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Someone on my team recently posed the question to me, “HOW DO YOU RECRUIT PEOPLE FOR YOUR MLM BUSINESS?” After some consideration, I decided that this would make an excellent subject for both an email and a blog post.

The Scale from 1 to 10

To begin, I am under the impression that there is a grading scale that ranges from one to ten. On this scale, every prospect and every distributor can be located somewhere in the middle of those two numbers.

Someone who ranks one would be unmotivated, have a poor attitude, not have any spheres of influence or contacts, not have any credibility, and not have any money. They are the kind of person who would probably NOT get involved in the industry, and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t do much once they did join.

A TEN, on the other hand, has already achieved a certain level of success in life, is extremely motivated, has a wonderful attitude, possesses credibility, has contacts, is respected by the people who know them, and is naturally entrepreneurial.

To be clear, just because someone is a one does not automatically imply that they are not a decent human being. Simply put, I’m just using a number to describe whether or not they represent a QUALITY PROSPECT for the company.

What Is Your Number, and How Can You Make It Better?

Every one of us has a number. On the scale of one to ten, I was a two when I entered this business for the first time in the year 2002. I had the ability to inspire myself, but I had a poor attitude, no people skills, a low self-esteem, no contacts or influence, and a wide variety of other problems.

After living through the past 19 years, I would give myself a 9.5 out of 10.

I’m confident. I have the esteem of others. I am successful. I bring reputation, resources, and contacts to the table. I take charge and get things done.

I’m not saying this to brag. I have put in an incredible amount of effort to increase my number and become a prospect and distributor of higher quality.

By improving both our abilities and our mentality, we can increase our overall number.

Personal growth is the only path that will allow you to accomplish this goal successfully.

1. Read daily.

2. Attend events.

3. Look for and pay attention to the advice of a mentor.

4. Enroll in a university that specializes in automobiles.

5. Acquire a new skill each and every day.

6. Continue to work on improving yourself and don’t give up.

Your number will rise as you gain experience, improve your skills, and cultivate a more positive mindset! This should be your ultimate objective.

The Issue at Hand

The majority of distributors seek out potential sponsors who have a degree of motivation equal to or lower than their own. They engage in this behavior because they feel at ease interacting with the persons in question.

For instance, a person who rates themselves as a 5 on the scale will try to recruit a person who rates themselves as a 3 because they feel more at ease approaching the latter. They financially support the three individuals and assist them in receiving training and getting started.

Then, the individual who has a score of 3 approaches a person who has a score of 2. They get them started in the industry as well as training in it.

Now the individual who has achieved level 2 is responsible for sponsoring a level 1 participant. They begin the process of onboarding and training their new employee.

When you’ve gone through this cycle a few times, you’ll wind up with a HUGE organization filled with unmotivated employees who take up your time but don’t do much to propel their company forward.

Can you relate? Even if you are the most motivated member of your team, you will not be successful.

Your objective is to have hundreds or even thousands of people on your team who are actively recruiting higher-level members and who are motivated to the same degree as you are.

This is the ONLY method that will result in the development of a large team that is productive and can sustain its own growth.

How to Recruit More People for Your Multi-Level Marketing Business

You never know WHO is going to join the company and help it grow to become successful. People are able to deceive you rather frequently. You should never have an opinion about someone else before getting to know them, but you should be strategic in your approach to hiring and prospecting.

People who fall into particular demographic categories tend to fare fairly well in our industry.

#1: Professionals

Prospects who are professionals in fields such as law, medicine, accounting, and similar fields are quite desirable. Why? They have credible connections, expendable income, and a strong reputation. They are held in extremely high esteem by their contemporaries. Others pay attention whenever they speak. They put in an incredible amount of effort every day, but by the end of it, they’re usually exhausted and searching for a way out.

#2: Compensation Based on Commissions

Everyone who has ever worked for a company that pays on commission is aware that if they don’t produce, they won’t make any money. They are confident in their ability to produce, therefore the absence of a salary or a guaranteed income does not bother them in the least. The majority of the time, these are your sales specialists.

# 3: Entrepreneurs

You can recruit more people into your multi-level marketing firm by putting more of an emphasis on recruiting entrepreneurs and small business owners. Why? They are aware of the need of investing both time and money in their company. They are accustomed to putting in long hours. They are capable of delaying their gratification. They have a wide network of connections, and they are typically held in high regard within their society. In addition, a good number of them are exhausted and looking for a way to get out of their little business.

# 4: Teachers

When I was younger, a teacher advised me that the best individuals to recruit were other teachers. Why? Simply because this is, at its core, an educational venture. The vast majority of teachers in the real world are paid well below market rates and yearn for better working conditions. Many of them will at least take an interest in it and give it a shot if you can demonstrate how they can make use of the skills they already possess to be successful in this line of work.

#5: Anyone who possesses a PMA

I enjoy it very much to find prospects who have a positive mental attitude. They are assured, positive about themselves, and have a healthy sense of self-esteem. I’d be willing to wager that this is less than ten percent of the total population. These individuals have typically already made some progress in their own personal growth. If they decide to become a part of the company, they won’t have a lot of past experiences or self-limiting ideas that need to be overcome.

# 6: Individuals with DEMONSTRATED Prior MLM Experience

I am interested in prospects who have a history of PROVEN success in multi-level marketing. Not your average multi-level-marketing “junkie,” but someone who has at least established a sizable team in the past is ideal. They are aware of what needs to be done and how to carry it out. Many of these individuals would pay attention to what you have to say if you can demonstrate how your company opportunity might be beneficial to them personally.

# 7: Women

My list needed to be expanded to include women. Women are truly incredible. They are able to switch between tasks easily. They are those who tend to others. They are excellent at establishing and sustaining connections with people. In addition, many people feel that they are unappreciated and underpaid in the business sector, and as a result, they are looking for something better. Women absolutely KILL IT in this sector of the economy, and if you aren’t actively prospecting female customers, you are passing up a significant financial opportunity.

# 8: Key Opinion Leaders

The world we live in is dominated by social media. Influencers on social media have a sizable online following made up of fans and followers who are familiar with, respect, and believe in them. This makes them excellent possibilities for businesses. If they decide to follow the business and become a client or join your team, they will earn a lot of sales and sign up a lot of people because of their involvement in the business.


Warning: even if you approach these different categories of people, it’s possible that they won’t be interested in what you have to offer. Another possibility is that they will join your team but contribute nothing. That is something that could happen at any time. In addition, you could recruit someone who does not fall into these demographics, and that person might do exceptionally well in the firm.

As I was saying earlier, you can never really tell who is going to take their career in this industry seriously and become successful. However, if you want to recruit more people into your multi-level marketing business, the groups that have been stated above are excellent prospects to concentrate on.

Where and How to Look for These Individuals

Advertising is the most effective method for reaching certain demographics of people. Investigate the websites they frequent, the periodicals they read, and so on. Choose keywords that are relevant to them for your pay-per-click or search engine optimization efforts. Think about compiling a direct mailing list of persons who are a part of this group.

In addition, while you are out and about living your life, make it a point to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the aforementioned categories of individuals. In addition, because LinkedIn features a search function, using this platform to locate these individuals is an excellent method.

A Little-Known Factor

When you come across a good prospect, you should connect them with a member of your upline success team who has a history that is comparable to their own. In this way, people are able to connect with another person who shares a common interest with them. You should expect to close more prospects as a result of this.

A Few Parting Thoughts

Don’t forget this:

A stud will NEVER collaborate on a project with a dud.

If you want to recruit more people into your multi-level marketing business, you need to establish yourself as a trustworthy individual in the eyes of your prospects. What we attract is a reflection of who we are, not of what we want.

You need to boost your value if you want to attract prospects of a higher quality. You must enhance your thoughts, talents, and attitude.

People don’t join enterprises. Instead, they associate with other people. Be someone who is worth associating with! Be the kind of person you would like to be sponsored by, and also the kind of sponsor you would have liked to have had.

In conclusion, these are the most helpful hints that I can give you on how to recruit more people into your MLM Business. Prospect individuals who are sharper, more motivated, and more successful than you whenever it is practicable to do so. This is the quickest approach to assemble a large group of people.

What are your ideas on the best ways to recruit new people into your multi-level marketing business? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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