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Young Living Essential Oils is a multi-level marketing organization that offers its direct salespeople the opportunity to market natural essential oils as well as dietary supplements.

The headquarters of Young Living was located in Lehi, Utah.

In this essay, which serves as an introduction to the Young Living Multi-level Marketing opportunity, we will address the question, “Should I Join Young Living?” by going over the company profile, goods, and MLM compensation plan of Young Living.

Who or what exactly is Young Living?

Donald Gary Young, who created Young Living in 1993 and passed away in 2018 at the age of 68 after suffering a stroke, was the company’s namesake and founder.

This business is now run by his wife, Mary Young, who holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of Young Living.

Gary, the company’s founder, accused doTerra of stealing trade secrets and brought a lawsuit against the company. Gary lost the lawsuit in 2017 and was ordered to pay a fine of $1.8 million to doTerra as a legal cost.

According to the statistics provided by SimilarWeb, the majority of visitors to come from the United States (54.19 percent), Mexico (6.7 percent), and Malaysia (6.6 percent).

88.1% of Young Living members make only $3 per month, as stated in the Young Living Income Disclosure (2020) statement.

In 2005, legal action was taken against Gary for engaging in fraudulent medical procedures that caused a patient to come dangerously close to losing their kidney function.

The procedure for joining Young Living

Enrolling in the Young Living membership program and providing a signed copy of the member agreement are prerequisites for joining the company. The next step is to invest in a fundamental starter kit, which costs $29.95 and features some promotional materials as well as business cards.

If you are interested in purchasing a premium beginning kit, the price range for it is between $150 and $265, and it includes the components listed below.

Products Manufactured by Young Living

Young Living is a company that sells a wide variety of oil products as well as dietary supplements. These goods can be broken down into categories such as essential oils, healthcare, food and beverage, cosmetics, and digestive supplements.

Young Living asserts that their products do not include any of the 2,500 substances that could be deemed dubious.

In addition, customers have great things to say about the quality of the product, but they have a negative opinion of the service.

On Young Living’s website, the price of a bottle of Men’s Essential Oil Blend (15mg) is $123; however, you may buy items that are quite comparable to this one on Amazon for only $10. Young Living, like the vast majority of multi-level marketing companies, sells pricey products.

Essential Oil is offered by Young Living in a variety of forms, including skin care oil, oil to promote energy, oil to relieve stress, and oil to improve digestion.

Young Living allows customers to return their purchases for a full thirty days after purchase.

Affiliate Positions

Affiliates of Young Living can work toward one of several different levels by meeting a variety of requirements.

• PV (Personal Volume): PV stands for personal volume, and it refers to the fixed points that are awarded after each purchase. PV is utilized in the process of calculating various revenues.

• OGV, which stands for “Organization Group Volume,” is a metric that is used to measure the total PV of an affiliate’s whole downline.

• PGV (Personal Group Volume): PGV is also the Total PV of all of an affiliate’s downline, with the exception of the PV of Silver and higher rank affiliates, as well as qualifying legs.

• Leg @ OGV: A personally enrolled affiliate and their downline are both referred to as a Leg in this context. Leg @ OGV refers to the total number of legs that have at least some OGV.

YLCP stands for the Young Living Compensation Plan.

Young Living, just like every other multi-level marketing company out there, has a convoluted pay structure.

The following are the several forms of income that are available to Young Living affiliates.

1. Fast Start Bonus

2. ER Bonus

3. Starter Kit Bonus

4. Profits from Retailing

Generation Commission, number five

6. Unilevel Commission

7. A reward for generational leadership

8. Leadership Bonus for Diamond-Level Performers

1. Fast Start Bonus

You are eligible to receive a bonus of up to $200 per customer for every member that you personally enroll and who places an order within the first three months of being a member of your organization.

You are eligible to get 10% incentives (up to $80 per) on purchases made within the first three calendar months if you are a member of the second level.

2. ER Bonus

When a Young Living member enrolls in Essential Rewards with a minimum of 100 PV orders, they are eligible to receive a bonus of $15.

Essential Rewards (ER) is a monthly ordering service that Young Living offers to its members. Orders placed through this program are automatically fulfilled each month.

3. Starter Kit Bonus

A one-time cash bonus in the amount of $25 will be awarded to you whenever one of your individually enrolled members purchases a premium kit.

4. Profits from Retail Trade

The retail commission is the amount that is equal to the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. Young Living’s direct sellers are eligible for a retail commission of up to 24% on any product sales they make.

5. Generation Commission

The Generation Commission is a predetermined percentage that is applied to the PV of each generation of downline members up to seven levels deep. The proportion reflects both the individual’s rank and their generational standing.

For example, if a member is on a Silver rank, then he will receive a 3% Leadership Bonus on the total PV of his third-level deep downline. This bonus is applied to all levels of the downline.

6. Unilevel Commission

Up to five layers deep downline are eligible for the unilevel commission payout. Under this revenue category, you will be awarded with a predetermined percentage of the PV of each of your downline levels.

The percentage of the unilevel commission that you get depends on both your own rank and the level of your downline.

If an affiliate is on the Silver rank, for example, then he will receive 8% and 5% respectively on the PV of his level 1 and level 2 downline, depending on the rank he is on.

7. A reward for generational leadership

Affiliates with a level of silver or higher receive a portion of 6.25 percent of Young Living’s total monthly commissionable sales.

This bonus is split among affiliates in proportion to the number of shares they hold.

• One share of silver

• Two shares of gold

• Three shares of platinum

• Four shares of diamond

• 5 Shares of the Crown Diamond

• 6 Shares of the Royal Crown Diamond

8. Leadership Bonus for Diamond-Level Performers

Diamond and higher ranking affiliates receive a 0.5% part of Young Living’s total monthly commissionable sales.

The bonus is split evenly among affiliates in proportion to the number of shares they hold.

• One share of diamonds

• Two shares of crown diamonds

• Three shares of royal crown diamonds

To Close Things Out

Our discussion of Young Living’s compensation structure comes to a close here. Let’s start by addressing the topic that everyone seems to be asking about it: Is Young Living a Scam?

Is Young Living a Fraudulent Company?

There is no deception involved in Young Living. It is a product-based network marketing organization that focuses on health and wellness as well as personal care. This is not a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates are required to make frequent purchases of products and receive commissions based on the sales of both their own and their downline’s products.

However, Young Living has been involved in a number of different scandals.


In 2013, Young Living initiated legal action against a competing multi-level marketing organization (MLM) called DoTerra. David Stirling, the founder of DoTerra, was previously employed by Young Living as the COO (Chief Organizing Officer) prior to the launch of their own firm, DoTerra. Young Living accused doTerra of stealing their exclusive production method for essential oils and blamed the company on doTerra.

In 2014, the case against doTerra was thrown out, and the claims were disproved.

When it comes to the product benefits claims that they make, Young Living and their affiliates are frequently called into question. Affiliates of Young Living recommend treatments for ailments similar to the coronavirus, including cancer.

Products Sold at Excessive Costs

Young Living, like the vast majority of other multi-level marketing organizations, charges end customers exorbitant prices in order to pay commission to affiliates. When compared to products sold in retail markets, almost every product affiliate and consumer is required to pay twice as much.

As a consequence of this, the MLM affiliate, in order to be successful, needs to acquire some quite advanced abilities.

Should I Become a Member of Young Living?

It is up to you to decide. Young Living is an opportunity worth considering if you are interested in selling essential oils and recruiting other individuals with a similar background to yourself. But Young Living has a significant problem with the cost of their goods. Because of the high failure rate in multi-level marketing, prospective members should exercise caution before signing up.

In addition, multi-level marketing has a poor reputation, and the percentage of people that are successful in it is quite low. According to the income disclosure provided by Young Living, 88.1% of the company’s affiliates make only $3 per year. While fewer than one percent of affiliates make $10,000 each year through their work. Therefore, you need to be one of thousands of Young Living customers to earn a respectable commission from the company.

The Good and Bad of Young Living

We wouldn’t be doing you a service by writing a nice review if we didn’t tell you about the positives and negatives of the company that we are reviewing. It is important to be aware of the positives and negatives of any business that you are considering being involved with.

The benefits and drawbacks of Young Living are listed below.


• If you become a distributor, you are eligible to get items at the wholesale price, which is essentially a discount that may be turned into profit.

• If you join the business without a sponsor, you will be allocated one.

• The typical monthly income is somewhat low, yet it is still higher than what most people make working at multi-level marketing companies (MLMs).


It is difficult to make money with this MLM, just as with any other. It appears to be particularly challenging with Young Living because:

• You’ll need to make quite a few sales to even break even.

• Some people are suspicious of the pyramid-like structure of the business.

• The prices are pretty expensive in comparison to brands that are comparable.

• Startup costs are not cheap, which can discourage people.

The Conclusion of Our Analysis of Young Living

Even if Young Living exploited a number of legal loopholes in the past, it would appear that the company is doing fairly well for itself at the present time.

Even though they are expensive, many customers seem to love the company’s products, which have received positive ratings from employees of the company.

Take advantage of this possibility without hesitation if you believe it could turn out to be beneficial to you.

We sincerely hope that you were able to reach a conclusion with our assistance today.

So, what do you think of the review that we did on Young Living? Would you or wouldn’t you buy this product? Leave a comment with your opinions in the box provided below!

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