

You typically merely buy traffic from those who have already mastered it rather than learning a skill like Facebook advertisements marketing or Instagram marketing. The issue is that you often purchase the traffic at a premium price, making it frequently challenging to turn a profit on traffic coming from a co-op.

Although I don’t particularly enjoy traffic cooperatives, that doesn’t mean they don’t function. Traffic co-ops can be quite profitable for some people, but it’s uncommon in general because it depends on the quality of the visitors and how much of a premium is actually being added. It might work out well if Joel offers high-quality traffic at a reasonable price; else, it will merely burn a hole in your wallet.

Explaining the Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan…

Actually, I was on the verge of joining Now Lifestyle myself until I learned about the payout plan.

Don’t get me wrong, the compensation plan wasn’t the reason I decided against joining; in fact, it appears to have the potential to be rather lucrative. It was so confused that I made the decision not to join! If I were presenting this opportunity, I can see how half of my time would be consumed with attempting to truly explain the compensation arrangement to the new team members. I don’t have time for that.

So let me attempt to explain how it functions. Clearly as I can

Part 1 of Commission Payout

While it is somewhat true that this portion of the compensation plan purports to give out 100% commissions, it isn’t nearly as opulent as it may seem.

Because 100% commissions are promised, you could think that if you sell something, you’ll get paid 100% of the sale price. This is not the case, though.

Although you only receive a 50% commission on sales that YOU generate, you will still receive a 50% commission on any sales that your direct referrals generate. Although they combined these two commissions to give a total of 100%, you actually only receive 50% of each sale.

Without a doubt, a 50% commission will prove to be quite profitable for you if you bring someone in and they go on to sell a lot of goods. Even though you and I are both aware of how network marketing operates, it can be challenging to get individuals to join, let alone duplicate.

Part 2 of commission payments

They also operate a binary commission structure in addition to the initial commission structure that we just covered. This is where things begin to become a little (no, a LOT) hazy.

You basically join Now Lifestyle and get a spot in their binary compensation plan.

Then you need to enroll two persons underneath you. Your left leg will be supported by one person, and your right leg by the other.

It’s crucial to note that there are two requirements you MUST meet in order to be eligible to get commissions from this section of the compensation plan, and they are as follows:

• You must continue to be a distributor of the Now Lifestyle system, which entails continuing to pay your monthly fee.

• You must always have 1 personally referred member active in each leg.

• You are required to sign up at least 1 new member each month and a maximum of 6 members who you personally suggest.

Therefore, a phenomenon known as a cycle will happen once you have 6 active members in your tree with a 1/3 or 2/3 balance on either side. You will have the option to earn up to $20 in commissions for each cycle that takes place.

The advantage of binary compensation systems, despite their extreme complexity, is that they pay the same commission rate at infinitely deep levels. As a result, you will receive the same percentage of commission from people you personally refer as you would from people who are suggested thousands of levels down in your family tree.

The drawback, though, is that there are several requirements you must complete in order to continue being active, which can be challenging & frustrating for a novice.

That should give you a clearer idea of how the binary compensation scheme truly functions.

Considering Joining Now Lifestyle

Well, to be honest, it’s too soon to make a definitive judgment given the company hasn’t fully launched and the pricing points of the products themselves haven’t been disclosed. The fact that Now Lifestyle has real products available and is supported by a potent market leader is encouraging. Joel Therien, I’m sure, can make it work if anyone can.

However, I personally made the decision to pass up this chance due to the complexity of the compensation scheme. Only time will tell whether or not that turns out to have been a mistake. You win some, you lose some, right?

Additionally, I don’t really know to whom I would be marketing this offer, which is another reason I’ve opted not to do so. Do I need to market Now Lifestyle to those who want to earn money or to those who want to get in shape? Until the whole website publishes and we have access to the marketing materials, it is difficult to determine who the real target market will be. I’m just going to sit tight and keep a close check on it in the meanwhile.

But there is one thing that is certain: Now Lifestyle is unquestionably not a fraud. For individuals who want to improve their fitness or start their own home companies, it’s a real opportunity.

Joel deserves praise for coming up with the idea; it appears that he has put a lot of effort into the business, and I really wish him the best of luck in his endeavor.

It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out, and as soon as the business starts formally, I’ll update my review. I do, however, hope that I was able to give you all the information you required for the time being. 🙂

Please leave any comments or inquiries in the space provided below.

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