MLM software features

Because this product comes with a variety of features such as easy customization, Website replication, automatic payment, E-Pin, E-Commerce, E-Wallet, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Language, SMS, Backup Systems, and a lot more, the Cloud MLM Software holds a special place in the MLM Software Industry. This is because this product comes with all of these features and more.

The capabilities of cloud-based MLM software

Listed below are some of the capabilities that our program offers.

Simple in its operation and helpful to users

The Cloud MLM Software is straightforward due to the user interface’s intuitive design and the automated functions it supports. It is simple for everyone who has a fundamental understanding of the internet. Overall, it is a hundred percent intuitive software that may be purchased from the internet market.

MLM software that is quick, secure, and reliable

Cloud MLM Software is the answer that is both the quickest and most reliable in terms of making the system function properly. Using Cloud MLM Software, users are able to perform their payment processing in a more secure environment.

Personalized Multi-Level Marketing Software

Any sort of MLM Compensation Plan, including Binary, Matrix, Uni-level, Board, Stair Step, and any other bespoke compensation plan, can be simply adapted using Cloud MLM Software.

Look and ambiance that can be customized

Everyone wants the finest possible appearance for their website. Your market position will be improved in three different ways thanks to the style and atmosphere that Cloud MLM creates. a polished appearance, strong contrast, and enhanced perceptual capabilities. The fundamental components, such as buttons, colors, and photos, can be rearranged in accordance with the design you have in mind for a custom look and amp; feel.

Open Source Multi-Level Marketing Software – Constructed Utilizing Today’s Open Source Technologies:

The Cloud MLM software is built with cutting-edge web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Ajax, jQuery, JSON, and many more besides. The most up-to-date features of Laravel are incorporated into our product as well.

Aid And Companionship

Cloud MLM software provides round-the-clock support in addition to an online help facility that can be used to learn more about Cloud MLM Software.

Free quick trial of multi-level marketing software

Demo of our MLM software is being provided by our company free of charge for a period of one month. You are able to get started with a free demo of the software right away.

Complete Answer Available Online

Cloud MLM Software is a comprehensive online solution that enables users to manage their businesses at any time and from any location via the internet.

Dashboard with full functionality We provide you with a mutual dashboard that enables you to comprehend earning details, including up to current registered members, money earned, site enumeration, and the most recently posted FAQ, as well as all that comes in between. In addition to this, your dashboard will provide you with in-line advice, vital information, and helpful links to ensure that you get the most out of your store. You may now investigate your site using an intelligence dashboard that provides you with reliable facts about it.

Simple Porting of Any Design Template Cloud MLM Software is capable of managing any design template to acquire the appearance and feel of your branded website. This makes it simple to port any design template. You have the ability to customize the software to meet your requirements.

Include Multiple Items in Your Order:

The highly capable program allows for the addition of several items, each of which can have its own unique registration cost, Commission, P.V., and so on.

Incorporated with Content Management System Technologies:

Our web-based MLM program relies on a Content Management System that allows for dynamic page development. The content management system (CMS) enables Admin to add, modify, and delete the content on the site according to their preferences.

E-pin management system and automatic payment processing: The Cloud MLM software offers a risk-free method of accumulating and transmitting payments through the use of a Payment Gateway that makes use of an E-Wallet and an E-Pin respectively.

E-Pin It is a secure code that is generated by the program. Its generation ensures the safety of purchasing the product, joining, and other activities, and using it, you can transfer the amount to another member.


All of the funds are stored in the electronic wallet, and you can use it to purchase products.


The Cloud MLM software is coupled with the E-Commerce Shopping Cart, and the Cloud E-Commerce Software Solution makes it easy to buy products online.

Multi currency

The multilingual and multicurrency capabilities of the Cloud MLM program are impressive. This is one of our robust features, and it gives the user the ability to change both the language and the currency while still maintaining an easy-to-use interface.

Strong Backup System

With the help of our backup system, the client can revert the software to any earlier version without suffering any kind of data loss.

Website Replication Because cloud-based MLM software supports website replication, each new customer will be provided with their very own, fully-tailored website to help them advertise their company in the most effective way possible. Self-Replicating Websites are something we specialize in and are proud to offer to our customers.

Multi User / User Level Permission

Our Cloud MLM software gives the administrator the ability to grant a certain level of authority to each customer. It contains the permission to do things like add a page, amend a page, remove a page, and other such things.

Formalization of the Audit trail and System Log in its entirety

Every single one of our feature-rich web-based MLM applications features a comprehensive record keeping system. Logs and system records are going to be created for all of the entries made by the customer when he or she is logged in (Audit trial), and they will include the date, time, IP address, and session information. This will ensure that no moment is overlooked.

Data Dump export feature

You will never lose any data if you use our amazing Cloud MLM program because it gives you an excel dump of the expert data that needs to be taken.

Calculations of taxes in real time

Cloud MLM software solutions can assist you in calculating tax in accordance with your particular plan. Our dependable software makes it possible to calculate all applicable taxes, including TDS and administrative fees, based on the member commissions. Additionally, the Cloud MLM software gives users the ability to describe a Dynamic Tax system, on the basis of which the system is able to perform automatic tax calculations.

Simple incorporation with the SMS system

Cloud-based multi-level marketing software SMS Integration enables the program to automatically send a text message to a registered user whenever an important event occurs, such as the enrollment of a new user, the receipt of a commission, or the completion of a payment, among other things. SMS Integration is absolutely necessary for the operation of any multi-level marketing compensation plan.

Compatible with Each and Every Device

Cloud MLM Software is built in a manner that is versatile and reminiscent of the internet. It will automatically optimize the page for any device, including mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets, and operating system platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows, amongst others.

Simple incorporation with regard to email

When a member uses the Cloud MLM software’s e-mail notification scheme, they will receive all of the relevant information regarding Payout, New Joining, Payment, Birthday Reminders, and so on.

Franchise Management

Various franchises are able to design their requests and carry out their plans with assistance from the firm main office.

Several Distinctive Reporting Methods

The Cloud MLM Software has the capacity to dump the reports in a variety of formats, including Excel, PDF, and CSV files, amongst others.

Webmaster staff with years of experience

Our expert webmasters will configure everything on your own, personalize your website behind the provided destination, and add any services that are not accessible through the control panel. You always have the option to employ help for your project. We have faith that our professionals will make the difference, and via our training programs, we hope to stimulate their further professional growth.

Constructing an MLM website has never been easier.

We make it easy for you to get the website for your multi-level marketing firm online. Putting together your own website using Cloud MLM is a straightforward and hands-off approach. Simply include MLM plans, alter your website’s content and organize your content, upload promotional elements, start mail and features that you require, and then make it public for the world to see.

Commissions Management:

Commissions that are automatically renewed:

The Cloud MLM software is a highly effective piece of software. It automatically computes the renewal fees based on the user commission and cuts those prices accordingly. in order to alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the challenging computing. The use of our software makes the process simple for you.

Commission Structure That Is Easily Modifiable:

Acquire complete command of the strategy. The extremely responsive Cloud MLM software gives you full flexibility, including the option to adjust the commission structure and modify the commission volume payable. This applies to all types of commissions, including Binary, Royalty, Level, and gift and payment commissions.

Calculations of Commissions, Completely Computerized:

Anything might serve as the basis for the computation of your commission, and our software would handle it in the right manner. For example, if you calculate your commission three times a day, that’s fine with us.

a) The software that we use for networking marketing promptly computes the commission in accordance with the commission pattern.

b) the straightforward perspective of the commissions: There is no requirement to open any admin modules or touch any buttons. You will receive an email and a text message on your mobile device with the approximate amount of commissions that have been sent to your inbox.

User Fund Management

Through the usage of user fund management, Cloud MLM software gives the administrator the ability to add to or remove money from a member’s account. This could take the place of the first payment made to the member or the additional TDS deduction that is carried over from the commission.

Member Management

Total Member Management: Our Cloud MLM software was developed by a skilled group of software developers, and it focuses on providing a complete management solution for members from start to finish. It consists of the Member Tree: An “inverted” tree structure is presented to the administrator while viewing the member tree. It also includes keeping track of details such as which person has promoted, which other individuals, and other essential information such as joining data, product purchase data, promoter and parent data, and so on.

Utilizing the MLM software to do a search for a certain member.

When a member is blocked: The Cloud MLM software that we use only enables the exclusion of a certain member from the system, which prevents that person from logging in to the system.

Changes to user information can be made through the program under True Member Management.

Member Messaging System: Users are able to send and receive messages via the software in their user’s area thanks to the feature that is included in our feature-rich Cloud MLM software.

Boost the Status of a Member: Ability to make changes to the user in a rank-based multi-level marketing strategy.

Pin Generation Management

The admin of the Cloud MLM program has the ability to generate pins at their discretion, whether for a franchise or for an individual user. Every single pin was designed with a particular item in mind. Through the use of this pin, a new member can sign up. Integration of the freshly generated PIN in a user’s account in a manner that is consistent: When a user logs in to the user module after having a pin that is specific to that user established for them, the pin will already be present in that user’s account. Additionally, while the software is in the process of producing a pin for a user, it has the additional capability of sending the pin that is being formed to each member through email and/or text message.

Pin Request Management: It is simple. An administrator is able to generate a new pin in response to any request for a new pin made by a user. Additionally, the Franchisee has the ability to shift the user’s pin throughout the request. When it comes to whatever users are employed by the franchisee, the admin is in charge.

In-depth reporting from the Pin: The Pin Report is available in its entirety using our Cloud MLM software. In addition to information on the user, the report compiles details about all of the Pins that were actually used. Both unused pins and blocked pins will be reported here.

Integrated Printing option: The admin of the Cloud MLM software has the ability to take a hard copy of the produced pin and deliver it to unlisted members by using the Software only. This option is available under the Integrated Printing option.

Mechanism for Complete and Comprehensive Reporting

The essential requirement to analyze the data was fulfilled by the Cloud MLM software solutions. All of the critical reports that are required by the managers and the admin of the software are provided by our cloud-based multi-level marketing software. Through the use of the system, you can promptly generate any and all reports. Our reports enables feel to your data. The following are examples of some of our reports:

Joining Report for Members The joining report for Cloud MLM software covers the total statistics of new users, including new user joining as per date and location, as well as whole user data and information.

Report on the Payment: We A complete report on the payments that were made to specific users includes information such as the amount, the date, and so on.

A detailed report can be obtained from the Cloud MLM software, according to the Commission Report.

It provides comprehensive information on the various sorts of commissions generated by the user in addition to other details.

Report from a user: obtained using the Cloud MLM program Find out all you’ve ever wanted to know about the people that use the site. Gets a detailed report on the users, including information about user details, DOJ, and so on.

Software Composed of Various Modules

Modules will help you become responsive. The modular design of our highly adaptable and powerful software allows for the appropriate modules to be simply plugged in according to your requirements, significantly expanding the software’s feature set in the process. The admin has complete control over all of our feature-rich modules thanks to their extensive power. These modules consist of the following:

The news module is one that is based on the CMS.

The Admin can send money to any franchisee, and any franchisee can send money to any user through the Pin Transfer Module.

Payment Module: Provide users with comprehensive information regarding cheque payments

The franchise module can be enabled to manage franchisees by following the on-screen instructions. It enables complete Franchisee Management from start to finish.

Goods consumption Module: A communication system to users that informs them which company leader has received their product.

Integration of check printing into the software as a module is what is meant by the “Check Printing Feature.”

Integration of the Alert Pay Liberty server for the Payment Gateway

At Cloud MLM, one of our primary goals is to provide you with the very best MLM software available. The features included in our MLM software set us apart from the competition. Due to the fact that we are industry leaders in the MLM software development field, we are aware of and familiar with the challenges that may be presented in a practical setting. By utilizing our program, we can guarantee that we have considered and accommodated for every conceivable edge circumstance.

Due to our excellent track record as a Multi-Level Marketing software company, we adhere to the highest standards possible in the creation of our Multi-Level Marketing software. We provide cutting-edge strategies for network marketing. software that includes a vast array of useful software features.

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