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There are a lot of people who believe that becoming their own boss would be an amazing experience. And, let’s face it. That is most likely accurate. You are free to set your own hours and determine all of the rules. Because you are selling the company’s products and not your own, rather than your own, you have the ability to cut corners when you work for a firm like Belcorp. Therefore, you might believe there is less danger in terms of the potential income. Hold up a second. In this evaluation of the Belcorp multi-level marketing company, we will solve the puzzle and determine whether or not this business model is viable. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s learn a little bit about the company.

What exactly is the Belcorp MLM?

Eduardo Belmont established Belcorp in the year 1967 in the city of Lima, Peru. Today, the business is active in more than 14 countries and employs more than 800,000 beauty consultants who work independently. The current location of the headquarters for the United States is in San Francisco. Lip care, eye creams, body lotions, cosmetics, skin care, scents, and goods geared specifically toward males are all part of the product line. L’bel is the brand name under which the goods are offered for sale in the United States. In addition to that, they also sell items under the brand names Esika and Cyzone.

The fact that Women’s Wear Daily ranked Belcorp as one of the top 25 beauty brands in 2009 is evidence of the high caliber and widespread acclaim enjoyed by the company’s offerings. The most recent sales report for the corporation revealed that they totaled $3.03 billion. Let’s have a look at the available products now.

Do the Products Sold by Belcorp Provide Value for Their Cost?

Although there are three distinct product categories from which to chose, the one I’m going to concentrate on is skin care. The L’bel skin care brand piqued my interest in several ways. Customers are able to locate the appropriate skin care items with the use of a tool that is accessible online.

The product in question is called Concentrare Total and may be found below. It is a concentrate with Maitake Imperial, a Japanese mushroom that has capabilities of both regeneration and rejuvenation, and it is used as an anti-aging remedy.

This item is advertised on the website as having a price of $1,295.90 and comes in a jar weighing 1.11 pounds. On Amazon, the exact same product is sold in a jar that is 1.7 ounces smaller yet is priced at $76.99.

Customers can utilize the online Advanced Skin Diagnosis in order to locate skin care items that are tailored to their particular skin type. This program analyzes the condition of your skin and offers advice on how you should care for it going forward.

To utilize it, you scan a QR code onto your mobile device. The next step is to take a picture of yourself and upload it. Next, fill out a questionnaire. The Skin Care Evaluator evaluates 106 different locations on the face in order to identify dryness, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, and spots. The information is compared to a database that has more than 70,000 high-quality photographs of people’s faces in professional settings.

Do you think the value of these products justifies the cost? The website and Amazon have very different prices, which is quite a noticeable difference. Before contacting a consultant or making a purchase through the website, anyone who is serious about purchasing this item should first conduct independent research. It’s possible that some items are worth more than their asking price, but if shoppers can get similar items elsewhere for a lower price, why should they spend more?

The Prospect of Working for Belcorp

You will be required to select a beginning kit when you sign up. The starting package includes items from all three of the brands’ respective product lines. You have the option of selling things bearing any one of the three labels. Commissions are calculated according to the quantity of products sold as well as the purchasing method.

Products may be sold at a physical store, via a consultant’s internet store, or via a catalog. Catalog sales are also an option. The training is delivered by a digital coach through the messaging app WhatsApp as well as email.

You can make money through the sale of products as well as through the recruitment of other people to join your business and become part of your downline.

What are the fees involved in becoming a member of Belcorp?

You can pick from one of three different startup kits. Every one of them costs $59.99, and each kit contains items that correspond to the product line that you select. You are able to sell all three categories of products. You are not restricted to choose just one option.

However, there are other expenditures that are not obvious. The company does not compensate employees for out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, phone, housing, or office supplies. Because of these fees, the commissions you make will be less.

Is There a Way to Earn Money With Belcorp?

In order to be eligible for commissions, you will first need to purchase or sell a total of $300 worth of merchandise. You need to sell at least $150 worth of products every single month in order to remain eligible for commissions, and doing so will allow you to continue earning those commissions. You can sell products either in person or online by providing a link to your online store.

At Belcorp, a consultant has the potential to advance through 14 different ranks. You are currently at Level 1 because you are a new consultant. The commission rate at Belcorp is satisfactory in most respects. There is a commission range of 30–50% available to consultants for all products sold.

A new consultant has the opportunity to earn a commission of fifty percent on purchases of four hundred dollars or more during the first three months of their career. You are eligible for a bonus of up to $120 if the new employee you recruited places an order for $400 or more during the first three months of joining your team, and if you recruit new employees to work on your team.

The benefits of Belcorp

There are three distinct product lines available, and a consultant has the ability to sell things from all three lines. A customer can make their selection from the drop-down menu.

Good Commissions: Consultants can make between 30 and 50 percent commission on sales, depending on how many products they sell.

You are eligible for a recruitment bonus worth up to $120 if you bring on a new consultant who places an order within the first three months of their employment that is worth $400 or more.

The Downsides of Belcorp

No Residual Income: Beauty consultants who bring in new members won’t be eligible for commissions on the products or services purchased by the new members they bring in.

Customers Not Required to Purchase from You: Customers can purchase these items directly from the manufacturer or from an authorized retailer, which eliminates any potential commissions for the beauty consultant.

Concealed Costs: You won’t get your money back for any of the costs you paid while selling the products.

Is Belcorp Just Another Hoax?

As is the case with all MLMs, the responsibility lies with you. There is no starting pay to begin with. Selling items is the only option to generate income on your own. If information is concealed, such as compensation details, multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses are not always fraudulent.

A Few Parting Thoughts

There is no other kind of payment involved in the sale of multi-level marketing (MLM) products, not even commission. In addition to this, none of your costs are refunded, so you end up losing money. This reduces the amount of commissions that you receive. In addition, with this particular opportunity, you won’t even make money off of your recruits, with the exception of the one-time incentive. The payment of this bonus is contingent on your recruits placing an order of at least $400 during the first three months of joining your team.

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