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Tupperware is a household name, unless you’ve been hiding out in a cave for the past century. It has been around at least since the time when your mother was a bride, if not before. Tupperware is a well-known brand and an extremely popular product. But is it possible to make a living off of selling Tupperware? In this Tupperware Multi-Level Marketing Review, I’m going to examine the merits of selling this extremely popular product to determine if it’s worthwhile to do so.

What exactly is Tupperware, then?

In light of the circumstances, I deemed it appropriate to preface this evaluation with some background information. In 1938, Tupperware Plastics was established as a company. 1948 was the year in which Tupperware first became available at hardware and department stores. This indicates that the business has been in operation for more than seventy years. That is a new high for a lot of different businesses. Earl Silas Tupper, an entrepreneur and inventor, was the guy behind the creation of this airtight plastic container company. He started the company he named after himself. They have locations in New Mexico and South Carolina in addition to their current location in Orlando, Florida, which serves as their headquarters.

This situation has an intriguing backstory behind it. Earl Tupper once had a position at DuPont. His boss gave him some black polyethylene slag, which consisted of rigid particles and was a waste product that was created during the process of refining oil. Tupper came up with a means to mold this waste product into a variety of useful items such as cups, plates, and bowls.

Earl Tupper met a woman in the early 1950s who told him she had been highly successful selling Tupperware through home parties. At the time, Tupperware was first marketed in stores; however, this changed after Earl Tupper met the woman. As a result, the products were taken out of retail locations, and a new advertising campaign focused on selling Tupperware through in-home parties.

Do You Get Your Money’s Worth Out of Tupperware Products?

In the beginning, Tupperware was all about various containers for storing food and other items. You may now acquire a wide choice of different things for your kitchen, ranging from containers for storing food to utensils for cooking. Although the products are exceptionally long-lasting, their prices are a little bit higher than average. After perusing their catalog, I made a point of selecting storage containers that were not overly complicated.

When you take into account all of the ways in which the containers can be used, you can see from the costs that they are quite pricey. Additionally, Tupperware faces a great deal of competition in this sector. One of their primary competitors, Rubbermaid, offers items that are very same yet can be purchased for significantly less money.

I went to the website for Walmart and looked about until I found some storage containers that were comparable. Customers are able to save a significant amount of money while getting significantly more containers. Therefore, I am unsure whether or not this Tupperware is still an excellent buy for the end user at this point in time. To put it simply, I believe you are purchasing the name. Even when there are other options on the market that are more affordable, can you still expect to generate commissions selling this product? During my investigation on the Tupperware brand, I discovered that the company is dedicated to protecting the natural world. This is the one thing that gives the company any redeeming qualities. Amazing when you take into account that their products are made of plastic.

The Multi-Level Marketing Opportunity With Tupperware

The opportunity provided by Tupperware, much like the majority of multi-level marketing opportunities, is intended to allow you more freedom in your daily life. After you have registered, you will be required to purchase a starter kit. You might begin to organize Tupperware parties and network with other people.

In the event that you are successful, you will be able to move on to the next step of recruiting new members. After that, you’ll be eligible to get commissions on the sales made by the people you’ve recruited.

What are the fees involved with becoming a Tupperware consultant?

You have your choice between two different starter kits to get things going. Both the Basic Business Kit and the Business Kit can be purchased for a total of $109 (plus tax) each. You are need to sign up through a Consultant in order to become a member. If you want to join through a local Consultant, you will need to fill in your zip code when you sign up through the internet. After you sign up, you will automatically be sent a free gift that varies from month to month.

Is There a Way to Make Money Selling Tupperware?

Making money with multi-level marketing (MLM) is, at best, a challenging endeavor. You are going to need to have a well-established network with which you have access to resources. The issue with Tupperware is that, despite the fact that everyone is familiar with the brand name, the prices of the products may be out of reach for the majority of your clientele. I’m going to hazard a guess and say that you can acquire all of these things from Walmart or Target for a lower price and they will be of comparable quality.

If you want to make a profit off of these things, you can have a hard time selling them, which could result in your losing money rather than making it. But let’s pretend you earn some sales. You have the potential to earn commissions of up to 35% on your sales. You may also purchase more Tupperware products at a discount of 35% if you are an active Consultant with the company.

MLMs are structured so that you are expected to bring in new members in addition to selling the company’s wares. You need to be able to demonstrate that you are successfully producing money in order to attract new members to your team. It will be tough to acquire new members for your team if the potential new members can’t see how they will profit from their participation.


Maintaining Sales

You are required, each month, to maintain a set sales number, as is the case with the majority of MLMs. In this scenario, in order to keep your active consultant position, you need to ensure that you generate a minimum of $600 in sales over the course of a period of six months. That works out to just $100 per calendar month.

A Wide Range of Products

Although the product line is concentrated on kitchen storage and other items related to the kitchen, there is a wide selection of items available for customers to choose from in the online catalog.

BPA Free

Since March of 2010, Tupperware has ensured that none of their plastic products contain any BPA. These items are also recyclable in their entirety. This is a great selling point at a time when more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious.

Online Parties

You are not required to have parties at the homes of other people. Facebook is another platform that allows for virtual gatherings to be held. You could also host what is known as a Catalog Party, in which you hand out order forms and catalogs to a third party and have them collect the orders on your behalf. This would be considered standard practice in the workplace.

Numerous negative comments have been received.

According to information provided by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Tupperware has been the subject of a large number of customer complaints. These complaints have included claims that the company misrepresented the “lifetime warranty,” that customers received the incorrect products, and that numerous customers asked for refunds. Tupperware is rated with only one star by the BBB due to the numerous complaints that have been lodged.

Costs of Shipping That Are Outrageous

Tupperware may be difficult to sell as a Consultant for a number of reasons, one of which is the product’s notoriously high shipping costs. If a customer wants their products shipped directly to them, they will incur an additional 5% shipping cost on top of the standard 10% customer service fee.

Fees Applicable to Shipping Could Put a Dent in Your Commissions

Everyone, including Consultants and customers, is responsible for paying the total amount due, including applicable taxes and shipping costs. Consultants are not eligible for a price reduction on either option. Therefore, your 35% commission might be reduced or even eliminated depending on how much it costs to ship the item.

Is Tupperware a Fraudulent Business?

I can’t say that selling Tupperware is a con, but I can say that because it’s based on the multi-level marketing business model, you will lose money on it before you make your first sale. That is never a good place to start a discussion. But a great deal will depend on how much you are able to sell and how many people you are able to sign up as distributors. Therefore, if you want to do this as a side business, you might make some money from it; however, if you want this to be your primary source of income, you need to be EXTREMELY skilled at selling.

A Few Parting Thoughts

Signing up with a multi-level marketing (MLM) company isn’t the best option if what you really want is to build a company that allows you to work when it’s convenient for you. In most cases, you will be required to pay an initial fee in addition to maintaining a certain minimum number of sales in order to keep your active status. Check out my number one suggestion for starting a business if you are serious about going into business for yourself. You will have access to a wealth of tools, excellent training, and useful resources to help you run your business.

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