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Mary Kay MLM Review (2021): The Truth Behind the Pink Cadillac

Are you seeking for the most reliable and trustworthy Mary Kay MLM review? If that’s the case, then you should definitely read this post!

In this piece, I will investigate the well-known multi-level marketing business opportunity offered by Mary Kay to determine whether or not it is a genuine means to generate income.

Both making a livelihood selling cosmetics and cruising around town in a hot pink Cadillac can sound like fairly nice dreams to some people. However, before you quit your day job, you will want to find out if this whole Mary Kay thing is a scam, or even worse, a Mary Kay cult.

And let’s be honest here: we’ve all heard the success tales, but we’ve also heard the horror stories about Mary Kay.

If you have been thinking about becoming a Mary Kay cosmetics sales consultant, then you will want to read this article first.

An Overview of Mary Kay Network Marketing, Including Information Regarding How the Company Operates

Mary Kay has some rather ambitious aims, as evidenced by the company’s motto, which reads, “Enriching the lives of women and their families around the world.”

It all started more than 50 years ago with just four beauty products, but since then, the company has expanded quite a bit. The organization now provides customers with access to an extensive selection of beauty goods.

In point of fact, the company is proud to provide a range of 300 high-quality items that cover a wide variety of categories, such as:

  • Facial regimens
  • Lip colors
  • Eye colors
  • Foundation \Blushes
  • Mascara
  • Makeup Removers
  • fragrances in addition to a great deal more

The Mary Kay business activities are located in Dallas, Texas, which is also the location of the company’s headquarters. In addition, there are production facilities located there, as well as in Hangzhou, which is located in China.

Richard Rogers, the son of the company’s founder, is currently serving as the company’s chairman of the board. The company was named after its creator, Mary Kay, even though Kay is actually her middle name. Her surname is the Ash family name.

Mary Kay is not just successful as a multi-level marketing company (MLM), but it is also a significant participant in the broader cosmetics business. In point of fact, the business had a wholesale volume of $3.25 billion in the year 2018.

That is not a trivial amount by any means!

It operates on a global scale. In addition, not only is it well-liked in the United States, but it also has large sales in other important countries, like Russia and China.

In the field of multi-level marketing, the Mary Kay MLM is quite prominent. According to Direct Selling News, the Mary Kay network marketing organization is the sixth largest in the country.

The level of investment that Mary Kay Multi-Level Marketing puts into their products is undeniably one of the defining characteristics that set them apart from their competitors.

The year 2018 was Mary Kay’s 55th anniversary, and the company celebrated by opening the Richard R. Rogers Manufacturing and Research and Development Center. The research and development that Mary Kay has spent in is what distinguishes the company from its competitors.

The items for sale are not an afterthought in any way.

And finally, there is undoubtedly their one-of-a-kind approach to business promotion. This is not a multi-level marketing scheme that offers no support. Because of this, it is possible that some people will refer to it as a Mary Kay cult.

How Mary Kay’s Multi-Level Marketing Ended Up Being Called the Pink Cadillac and Its Origins

The history of Mary Kay is a prime example of a traditional corporate success story.

At the age of 45, Mary Kay Ash started her cosmetics company, Beauty by Mary Kay, with an initial investment of only $5,000 from her son Robert. It was 1963 when this took place, and at the time, men had all of the power in the cosmetics industry.

Mary Kay’s passion for cosmetics was not the driving force behind her decision to launch her own company. After being overlooked for a promotion again again, she ultimately made the decision to call it quits and retire. This time, it was a man who she had trained who attacked her.

She intended to use the additional time she would have once she retired to publish a book that would offer advice to women on how to be successful in business. In the end, she wrote down her ideal model for a firm. She started her business with the intention of putting that plan into action.

She began her business almost immediately using the home party format popularized by firms such as Tupperware. An MLM was established as a result of this, in addition to Mary Kay Ash’s genuine desire to serve as a role model for other women and to provide them more agency in their professional lives.

Mary Kay Ash went away in 2001, which is a terrible loss.

Just under $100 million was the total amount of her personal fortune when she passed away. And the value of her company was already well over a billion dollars.

What about that automobile, though?

In 1968, Mary Kay Ash purchased her very first pink Cadillac from a dealership in Dallas. Once she got it home, she had it repainted to match the pink of a compact that she carried with her. Almost immediately, the idea occurred to her that the car could serve as a moving billboard for her wares.

She gave a pink Coop de Ville to each of her top five salespeople the next year as a reward for their outstanding performance. Over the course of their relationship, Mary Kay has had General Motors paint more than 100,000 vehicles. After that, those salespeople who have reached that level are eligible to lease the car from the corporation.

At the moment, anyone who meet the requirements can lease any one of a number of different automobiles, but the pink Cadillacs are reserved only for those with the highest incomes. The Cadillac XT5 and the Cadillac XT6 are the models that are currently in use.

An Overview of Mary Kay’s Products

Consideration of whether or not the offered product is one that you would be interested in selling should figure prominently into your choice regarding membership in a multi-level marketing organization (MLM).

And as I’ve already indicated, Mary Kay provides a product of a higher quality than many other multi-level marketing companies do since they’ve put in more effort to produce it.

Review of the Mary Kay Foundations

Reading reviews written by previous customers is one of my favorite ways to discuss the level of quality offered by a given product.

In my opinion, this reveals a lot about the product, as it must be both a high-quality skin care product and one that provides adequate coverage. If the quality of the product is lacking, individuals who have sensitivities as well as those who require precise coverage will each have strong feelings about the product.

The Mary Kay Timewise line is one that sees a lot of customer traffic.

When I was reading the reviews of the Mary Kay foundations, I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps all of the reviews had been written by Mary Kay sales representatives. When I tried the foundation on my own, though, I found that I liked it quite a bit.

It was definitely superior to the options available at local pharmacies thanks to its high level of quality.

Facial with Mary Kay

The Mary Kay facial is a valuable tool for the salesmen that work for the company.

Independent Beauty Consultants, or IBCs, are the company’s preferred term for sales agents. Mary Kay employs this designation. The IBCs are instructed to call potential clients and offer them a free facial over the phone.

This is seen as a significant opportunity to familiarize customers with the products being offered. And of course, to make a profit!

As a result of the fact that the caller may tell the recipient of the offer that they have won a spa day while in reality they are only trying to make a sale, some people view this free Mary Kay facial as an example of predatory marketing.

The Good and Bad of Selling Mary Kay Products

In contrast to other multi-level marketing schemes, a company that has been in business for half a century must be doing something right. However, selling Mary Kay has both positives and negatives associated with it.

Let’s take a more in-depth look, shall we?

The Advocates

The multi-level marketing company Mary Kay Has Real Staying Power

If you are going to join in a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity, you want to be sure that it is going to be around for a while, whether it be because of the investment in product, because of the commission earnings, or just because of the time investment. Mary Kay has been in business for more than 50 years, and it shows no signs of going away.

Mary Kay Provides Genuine Assistance with Marketing

Since the company’s inception, Mary Kay Ash has placed a high priority on assisting women in achieving their financial goals. This is not simply about selling things at wholesale prices to representatives. Rather, the organization provides genuine sales tools and maintains a website of exceptional quality.

The True Benefits

There are several options available to persons who are skilled in the art of selling cosmetics. IBCs have the potential to earn up to a commission rate of fifty percent. There are also those automobiles to consider. But keep in mind that only the highest earnings obtain vehicles, and even then, they only lease them. If sales are lower, then leasing payments will also be lower.

Products of a High Standard

Mary Kay, in contrast to many other multi-level marketing companies, puts millions of dollars into ensuring that the products its distributors sell are of high quality and also puts money into the research and development of new products.

Contributions to charitable causes

Mary Kay is committed to giving back to the community and does so through a number of collaborations and organizations, including Pink Changing Lives and Pink Doing Green.

The Possibility of Serving as the CEO of Your Own Company

That is, in all honesty, the MLM dream. Having the freedom to determine your own work schedule while still serving as your own boss. And Mary Kay was founded on the principle of enabling women to do this.

However, before you commit to participating in the Mary Kay 21-day challenge, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the downsides.

The Detractors

It Is Not Enough to Just Sell Cosmetics

When it comes to Mary Kay, the actual money is made through recruitment of new salespeople. This is the key to success in the business. If you want to bring in a substantial amount of money, selling makeup alone won’t cut it.

Every bit of R&D? It causes IBCs to lose money.

All of those brand-new items are wonderful—that is, until you realize that you need to invest in an entirely new inventory. Because the corporation is continuously modifying its formulations and packaging, it requires its IBCs to do the same thing, at their own expense.

The Multi-Level Marketing Company Mary Kay Is Famous for Front Loading

When you acquire the Mary Kay starter kit, you may become an independent business consultant for the low cost of only one hundred dollars. This is the hook. But the reality is that you will have to continue placing an order of $225 every three months, and many people feel coerced into placing orders for much more. More on this topic can be found under how the compensation plan operates and whether or not it is worthwhile.

It’s Possible That the Culture Is Cult-Like.

It is not my intention to imply that there is something cult-like about women’s empowerment; yet, that has resulted in the development of a culture that places a great emphasis on being positive. According to many who have left Mary Kay, there is no room to discuss difficulties because of this policy. For example, how difficult it might be to earn money.

When You First Start Out, There Are Very Strict Monthly Quotas

An IBC is required to make a wholesale purchase of at least $225 every three months in order to maintain its active status. If they are unable to sell all of that goods, then they will have to bear that expense on their own.

We’ve heard terrible stories about IBCs who became so pulled in by Mary Kay that they ended up with their basements and garages full with cosmetics that they never used. Or ones that rack up significant credit card debt in order to pay for it all.

The rogue IBCs can even be assisted in their demise by using a Mary Kay credit card that is made available through Chase Bank.

So, the question is, can one actually make money with Mary Kay?

How to Make Money with Mary Kay, According to Its Compensation Plan

Mary Kay multi-level marketing, like all MLMs, runs on a complex hierarchical structure, with multiple tiers of reward for different levels of achievement.

However, Independent Beauty Consultants are at the very bottom, as they are the ones who are just beginning their careers. Although many of these IBCs will only be interested in selling cosmetics, doing so is a bad method to make money, thus they should avoid doing so.

Rather, the only IBCs who are going to be able to work their way up the ladder are going to be the ones who are willing to sign up additional IBCs and sell starting kits.

In addition, Independent Sales Directors and National Sales Directors come behind IBCs in the sales hierarchy. When a person has reached this position, they are no longer as concerned with the quantity of cosmetics they sell as they are with the quantity of cosmetics that IBCs purchase from them.

Because selling makeup wholesale to IBCs and working your way up the ranks is the major method to truly make money in Mary Kay, and it’s how you get started.

Selling a Mary Kay consultant beginning kit becomes the primary objective for those who wish to advance their Mary Kay business because of this reason.

Because of this, there is a lot of pressure placed on actual IBCs to purchase, buy, and buy some more, regardless of how much they can actually sell.

It is astonishing how many individuals actually do stick around for a while and end up becoming very sucked in, given the amount of pressure that is placed on IBCs from the very beginning.

A portion of that is attributable to the product itself. It is possible to make a profit off of it, which is one of the many wonderful aspects of the Mary Kay compensation scheme. As soon as you sign up to become an IBC, you will immediately be granted access to the whole catalog at a discount of fifty percent off the regular price.

Because that is the wholesale price that all IBCs pay, it immediately means that you will profit up to fifty percent of any sales you make.

That is a commission that is far more reasonable compared to the majority of other MLMs. However, the amount of pressure placed on IBCs to make purchases is so high that it is difficult for the majority of them to keep up.

There is no standard compensation for Mary Kay consultants; rather, the only source of income for these individuals comes from product sales and commissions.

In the meantime, they are obligated to spend that sum of money every three months in order to maintain their active status in the organization. Regardless of the real amount of products that they are selling. If you are successful in making money off of the sale of Mary Kay starting kits, then this is a fantastic plan for you.

Those who are successful in climbing the ladder will initially receive a commission of 4% on sales made by their downline. However, this percentage has the potential to increase to as much as 13%.

Therefore, there is the possibility of making actual money, but this can only be accomplished by really putting together teams and recruiting participants.

Is the Effort Justified?

If you truly enjoy using Mary Kay cosmetics, my advice is that you continue purchasing those products but that you refrain from selling them.

Now, if you really like signing people up for multi-level marketing companies (MLMs), then there’s some potential, do it. This is especially true if you’ve always wanted to drive a pink Cadillac and this could be your chance.

Are There Really People Who Make Money Using This Method?

There are numerous positive comments that may be made regarding Mary Kay.

It was started by a very admirable woman who was dedicated to a worthy cause. After more than fifty years, it is still very much a family business, despite the fact that it is now the sixth-largest multi-level marketing company in the country and a significant force in the cosmetics sector.

It’s not all sunshine and roses when it comes to the Mary Kay multi-level marketing opportunity, just like there’s a dirty little secret hiding behind that pink Cadillac: you don’t really own it, and you have to earn those lease payments each and every month or else you lose the wheels.

Horror stories about Mary Kay can be found all over the internet, from individuals who were left with Mary Kay credit card debt to those who were left holding the bag with thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics that had expired.

The Mary Kay multi-level marketing scheme is comparable to any other scheme.

For the purpose of generating passive income, it is essential to have the ability to construct solid commissions and sales downlines as well as teams. In addition, launching a Mary Kay business and getting it off the ground is not a simple task.

Because of this, I suggest looking into a few other multi-level marketing companies.

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