Best MLM Prospects

Today, I’d like to take a few minutes and talk about the MLM opportunities that are the most promising for you.

It appears that discussing this topic is not allowed inside our industry. To tell you the truth, many sales representatives and businesses instruct their sales staff to prospect anybody and everyone. Or they may advise you to focus solely on your existing warm market.

In spite of the fact that neither of these approaches is dishonest or unethical, neither of them is very viable or productive either. You have to understand that each and every company aims to sell their products or services to a specific demographic. This is a selection of individuals who have a “higher than average” probability of conducting business with you.

If you approach every person as a potential customer, you are setting yourself up for failure and will eventually give up. Why? mostly due to the fact that the vast majority of people you approach will NOT be interested in your goods, services, or company. You will endure frequent rejection.

Instead, you should aim to have a single-minded concentration on retailing and recruiting in order to maximize your efficiency and output in these areas.

A Word of Caution

A word to the wise: you never know who might decide to join your firm or help it become successful. When it comes to “judging” who would do well in my business, I am misled more often than I am correct, even though I have more than 20 years of experience working in this incredible field.

At the end of the day, a person’s level of success is directly proportional to the level of desire and enthusiasm they possess, as well as their willingness to learn and grow, put in a lot of effort, and adapt. When you are having a conversation with a potential customer, you are unable to “see” the aforementioned details. Because of this, you should avoid passing snap judgments on people.

On the other hand, there are certain groups of people who are “MORE LIKELY” than other groups of people to join your team and help build it into a successful enterprise. On such groups should you be concentrating your efforts.

Your Top Multi-Level Marketing Prospects

I feel that current and previous network marketers are the finest prospects for your multi-level marketing business. When I look at my own team, I can see that EACH AND EVERY successful rep has previous multi-level marketing (MLM) experience.

Network marketers, both active and retired, have a few advantages over other types of businesspeople.

First and foremost, they have confidence in the sector. It is not necessary to persuade them that the industry is profitable or that it is successful. They made the decision to participate in the conflict at some point in the past. They have already won you over to the concept of network marketing, which means that you do not need to spend a lot of time trying to persuade them of the merits of our business.

After that, they have accumulated experience. When compared to training an individual with no prior expertise, working with these individuals is typically a lot simpler. They are already well-versed in the essentials. They are knowledgeable on the matter. They are equipped with some fundamental information and abilities.

Finally, they know other people who are involved in network marketing. Naturally, people who have been a part of our industry in the past know other people who are or were a part of it in the past. This indicates that they already have contacts within “their target market” with whom they may discuss the items or the business.

Our Business World Is Strange

People act as though recruiting other network marketers is unethical or immoral, which is one of the strangest things I’ve seen. To that I say BS. Permit me to provide you with a few illustrations, since this will help put everything into context.

When a roster position on a professional football team becomes available, the question of how to fill it immediately arises. Do they look for someone who has never played football before by going to a bar or by walking around the neighborhood? Instead, in order to fill that vacant position, they search for a free agent, someone they can make a trade for, or someone they can select in the draft. They are looking for someone who has a track record of success.

Is it true that when a sales manager has an opening to fill with a salesman, they look for anybody and everyone to take the position? Nope. They want someone with a track record of successful sales in the past who is now unemployed or wants to make a career change and is available to start immediately.

Is it the case that when a company has to fill a vacancy in a senior management position, they will hire anybody they can find at random? Nope. They are looking for somebody who has the experience and qualifications necessary to fill that post.

Honestly? Why is it a bad idea to hunt for people who have prior expertise in network marketing or who work as free agents? That seems fine to me; I don’t see any problems with it. Do you?

It goes without saying that I am not advising you to steal employees from other businesses. It is not necessary to limit your outreach to individuals who are currently connected with a multi-level marketing company. That is not good for business in any way, shape, or form.

You can, however, purchase genealogy lists of defunct MLM companies, run advertising tailored for other network marketers, and respond to anyone who contact you about your business opportunity. You can send direct mail to active and retired network marketers. Direct mail is one option. This is a clever approach to running the company. This is the foundation around which I built my company. It is effective!

One More Group Consisting of Strong MLM Prospects

Before I wrap up this essay, there is one more set of potential customers that should be taken into consideration: HAPPY CUSTOMERS. A satisfied client base, particularly one that includes brand supporters, may be an invaluable asset to a growing business. When someone is overly enthusiastic about a company’s product line, it is likely that they will be quick to tell others about their enthusiasm for the products. They have the potential to become fantastic enterprise constructors if they receive enough instruction and support.


In conclusion, I feel that active and past network marketers are the finest prospects for your multi-level marketing business. It is obvious that not everyone in this group will decide to work for your firm or help it become successful, but there is a greater chance that they will participate in the endeavor and go to work than there is for a random individual off the street.

What kind of ideas do you have? Are you in agreement or disagreement with what I’ve said? Who, in your opinion, are the most promising multi-level marketing prospects? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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