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You might believe that working from home selling cosmetics and other personal care items is a simple way to bring in extra cash. There is a plethora of beauty products available today, and women are enthusiastic consumers of them. Therefore, it would seem reasonable to assume that they would be simple to sell, right? Maybe. I suppose that everything would be determined by the products and the reputation of the company that makes them. Jeunesse is a multi-level marketing organization that sells a variety of products, including skin care items and other items that appear to be relatively simple to sell to potential customers. In this review of the Jeunesse multi-level marketing company, you will learn whether or not you should take advantage of the opportunity that has been presented to you. It’s possible that it won’t be as simple as it seems.

What exactly is the Jeunesse MLM?

Jeunesse MLM is an example of a corporation that engages in multi-level marketing. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are credited as being the company’s founders, and it now has its headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida. Their first assortment of products was branded with the initials Y.E.S. The acronym for this program is “Youth Enhancement System.” Their product range is centered on anti-aging supplements and other types of anti-aging items. Within their global distribution network, there are more than 500,000 distributors. According to Business Wire, they are one of the most rapidly expanding organizations, and their revenue reached one billion dollars in the year 2015.

Do You Get Your Money’s Worth From Jeunesse Products?

Jeunesse sells a variety of items, including vitamins and other health supplements in addition to their anti-aging skincare products, which are the company’s primary focus. The following items are included in your beginning kit purchase:

Luminesce Serum: Retail price: $137.95; Wholesale price: $89.95/60 CV

The suggested retail price for Luminesce Advanced Night Repair is $99.95, while the suggested wholesale price is $69.95/50 CV.

Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex: Retail price: $69.95; Wholesale price: $49.95/36 CV

Instantly Ageless (1box) is priced at a retail of $74.95 but may be purchased wholesale for $44.95/30 CV.

When compared to other products that are very similar, the cost of these goods is quite high, as can be seen from the prices that have been stated above. For instance, a product that is comparable to the Luminesce Serum is the Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum. The Boots No. 7 brand can be purchased for $29.95 and is known for having an excellent reputation. According to a video produced by the BBC, this particular substance is the only one now available that has been demonstrated to have anti-aging advantages by researchers working independently. The product ranked seventh is almost $100 less expensive than the others, and it has a track record of success.

According to the findings of my investigation, Jeunesse does not provide any statistics regarding the efficiency of their products or how your skin may react to using them.

You can also see that the Jeunesse products listed above each have an indication of their respective CV values. This is the value of the commission that is tied to the volume of each product. Your monthly CV sales will play a part in determining how much of your commission you receive.

The Jeunesse Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity

Opportunities in multi-level marketing (MLM) like Jeunesse demand you to sell items and acquire new members for your team. You will be able to generate more money if you are successful in selling more things. In this scenario, you purchase goods at wholesale costs and then resell them at retail prices to end consumers.

You’ll need to buy a starter kit before you can get started. Your membership provides you with a number of additional benefits, such as your very own website, which allows you to conduct online product promotion, as well as round-the-clock training, business tools, your very own business app, and social media resources.

By building a team, you can position yourself to receive a residual income from the sales completed by members of your team. If you are able to climb the corporate ladder successfully, you may be eligible for excursions to far-flung destinations such as Iceland, Japan, Europe, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

What are the fees involved with becoming a Jeunesse member?

In order to sign up for Jeunesse, you will need to purchase a Starter Kit, which will set you back $49.95. Additionally, there is a yearly renewal cost that is $19.95. If you are able to maintain 360 CV in accumulated auto shipments throughout the year, you may be exempt from paying the renewal cost.

The term “other costs” refers to any additional expenses that are not covered by the contract you have with your distributor. Therefore, you will not be able to recoup any of your personal costs associated with running your business, including the cost of driving to and from customers, making phone calls, attending meetings, or purchasing any ancillary products. You are responsible for their costs.

Is It Possible to Earn Money With Jeunesse?

You can make money with Jeunesse products by purchasing those items at wholesale costs, which are around 40 percent lower than the prices indicated for retail sale. In addition to that, favored clients can receive discounts of up to 15% off these already low prices. Therefore, you make money on the profit margin that exists between the wholesale price and the retail price that you offer to your end users. The commission breakdown for Online Customer Sales can be found down below.

Recruitment is another method that can be used to gain money. If you are successful in recruiting new members to your team, you will be eligible for increased commissions on the products sold by your sales team.

In order to maintain your status as a commission recipient, you are required to either sell or buy a predetermined minimum quantity of products on a monthly basis.

The membership package is acceptable for the price.

The price of your membership package is only $49.95, and it features a website, business tools, social media tools, and a social media app in addition to four free samples of different products.

Low Minimum Sales Requirement

Within your first year as a distributor, all you need to do to keep your distributor status is sell 100 CV worth of product each month. Additionally, each month you will need to either buy or sell a total of 60 CV worth of stuff.

Policy of Refunds Within 30 Days

If you decide that being a Jeunesse distributor isn’t what you expected out of the job, you can receive your money back in full if you quit from the position within the first thirty days of your contract. You are eligible for a ninety percent return if you quit from your position within the first year.

Jeunesse Kids

Jeunesse has formed a partnership with WE Charity to extend opportunities for higher education to Kenyan students. This Jeunesse project will cost one million dollars and will involve the construction of a fully functional college that is scheduled to open in 2022.


High Requirements for the Group Volume

In order for you to be eligible for team commissions, it is necessary for your team to achieve a predetermined monthly sales quota. Should they fail to do so, you will be ineligible for any residual revenue.

Products with Extremely High Prices

When individuals are aware that there are comparable products available for a much lower price that are just as effective, if not more effective, than the more expensive option, it will be very difficult to market the more expensive option.

No FDA Approval

Because these items are considered cosmetics, the FDA does not have to review and approve them.

Unsatisfactory Service to Customers

Customers who are dissatisfied with the products and the prices are also likely to have a negative experience with the company’s customer service, which is notoriously bad. According to the Better Business Bureau, customers who have tried to contact customer service have been put on hold indefinitely, there has been a complaint that a customer purchased counterfeit products, and there have been complaints about Jeunesse distributors providing misleading shipment dates. Lawsuits have also been filed.

Over the course of the years, there have been a few lawsuits. One of these was a class action complaint that accused Jeunesse of exaggerating the size of the potential profit from the business opportunity. The people who are bringing the lawsuit claim that they made very little money, and even the money that they did make was not enough to cover the cost of the starter kit.

Is Jeunesse a Fraudulent Business?

It is difficult to determine whether the Jeunesse Multi-Level Marketing opportunity is a scam; however, I can tell you that this business model is typical of the majority of MLM company models. You start by purchasing a kit and then selling things. You will make very little money if you are unable to sell any products at all or if you are unable to sell enough of them. People who desire to generate an income sufficient to maintain their lifestyle definitely shouldn’t pursue these chances because they are unlikely to be successful.

A Few Parting Thoughts

One thing that you need to bear in mind about this situation is that there will be covert costs that you will not be compensated for. Therefore, you will have to pay for any phone calls you make, as well as any goods delivery or other services, out of your own personal funds. You are working for yourself as an independent contractor. It is likely that, after deducting your out-of-pocket costs from the commissions you have earned, you will discover that you are not making quite as much money as you had planned.

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