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Have you been seeking for a multi-level-marketing (MLM) firm that is legitimate and genuinely rewards its members? There are a lot of people wandering about looking for it. When you invest your time, money, and effort into anything, and then get nothing in return, it may be extremely frustrating and disheartening.

It’s possible that you’ve wasted time and effort just to become more confused along the road, with little apparent progress being made… is I right? When I say, “NO MORE!”, I am confident that the vast majority of people will concur with me.

In this review of Ambit Energy MLM, I will discuss Ambit Energy MLM and address the question of whether or not it is worthwhile for you to invest both your time and money in Ambit Energy MLM.

What does “MLM” stand for in Ambit Energy?

In deregulated energy markets all over the United States and in a few overseas areas, the multi-level marketing company Ambit Energy provides options for delivering electricity and natural gas.

The direct sales channel of Independent Consultants is the primary method through which the company distributes its retailed power services.

In order to take advantage of the Ambit Opportunity, more than 600,000 Independent Consultants have already signed up with the company. They have the potential to not only make residual revenue, but also receive free energy just by introducing consumers to the company.

In the early months of 2006, a group of people got together for an impromptu lunch meeting that would later become the foundation of this company. During that meal, two gentlemen were having a conversation about the deregulatoryization of the energy industry while eating turkey sandwiches.

Chris Chambless and Jere Thompson were the two individuals participating in the conversation about the development of the energy industry.

Both Thompson and Chambless were enthusiastic about the possibility, and as a result, they embarked on a mission to build “the greatest and most renowned retail energy provider in America.”

They promised that their organization would never ever compromise its ethics for the sake of financial benefits, and their brand-new business endeavor would provide power and gas at prices that were more affordable for customers.

The two business partners immediately set out to establish a new company, and within a few short weeks, Thompson and Chambless established their company in a large warehouse that had been recently renovated in the historic West End neighborhood of downtown Dallas.

Inc. magazine recognized Ambit Energy as the most rapidly expanding firm in the United States in 2010, and the company maintains its position as the most rapidly expanding enterprise in the retail energy industry at the present time.

Trends in Free Energy and Renewable Energy Sources

You need to be familiar with the firm’s business basis if you are looking for a company to invest your time and money in.

Documentation provided by Ambit Energy indicates that the company is committed to meeting the needs of its customers in the United States and in other regions of the world by offering solutions that are powered entirely by renewable energy.

Both the use of renewable energy sources and free energy sources are experiencing rapid expansion around the world. The Ambit Energy MLM has been assisting its consumers in lowering their monthly energy costs and saving money for more than a decade now.

When all of this information is considered in light of the most current developments in the industry, it becomes clear that Ambit Energy is a business that possesses the ability to deliver outstanding results for its clientele.

What exactly am I referring to? Solar power is one form of environmentally friendly energy that is gaining popularity among homeowners in the United States every year.

They have made this decision as a result of the skyrocketing prices of electricity that have been brought about by the shutdown of coal and nuclear power plants.

This results in a lower amount of money being spent on energy sources that either contribute to environmental pollution or are not renewable.

This also implies that more people will start investing in renewable energy and free energy, and they will do so by utilizing Ambit Energy as their investment vehicle of choice.

Are the Ambit Energy Plans Worth the Money That They Cost?

At the moment, there are sixteen states in which Ambit is able to offer its services because energy deregulation has made this possible.

The following states are included in this group: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, District of Columbia, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, and California.

The multi-level marketing company Ambit has recently expanded its operations into the countries of Canada and Japan. If you are seeking for a business opportunity that will help you make some residual income, I believe that this is an excellent option for you to look into.

By penetrating these markets, you have gained access to over 85 prospective clients whom, in your capacity as an Ambit consultant, you may enroll and to whom you could deliver services.

Prices for their various service plans vary from state to state due to the fact that each one is independently run. The Ambit Energy MLM presents its customers with a number of different plan options.

There is the Lone Star Plus account, the Lone Star Classic account, the Lone Star Basic account, the Lone Star Flex account, and the Summer Break account.

When you look into these plans more closely, you will notice that the majority of them are fixed-rate plans.

The Fixed-rate plan gives you the option of having your expenses frozen for a specified amount of time without the need to be concerned about any adjustments that may occur as a result of an amortization schedule.

The rate plans offer low costs and exceptional incentives, such as introductory rates that save customers up to fifty percent in the first month of service. These specials vary according on the state in which you reside.

The contracts are commonly established for terms ranging from 12 to 24 months and might be for the provision of solar services, gas services, or electrical power. And customers are typically obligated to remain subscribed to those plans throughout their whole.

In most cases, the programs begin with a price reduction for each kWh of energy that is consumed. I was able to retrieve the plan information from a Massachusetts-based contract that had a period of six months.

If you examine the “Rescission Period” in greater detail, you will notice that you only have three days to cancel the contract without incurring any fees. Be wary of your purchases, and read the fine print of any agreements you enter into before you make a decision you later come to regret!

The Business Opportunity Provided by the Ambit Energy MLM

The multi-level marketing (MLM) business model used by Ambit Energy is one that generates revenue through the recruitment of existing customers into the role of consultants.

You can increase your income with Ambit Energy by selling various plans to customers while simultaneously recruiting more customers to work as marketing consultants.

Your network will grow as a result of this, and you will have the opportunity to advance to higher managerial functions. When this happens, you put yourself in a position to get leadership bonuses.

As soon as a person becomes an Ambit Energy consultant (either an Independent Consultant or a Marketing Consultant), they become the “franchisee” of their own business within the energy organization.

Independent Consultants build their businesses by recruiting other independent consultants as well as customers.

Your achievement and advancement to a position of leadership are two goals shared by Ambit, both of which can be accomplished by making effective use of the business strategy they provide.

With Ambit, there is a wide variety of opportunities to make commissions.

The compensation plan not only gives you points for expanding your business by signing up brand-new customers and consultants (which is typical in MLMs), but it also gives you points for merely referring existing customers and friends to the company.

What are the fees involved in becoming a member of Ambit Energy?

To get started as a Marketing Consultant for Ambit Energy, the initial investment is $70.00, and there is no yearly renewal charge. This is required of everyone who is considering being a member of the Ambit energy team (MC).

In order for you to effectively run your multi-level marketing business, Ambit Energy requires a monthly payment of at least $24.95 from you. This payment covers training, coaching, and support, as well as access to web tools and a personal website package.

Is There Really a Potential to Earn Money With Ambit Energy?

In order to recoup the initial investment of one hundred dollars that you made in Ambit, you need to bring on board three new consumers.

If you do, you will not only get your money back, but you may also get a discount on your energy bill from Ambit or possibly be eligible to receive free energy.

You’ll be able to produce your down line, be promoted up through the firm, and gain leadership advantages like travel rewards if you can convince a few of those clients to become Ambit Energy Marketing Consultants. If you’re successful in doing so, you’ll also be eligible for travel awards.

You will receive residual revenue from the sales made by your downline of Ambit consultants as your service continues to expand and become more popular.

Plan of Restitution for Ambient Energy

As was just said, the cost of becoming an Ambit Energy Consultant is $75, with an additional $25 required to cover miscellaneous fees.

The compensation plan for Ambit is structured in such a way that you will receive a reward for your efforts if you establish your own organization and assist other consultants in the process of building their own teams.

After achieving the status of Marketing Consultant, there are four distinct leadership positions available within the Ambit Energy organization. The following are their titles: Regional Consultant; Senior Consultant; Executive Consultant; and National Consultant.

Regional Consultant (RC)

You have to meet all of the following requirements before you can be promoted to RC: 1. Sponsored 2 Marketing Consultants on your own 2. Developed a team of 6 Marketing Consultants 3. Enrolled 5 Customers on Your Own (this includes the 2 you sponsored)

Senior Consultant (SC)

In order to qualify for the position of SC, you must have:

1. Achieved the rank of Regimental Captain

2. Personally enrolled ten consumers in the program. 3. Sponsored two marketing consultants as a recruiting coordinator.

4. Constructed a group consisting of eighteen marketing consultants

Executive Consultant (EC)

In order to qualify for the position of SC, you must have:

1. Achieved the rank of Senior Commander

2. Acquired 15 new clients on your own. 3. Created a total of 5 senior consultants.

Consultant on a National Scale (NC)

You must have have achieved the level of EC before you may be considered for promotion to SC.

2. Acquired 20 new clients on your own. 3. Built a group of 5 executive consultants.

This is more or less the Cliff Notes version of the compensation plan for Ambit Energy. There is a lot more content after this point, as well as many levels to progress through, but I’m not going to dive into too much detail here.

There are a number of positive aspects that make Ambit Energy an attractive multi-level marketing opportunity. To begin, you should look at the website at for yourself.

This will provide you with information about the company and give you the opportunity to determine whether or not you like them as much as their existing customers do.

Rapidly Expanding

Ambit Energy is riding the wave of consumer interest in green and renewable energy, which has been on the rise for several decades, and the company is experiencing exponential growth as a result.

This company’s skyrocketing success can be attributed to the fact that it provides prices that are comparable to the ever-increasing population that requires electricity.

Simple to sell

Electricity is one of the most valuable resources on Earth because everyone requires it on a consistent basis; whether it be for heating their homes, powering their vehicles, operating medical equipment, or even just charging their cell phones when the battery is running low, all of these things require juice from an electrical outlet (pun intended).

Simply pointing out how much less expensive Ambit Energy is and how much better their customer service is all it takes to pique someone’s interest in the company’s goods and services; all you have to do is explain that Ambit Energy is the company to go with if you want better prices and better treatment from your utility provider.

Commercial Opportunities

You are not restricted to only being able to sell electricity plans for residential properties. You could also sell them to large or small commercial businesses, which would be an economical way to cut down on the amount of money you spend each month on your electric bill.


There are some issues with the Ambit Energy platform, despite the fact that it has the potential to generate a lot of revenue. Do not let the existence of these drawbacks dissuade you from becoming a member; rather, educate yourself on how to recognize and sidestep them so that your company can keep expanding.

The following is a list of problems that I discovered while writing this evaluation of Ambit Energy:

Dissatisfied Clients

On the website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Ambit Energy has been given the highest possible rating, an A+. However, if you look into it more, you will discover that the level of customer satisfaction is not particularly great.

There are currently 156 unfavorable reviews of Ambit Energy on the website of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), in addition to over 200 consumer complaints about Ambit Energy, all of which indicate the same issue.

There have been a lot of complaints regarding how Ambit Energy has misled customers and overcharged them.

Inundated with Lawsuits

As if having to deal with complaints wasn’t difficult enough, in March of 2018 they were also parties to a class-action lawsuit, which resulted in a settlement being reached between the parties.

Many of Ambit Energy’s customers in New York filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that they were overcharged on their gas and electricity bills. These customers included those who had signed up for the Guaranteed Savings Plan but were then switched to another plan without their consent, resulting in a higher fee rate than was initially discussed with this new plan. As part of the settlement, Ambit Energy agreed to pay $26.5 million in settlement fees for the lawsuit.

The conclusion that the corporation did not give its consumers with complete savings and free energy reimbursements is, in my view, sufficient reason for the Ambit Energy MLM legal troubles to be considered a significant issue.

Guarantee on the money back that raises questions

When you have the option or the necessity to transfer energy suppliers, it can be a difficult decision to decide which one to go with.

After all, that new company wants to make a good impression on you and ensure that they made the right choice in hiring someone like yourself who can be counted on to confidently take advantage of their services. In addition to this, that new company wants to ensure that they made the right choice in hiring someone who can take advantage of their services with confidence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about your insurance company or your cable service: these are often simple strategies to prevent being stuck with lousy customer service while also assuring smooth transitions into any future decision-making processes that may come up along the way.

As an example, you might switch providers for your mobile phone or investigate several sorts of home security alternatives in addition to those provided by your current provider. When competing options are compared side by side, there are a lot of other options out there vying for people’s attention.

During the entire process of switching over, you will not be disturbed in any way, as this is ensured by Ambit Energy. To have a guarantee that your electrical energy supply would not be disrupted during the transition from one provider to another seems ridiculous to me.

Instead of just ensuring customers that their power will continue to be supplied, they really have to think about offering a guarantee that they won’t automatically sign you up for more expensive services from Ambit Energy when your current agreement comes to an end.

Is the Ambit Energy Company a Hoax?

It should not come as much of a surprise that Ambit Energy is attempting to acquire new distributors by marketing their business as an opportunity.

When they say “give them with an opportunity,” they are convincing and make the service sound almost like a responsibility that you are taking on when you do it.

On paper, it looks and sounds great, but don’t overlook the possibility of class-action lawsuits! Research the company thoroughly before becoming a customer or distributor of its products if you are concerned that it may engage in questionable business practices.

In general, is not a scam, despite the fact that they engage in ethical business procedures; yet, in spite of this, I do not believe that it is worth your time or money. Especially if you need to recruit new members to your team.

In my opinion, the most effective model for a business is affiliate marketing.

A Few Parting Thoughts

Is it safe to use Ambit Energy? There are a lot of evaluations of Ambit Energy available online, and some of them attempt to address this question. However, I believe the answer ultimately depends on how you define “legitimate.”

Although I do not believe that Ambit Energy is a fraud, I also do not believe that they provide a particularly promising business prospect. You need to collaborate with other people to increase the number of sales you make in order to bring in more cash.

You will not be able to make more from your employees unless you do the work yourself, and your employees will not be able to earn more for you unless they are able and capable of doing so in order to obtain the clients you are selling for.

Working for oneself comes with a variety of benefits. You are the one who handles it yourself whenever and wherever you work according to that timetable. Being your own boss is not an easy task, at least not in my experience.


Is the price of Ambit Energy subject to fluctuations?

There are plans available from Ambit Energy with variable rates, however the specifics depend on the state in which you live. One variable rate scheme in use in the state of Texas is known as the Lone Star Flex.

This indicates that you are not bound by the terms of a contract in any way. Instead, you make month-to-month payments at the going market rate.

Despite the fact that this sounds like a smart idea, you will end up spending more money on electricity because the energy ratings for Ambit are not very excellent. Particularly when contrasted with the electricity ratings of Texas (Lone Star Flex) or any natural gas provider in your state.

What is the total number of customers that Ambit Energy has?

As of the year 2019, Ambit Energy has more than one million clients enrolled in its service. Despite the fact that it is not apparent how many of these folks are actually making use of their services.

In addition, Ambit Energy has over 500,000 existing consultants that are part of the Ambit network.

How Do I Choose the Right Energy Plan for Me?

The procedure of selecting an energy plan from Ambit Energy is one that is rather uncomplicated.

Navigate to the website of Ambit Energy –

Choose “Rates & Plans” from the menu on the homepage.

-Input your postal code -Pick either the residential or business option and then click the “Show Me My Rates” button.

After you have finished doing this, the page will load to show both the energy and solar services that are available. Choose the energy provider to view the available rate plans. Which one you choose will depend on which one you are looking for.

Has Ambit Energy Been Put Up For Sale?

A number of press releases were issued in the month of August 2019, announcing that Ambit Energy was going to be sold to Vistra Energy for a price of approximately $475 million. The consulting firm known as The Cypress Group LLC issued the following statement to the press.

This purchase price is greater than twice as much as what Ambit Energy was valued at in 2018, when they were bought out by an MLP, which resulted in a decrease in their overall value. It is not difficult to understand why Vistra would want to invest in Ambit rather than another energy firm that is not as well known or as well established.

Despite this, I have been unable to locate any proof that Ambit Energy was ever put up for sale. I have looked all over the internet to see whether there was a real announcement made regarding the sale, but I have not been able to find anything.

Even the area of the Ambit website devoted to press releases does not contain any information on a completed transaction. Please leave a comment below and enlighten me if you have any information regarding this subject that you can share.

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