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Zurvita International was established in March of 2008, and Mark Jarvis is credited as the company’s creator.

Jarvis focused his attention on the multi-level marketing business conducted online, but gaining the confidence of one’s clientele is not a simple undertaking for a company in this industry. It is entirely predicated on the faith that the customers have in the company. This business is not comparable to the multi-level marketing business because the management focused on religion rather than business in general. Even though the firm graph was heading in the right direction at first, it took a sharp downward turn in 2015. In 2015, the price per share was reduced from forty cents to ten cents.

After the rapid decline in the company’s share price, it began recruiting skilled and devoted leaders from other multi-level marketing organizations in order to grow its service. In order to make up for the loss, it is standard procedure to recruit capable leaders from the most competitive corporate market.

In addition to this, they urged that the leaders or affiliates encourage using the same commission programs so that the firm may continue to advance successfully. Zurvita was a corporation that focused on its products. Check out the goods and services that Zurvita offers now.

Products and Services Offered by the MLM Company Zurvita

Their items are the cornerstone of their business. For them, the company’s future prosperity will depend on whether or not it is able to attract a sizable number of clients.

I’m going to take a look at the products right now;

The following is a list of the several categories of items that are available through the Zurvita MLM:

1. Enthusiasm for living

The following is a list of the four distinct flavors: Kiwi Watermelon, Wild Berry, Grape, and Tropic Dream

They therefore assert the following:

• It helps to maintain a normal weight

• It assists in optimizing health

• It contributes to the provision of energy

• It safeguards your body

Minerals and vitamins, micronutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and amino acids are all components of the product that make up its constituents.

2. Zurvita Protein

• Chocolate Delight • Vanilla Crème are the two distinct tastes that are available.

They therefore assert the following:

• Helps you grow muscle

• Boosts your metabolism

• Repairs tissue

• Maintains bone health

• Promotes heart health

• Good for keeping strong muscles and bones

3. Weight Management Program

This program aligns with the product lines that they offer.

• Zurvita Protein

• Zeal for life

• Burn & Cleanse

The program makes the following assertions:

By combining exercise with these goods, one can achieve both personal development and progress as well as maintain their health.

• Maintaining a healthy weight through proper eating

We have examined the items, as well as the flavors that are offered, the whole list of components, and the claims that are made about the product.

It is clear from all of the statements that there is no evidence from scientific research.

You might be wondering why scientific proof is necessary in this instance, but what I want to say is that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Health Services, the supplements might be harmful if used for a longer period of time, and rather than improving your health, they might actually be detrimental to it.

Therefore, before you use any product, it is always best to see a nutritionist to determine whether it is appropriate for your present health circumstances. If it is, then you may make the decision to proceed with such health goods.

Instead than concentrating on developing ground-breaking new recipes, the company is putting more of its attention on the burgeoning health and wellness market.

Compensation Structure of the MLM Zurvita

We are going to investigate the Compensation Plan that Zurvita has.

The two parts of the compensation programs, namely:

1. the Income Disclosure Statement or Agreement and 2. the Benefits Section

2. An explanation of how the compensation plan is broken down

There are some businesses that do not disclose the IDS, and those clients will have a more difficult time obtaining it. Because it provides further details regarding the Zurvita International MLM, I have included the IDS in this article.

Agreement Regarding the Disclosure of Income

Beginning on the 1st of August, 2014

to the end of the month of July in 2015

A review of Zurvita International’s financial results

There are two ranks called Business Consultant and Managing Consultant, and their incomes will be shown to us.

Consultant to Businesses

134 dollars less than the annual average income.

It accounts for 23.6% of the consultant body in its entirety.

Managing Consultant

The yearly income on average comes to $376

60.9% of the total body of Consultants are represented by this

Simply adding up and analyzing the monthly revenue reveals that 84.5% of all consultants fall into this category, and the amount of money they bring in on a monthly basis ranges from $11 to 31 dollars.

Don’t appear like a good bargain

Because of this, we may deduce that only a small fraction of people have the potential to make a lot of money from this line of work, and to demonstrate this, we will investigate the typical yearly income of the next two ranks below.

Presidential Director

It accounts for 0.42 percent of the entire body of consultants.

Average Annual Income- $24,062 Ambassador

It accounts for 0.14 percent of the entire body of consultants.

The typical yearly loss in income is $136,883

Based on the information shown above, it is clear that only these two ranks provide a sufficient salary and do so generously.

The difficult recruitment process serves as the basis for determining how the pay plan should be implemented. Because those at the top are able to quickly generate money, I get the impression that the structure is somewhat similar to a pyramid. At this point in the hierarchy, none of the consultants are in a position to make a significant amount of money.

Added compensation from the Zurvita MLM

Bonus from the constructors

1. Receive a bonus from the team. 2. Receive a commission of 20% of your personal sales.

3. Bonuses with an infinite cap and overrides

4. The amount of commissions earned each month

5. Zurvita has a program called the Leadership Car.

The following are the several options for starter packs: 1. Builder Pack 2. Quick Start Pack 3. Wellness Pack Options

4. The Program for the Management of One’s Weight and the Protein Shakes

The following are some of the several leadership roles that are available in the organization: 1. Business Consultant 2. Managing Consultant

3. Senior Consultant

4. Regional Consultant

5. Executive Consultant

6. Director of National Operations 7. Director of Presidential Operations 8. Ambassador

The findings make it very evident that becoming a successful consultant is not a simple endeavor at all.

However, it appears that the compensation plan is managed based on recruiting, despite the fact that the company claims that it is determined by the product or service provided.

To put it another way, if you have fewer recruits, your earnings will be lower.

Things about Zurvita International that we might not enjoy include: the procedures involved in cancellation; the difficulty of recruiting new members; the company’s lack of friendliness toward newcomers; the high cost of the packs; and the procedures involved in cancellation.


I really hope that this post was able to help you all make a decision regarding Zurvita International. However, despite this, the company and the consultants continue to assert that they are successful in the market, despite the fact that they occasionally refuse to address the problems that have been raised by the consumers.

They sell pricey products, but those products are not based on any breakthrough formula. Furthermore, their pay scheme is contingent on recruiting, and beginners to the network marketing industry find it extremely challenging to advance with this organization.

Therefore, we may draw the conclusion that it is beneficial if you have previous experience working with multi-level marketing (MLM) organizations, and that the internet business itself is legitimate. You may test it out at no cost, and upgrading to one of the more expensive packages won’t break the bank.

In general, I hope that this information is helpful to you in finding a business opportunity online.

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