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Rodan and Fields is a high-end skincare brand that moved away from the conventional storefront model of retail sales and shifted instead to the multi-level marketing business structure. Although the vast majority of consumers are really satisfied with the products, there have been a few individuals who have voiced their dissatisfaction. Customers have a high level of confidence in the company as a whole, despite the fact that a significant number of distributors eventually quit the business because they were unable to earn a living wage there.

Younique and Mary Kay are only two examples of the many multi-level marketing organizations available today; therefore, before you make any conclusions, you should investigate Rodan and Fields in further depth. In this Rodan and Fields review, we are going to take a more in-depth look at the MLM firm, their products, what it requires to become a consultant for them, and other aspects of the business.

An Overview of the Rodan and Fields Company

An Overview Of Rodan And Fields’ History

The year 2000 marked the beginning of Rodan and Fields, although the relationship between the company’s two founders stretches back far further than that. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, the founders of the company, are both dermatologists and first connected in 1984 while they were both residents at the Stanford University School of Medicine. They came out with the acne treatment known as Proactive in 1995, and it went on to become very well known.

The two continued to collaborate in their work and, in the year 2000, established Rodan and Fields. They first introduced their products to department stores in 2002, and sales of those products took off almost immediately after they did so. Estee Lauder, a global leader in the cosmetics industry, completed the acquisition of the company the very next year, in 2003.

Following this, founders Rodan and Fields made an intriguing move by re-acquiring the company in the year 2007. They initially decided to make a more audacious move, and then they went ahead and bought the brand back from Estee Lauder. They abandoned the practice of selling their wares in department stores in favor of a business plan based on multi-level marketing. They genuinely believed that word-of-mouth advertising was the most genuine way to sell their items to potential customers.

Since making the shift to a strategy based on direct sales in 2008, the company has grown to include operations in both Canada and Australia. They have a network of around 300,000 Independent Consultants and now employ somewhere around 700 people. Additionally, their annual revenue has surpassed the billion dollar threshold for the first time.

Investigations into the Company

Rodan and Fields has gotten itself into some trouble because of their Lash Boosting Serum, despite the fact that customers are satisfied with the company’s products on the whole. There are several allegations that the serum contains a medicine that is controlled by the FDA, and the firm that manufactured the serum did not acquire approval from the FDA before beginning to market and sell the product. It is believed that the medication can treat glaucoma by lowering the intraocular pressure, however its usage by someone who does not have glaucoma could have severe repercussions. After utilizing the product, there have been reports of users experiencing problems with their eyesight.

There are also a lot of concerns over the company’s business model, namely on the subject of whether or not it is an unlawful pyramid scheme. In the world of multi-level marketing (MLM), issues like these have been asked about virtually every MLM that has ever been created. In recent times, however, it has been advanced even further with the help of Rodan and Fields.

Because of the assertions that were made by some of the company’s consultants during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning letter to the company. A great number of consultants were trying to recruit new consultants by providing salary guarantees and claiming, among other things, that the organization was “always open for business even during the quarantine.” The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning to the corporation, informing them that they were accountable for the assertions made by its consultants and that those statements might violate federal law if there was insufficient evidence to support them.

Present Organizational Makeup of the Company

Today, Rodan and Fields calls San Francisco, California home for its corporate headquarters. In contrast to the majority of MLM businesses, the company’s founders do not take on the role of company leaders. In its place, Diane Dietz serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. The organization includes over 700 full-time employees in addition to a powerful leadership team.

The organization continues to produce revenue of approximately $1.5 billion each year thanks to the network of 300,000 independent consultants that it employs. Surprisingly, this level of money is earned by the corporation despite the fact that it has only expanded its operations outside the United States into Canada and Australia. Although many MLMs have grown their operations into a number of countries beyond the United States, they have not yet reached this level of revenue.

Product Lines Offered By Rodan And Fields

Rodan and Fields is a company that focuses on the production of skincare products; in fact, the all of their product line is devoted to skincare. The company offers a wide variety of goods, ranging from those designed to slow the aging process to those that provide protection from the sun. Their offerings include serums, boosters, creams, and regimens in addition to other types of items.

Customers have the option of shopping for particular products or for products based on categories such as need or application area. For instance, they can search for any products that were used around the eyes or on the neck. They could also look for items that reduce the appearance of wrinkles or that stimulate and tone the skin. Rodan and Fields has a product that will address any concern you have with your skin care routine.

Marketing Methods Used by the Company

After transitioning from a firm that marketed its products through department stores to one that does business directly with customers, Rodan and Fields modified the way it markets its products. A Consumer Connected Commerce business model is what they prefer to refer to it as. Their consultants are responsible for the majority of their word-of-mouth advertising, which is currently their most effective kind of marketing.

At this point in time, the vast majority of their consultants show and sell the products using social media and an online presence. This strategy is utilized not only to sell items but also to get on board new consultants. A consultant’s chances of being successful within an organization increase in proportion to the size of their internet following in that organization.

Earning a Living with Rodan & Fields

The industries of beauty and skincare are massive all throughout the world, but particularly so in the United States. The metrics for the company’s annual sales should make this very clear. Additionally, there are only 300,000 consultants working for the organization, so the market is not overly saturated at this point in time. To that end, how much do such consultants make on an annual basis on average?

It sounds like the same song, but with a different verse this time around. The correct response is that they are not making a lot of money. In point of fact, only 2% of consultants had incomes that were more than the minimum wage. According to the 2019 Income Disclosure Statement provided by the corporation, the annual salaries of 96% of the company’s consultants were less than $10,000. Taking into consideration how much money the corporation is bringing in overall, those numbers are shockingly low.

How to Enroll The process of enrolling with the firm is uncomplicated and uncomplicated. Going through their website and providing your personal information is all that is required to sign up. The purchase of a Business Portfolio is obligatory, and the prices range from different minimums to maximums depending on whatever kit you want to buy. At this time, the kit with the lowest price is $45.

Plan of Pay and Benefits

When compared to the pay plans of many other MLMs, this one is relatively straightforward. To begin, consultants have the opportunity to earn commissions on the retail sales they make directly to end users. This commission varies depending on the product, and in order to be eligible for commissions, a consultant is required to maintain a minimum of $100 in monthly sales.

The second way for consultants to make money is through the commissions earned by their teams’ sales. The standard rate of this commission for their first-level team is ten percent. In order for the consultant to be eligible to receive the team-based compensation, it is necessary for their team to reach a monthly sales goal of $600.

It is possible for a consultant to start earning commissions further down their downline as they expand their team and advance through the ranks of the organization. A consultant can receive commissions on sales made by their team up to six levels deep if they reach the maximum level of the consulting program. This level needs a sizable staff in addition to meeting certain sales requirements, and as a result, only a small percentage of persons ever reach this rank.

Methods of both sales and marketing.

As was mentioned earlier, the most successful consultants market their consulting businesses using various internet platforms, particularly social media. They sell things through the internet and also utilize it to find potential new consultants to add to their team. The social media platform’s following size directly correlates to the number of opportunities for sales and recruitment. This also provides a means by which the products can be presented to prospective clients who may be interested in purchasing them.

When Contrasted With Other MLMs

Rodan and Fields has a reasonably solid reputation in the industry when compared to other multi-level marketing companies (MLMs). The vast majority of purchasers are of the opinion that the products are effective, despite the fact that they are rather pricey. The earning potential for consultants is comparable to that of other multi-level marketing opportunities in that very few of them actually make a living from their efforts. However, there are a few people who work for the company who make more than one million dollars annually.

Rodan And Fields in Concluding Remarks

Even though their items are somewhat pricey, the vast majority of buyers think that they are worth the investment. Many people have signed up to become Independent Consultants in the hopes of profiting off of the popularity of the items and using that success to their advantage. However, the majority of them have not achieved the level of success that they had anticipated. Do not believe the income claims that are being made by certain consultants, despite the fact that the organization has an excellent reputation. The vast majority of them make very little money, if any at all. Some of them don’t even make that.

4.12 out of 5, which is the overall rating

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