Established in 1996 as a multi-level marketing company, Telecom Plus is a multi-utility supply chain that also functions as a network marketing organization. The business was started by Charles Wigoder, and its headquarters are located in the United Kingdom. They concentrate most of their efforts on providing residential and commercial customers with gas, electricity, landline, broadband, and mobile phone services. Telecom Plus is listed on the list of companies that are traded on the London Stock Exchange and is a component of the FTSE 250 Index. The first product of its kind was introduced in 1997 and was given the name “Smart Box.” This device is a routing gadget that is plugged into a phone socket and then routes calls into alternate networks for a little fee.

A quick rundown of the Multi-Level Marketing Business is in order before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all.


MLM stands for multi-level marketing and is a type of business strategy in which a group of commission-only salespeople sell products to end users and earn a bonus based on a percentage of their total sales. There are a few different names that can be used to refer to multi-level marketing, including network marketing and direct selling business. Companies that engage in multi-level marketing (MLM) sell their products to end users through personal interactions rather than through traditional retail venues. When it comes to selling into the hands of independent distributor networks, this will be the obligation that you have. Distributors are not considered to be employees of the company when operating under the MLM model.

These distributors also receive a commission on a portion of the sales produced by the people they bring on board as customers. New members are known as the “Downline,” and existing members are urged to follow their example. The majority of multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses operate within the law, but there are some businesses that operate illegally as Pyramid Schemes. The history of Telecom Plus is next on our agenda, so let’s get started.


Utility Warehouse (UW) was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary brand by the company Telecom Plus, which is listed on the FTSE 250 (Financial Times Stock Exchange). UW was created to integrate all of Telecom Plus’ domestic energy, telephony, and broadband product and service offerings. North London, in the United Kingdom, is home to the headquarters of the Utility Warehouse. In 2006, Telecom Plus and N-Power came to an agreement under which N-Power would be responsible for supplying clients with gas and electricity. N-Power acquired Telecom Plus’s two subsidiaries, Electricity Plus and Gas Plus, in this transaction. However, in 2013, N-Power completed the purchase of back both of the former Telecom Plus subsidiaries. As a direct consequence of this, Telecom Plus has grown to become one of the most significant energy suppliers in the UK.

The company does not have any retail locations and does not run advertisements on television or in any national publications. They rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising and reward distributors who bring in new members with bonuses designed specifically for recruitment purposes. The present clientele of this Network Marketing Company exceeds 729,000, and they do it with the assistance of more than 45,000 independent distributors. In the year 2021, the company’s revenue is projected to be close to $2.3 million. Let’s take a look at the business plan that combines MLM with telecom.


The Telecom plus MLM Business is dedicated to providing services that will both contribute to the expansion of the company and assist its members in accomplishing their objectives. This non-profit organization dates back to 1996 and has its headquarters in the city of London in the United Kingdom. The company strongly recommends that customers invite their loved ones and close friends to make the move to Telecom Plus and try out their services. Customers do not need to worry about the fluctuating prices of competing utilities each year because Telecom Plus offers a pricing proposition that is fair over the long term.

They are one of the most successful companies in the market because of the real service proposition that Telecom MLM Company offers in conjunction with the highly effective market talents that they possess.

Telecom Plus provides a chance for its representatives to earn money in a highly flexible manner by working from any location of their choosing. Additionally, the group assists customers in switching crucial service providers even if they are already working with another provider. In exchange for their efforts, the company provides the sales agents with an unlimited percentage of the profits they earn.


At this time, Telecom plus MLM is able to provide a variety of services, such as Energy, Broadband, Communication, and Insurance, that are available at reasonable prices. Utility Warehouse (UW), which is licensed by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, is the company that is in charge of operating these services (OFGEM). We are going to have an in-depth conversation about each one of their offerings.


Telecom Plus provides variable energy plans, each of which is guaranteed to have a price that is lower than the price the government charges for energy. This is true for both new and existing clients for as long as they continue to be associated with the organization. Upgrades to smart meters are provided for free to the subscribers of Telecom. Monthly customers can take advantage of automated meter readings thanks to them, which guarantees that they will always receive accurate bills. In addition, consumers that purchase energy receive a free intelligent meter display that can monitor their energy consumption at any given moment. They have options available to conserve both money and energy.


Full Fibre gives clients of Telecom Plus access to the fastest broadband service that is currently accessible to their houses. The most recent technological advancement, known as Total Fibre, makes use of fiber optic cables to provide a connection that is both three times quicker and more stable than the ordinary broadband connection. Additionally, it is being examined as a Fibre to the Premises service (FTTP). The data that is being transferred over FTTP broadband is initially carried over fiber optic cables, and then it is carried over copper wires for the remaining distance to the customer’s home. Because of this, it can be up to three times faster than the traditional broadband connections that exclusively use copper.


Both traditional mobile phone connections as well as SIM-only service plans are available from Telecom Plus. As long as the customer’s service is still active, the customer is able to use their phone with a SIM card. In addition, consumers who subscribe to Telecom Plus can take advantage of a portable feature that allows them to transfer their current phone number to a new Telecom SIM card. There are now two different SIM plans available, each of which may be selected for a monthly fee of 1400 USD and provides 5GB of data, unlimited voice calls, and unlimited text messages. And another unlimited package that costs 1900 USD per month and includes readers and rings in addition to data. At the moment, the business caters to the needs of more than 250,000 customers throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom.


Telecom Plus provides a comprehensive selection of insurance options for items that require the highest level of protection. The organization offers a variety of services, ranging from insurance for homes to insurance for various household equipment. At Telecom Plus, we do things a little bit differently when it comes to home insurance. In the beginning, Telecom Plus conducts consultations with a group of insurers, asking each of them to provide a quote for their most competitive premium for the same level of coverage, and then making a contract. In other words, the company does the research and comparison shopping for the customers, allowing them to save their valuable time. In addition, there is also the service known as Bill Protector that was developed by Telecom Plus to assist in covering critical bills such as a mortgage along with other costs of living.


The telecom industry has presented its members with a variety of lucrative earning options. A commission, often known as a sales incentive, is paid to the member every time a consumer makes a purchase through their account. The member is also eligible to get something called a Recruiting Bonus if they are successful in recruiting other distributors. In addition, there is something known as a Referral Bonus that is awarded to a member if they are responsible for referring another user to the platform. However, Telecom Plus provides its users with an unlimited number of options to earn money. However, in order to become a member of Telecom Plus, a person must spend $100, and there is a cash back guarantee that lasts for 90 days. There is a one-time fee of $50 for membership that is waived for individuals who are currently enrolled in Telecom Plus.


Telecom Plus is actively involved with a wide variety of charitable organizations and has a strong emphasis on its Customers, Employees, and Environment. The UW Foundation is committed to philanthropic endeavors, including those with an emphasis on the environment. Telecom Plus and Utility Warehouse came up with the idea for their nonprofit organization and named it “The UW Foundation.” The foundation donates a portion of its annual proceeds to organizations that work to improve society and the environment. Let’s have a look at that together, shall we?


The health of the planet’s biodiversity is the primary emphasis of this endeavor. Every time they acquire a new client, the members of the UW Foundation plant a tree to show their appreciation. They have planted more than 130,000 trees on Bryn Arw, which is located in South Wales, since March 2020. Bryn Arw encompasses an area that is larger than 73 of Wembley Stadium’s playing fields. These trees not only boost biodiversity but also organically clean the air around them by absorbing carbon from their surroundings. Becoming a partner of the University of Washington Foundation will allow you to cultivate your plants in the forest of Bryn Arw for each new client you bring in.


Ocean Generation is a charitable organization that is receiving assistance from Telecom Plus. The mission of this organization is to raise awareness of the risks that are posed by the presence of plastic in waterways such as rivers, seas, and oceans. Ocean Generation is an all-encompassing global movement with the goals of rehabilitating the ocean via the use of scientific research and narratives, as well as fostering a healthy connection between humans and the natural world. Within one generation, the UW Foundation hopes to create a world in which nature is no longer endangered by any risks posed by humans. The Ocean Generation simplifies and applies ocean science so that it can be utilized by people from all walks of life.


As was previously mentioned, the Telecom Plus Company is recognized as one of the most reliable multi-level marketing firms in the globe due to the high-caliber of their products and the individualized care they provide their customers. I believe that I have covered the majority of the important aspects pertaining to the organization. According to my findings, Telecom Plus has the products that are sought after the most. Visit the official website of the organization, which can be found at, for additional information regarding the products and services that are now available. In the event that you have any questions or comments, kindly submit them in the command section.

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