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As its name suggests, Beautycounter is a multi-level marketing company that sells products related to the beauty business. These products include makeup and lotions. However, none of their products contain any toxins, and the company takes a forceful stance when it comes to campaigning for laws in the sector in which it operates. In contrast to the majority of MLMs, Beautycounter products are sold in a variety of retail locations besides only through their independent consultants. Despite the fact that the company is still in its infancy, revenues have skyrocketed in recent years and are expected to continue doing so.

However, there are a lot of well-known multi-level marketing organizations in the cosmetics industry, such as Mary Kay and Avon, that are out there. So, how does Beautycounter actually stack up against the competition? In this study of Beautycounter, we will examine at the MLM firm, their products, and the marketing methods that they do, among other things.

An Overview of the Beautycounter Company

An Overview of the History of Beautycounter

Gregg Renfrow is the founder of Beautycounter, which was established in 2013. Renfrow’s background in the sector included previous employment with notable figures such as Martha Stewart and Susie Hilfiger. At the time of the company’s first launch, there were just nine products available. That number is now well over 150 at this point in time.

Even though the company did not officially launch until 2013, preparations for it began as early as 2006. Renfrow began to understand how the components of products could have a negative impact on both the environment and human health after watching the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. She started implementing significant adjustments all over her house, such as replacing her use of plastic with glass and switching to all-natural cleaning supplies.

On the other hand, she ran into a brick wall when she tried to find cosmetics that had only natural components. She was successful in locating some things that were crafted using safer components, but the quality did not live up to the standards that she had set for herself. This served as the impetus for her to develop a cosmetics line that was risk-free yet functioned as well as or even better than any other product now available on the market.

The very first items that she brought to market were oils for the face that were formulated using coconut oil. According to Renfrow, such facial oils continue to be a consumer favorite even in the present day. Since the initial release of that product, the company has continued to expand, and it now has a revenue of roughly 350 million dollars each year and a network of approximately 44,000 independent consultants.

Investigations into the Beautycounter Company.

In contrast to how most MLMs conduct business, Beautycounter is often in the driver’s seat when it comes to conducting investigations and testing of its own products. On the basis of the findings of its own in-house testing, it has in the past issued a couple of voluntary recalls of products that it has sold. There does not appear to be any evidence that the company has been detected engaging in conduct that is inconsistent with its stated mission of providing clients with goods that are both secure and beneficial to their health.

Additionally, the corporation is quite involved in advocating for legislative change in the area of cosmetic reform. They also urge their consultants and consumers to communicate with government authorities via email, letter writing, and phone conversations. According to the corporation, the existing laws, which were created in 1938, are no longer relevant, and more has to be done to protect customers from potentially harmful cosmetic items.

Present Organizational Makeup of the Company

Gregg Renfrow continues to serve as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and the company’s headquarters can still be found in Santa Monica, California. Although there is limited information accessible, the corporation does have a relatively small board of directors. However, there is even less information regarding other leadership positions within the organization. They have a network of over 44,000 independent consultants and employ approximately 150 people who work full-time for the company.

Although the corporation purchases goods from vendors located in every region of the world, the majority of their sales are conducted in the United States. These sales contribute around $350 million annually to the total revenue generated by the company. Additionally, Beautycounter has developed what it refers to as “The Never List.” This is a list of 1,800 potentially hazardous components that will never be included in any of the company’s goods and services. It is interesting to note that the FDA in the United States only forbids the use of around 80 of those components at the present time.

Product Lines Offered by Beautycounter

The beauty products sold by Beautycounter all have a natural and non-harmful ingredient list. They currently offer more than 150 different items, and their catalog includes everything from lotions and moisturizers to eye shadow and mascara. However, the scope of the company extends much beyond the production of cosmetics alone.

They also sell additional items such as sunscreen, makeup remover, hair care products, bath and body wash, and bath and body wash. In addition to this, they have broadened the scope of their product offering to include items for both men and children. According to Renfrow, the founder of the company, the Overnight Resurfacing Peel is one of their most well-known and successful products. All of their goods uphold the company’s dedication to using only natural and harmless components.

Marketing Methods Used by the Company

In the same way that many other direct selling organizations have done, Beautycounter has made extensive use of social media to market and sell its products. In point of fact, the brand enjoys a following on social media that is comparable to that of a cult. They also encourage independent consultants to throw parties in their own homes so clients may view and test out a variety of products.

However, in one respect, their parties are quite dissimilar to the conventional method of selling houses. It is strongly recommended that consultants incorporate lobbying into their respective parties. Participants will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the current legislative initiatives being made to make cosmetics safer. In certain instances, participants are provided with the chance to write letters or send emails to their representative in an effort to persuade them to back legislation that encourages the use of healthy and safe cosmetic ingredients. This is not like any other multi-level marketing scheme that has been seen.

Making Money with Beautycounter [Beautycounter] It is common knowledge that the beauty sector is a major source of financial gain, and it is also common knowledge that Beautycounter has developed rapidly to reach annual revenue of close to half a billion dollars. Additionally, there are just 44,000 consultants working for the organization, which is a number that is considered to be on the low end. This sounds like a terrific combo for a real opportunity to generate some reasonable money, which may lead to some significant financial gains.

Sadly, the stats for the income paint a completely different story. According to the Income Disclosure Statement provided by the corporation, the typical earnings of a consultant in 2019 were a meager $2,060. In 2019, over 82% of consultants made less than $46 a month on average in earnings from their work. Clearly, not even close to being worth the time and energy that was put into selling the products.

How to Sign Up for the

A new consultant must pay $98 for the Beautycounter enrollment kit, which includes sales materials, products, and a personal website that they can use for an entire year in order to become a Beautycounter consultant. This is around the higher end of the price range for enrolling in a multi-level marketing company. In addition, new consultants are strongly advised to purchase an additional starter kit that contains additional products for evaluation and presentation purposes.

When they first sign up, new consultants in 2019 shell out an average of $440 for the various fees and items associated with their business. As can be seen, this is a significant increase from what one may anticipate them to earn in a given year’s time span. The cost of renewing their website hosting and business tools on an annual basis is $50. Plan of Pay and Benefits

The compensation structure that is offered by Beautycounter is easy to understand. On all personal sales completed to clients, consultants earn a commission of 25% of the sale price. They also have the opportunity to receive personal bonuses if they are successful in reaching a predetermined level of sales.

They start earning additional commission and bonuses from their downline once they find new consultants to join their team. However, in order to be eligible for those rewards as a higher-ranking consultant, a minimum number of orders must be placed. When you reach the status of Senior Manager, payments will be made to your downline all the way up to four levels deeper than that.

Techniques for Making Sales And Marketing With Beautycounter

As was said earlier, the brand has a sizable and devoted following on several social media platforms. Taking use of the company’s presence on social media is one of the most effective strategies for consultants looking to build their careers and achieve success. Holding virtual parties in which products are demonstrated and highlighted increases the likelihood that prospective buyers will make purchases.

It appears that consultants who participate actively in lobbying activities also fare pretty well in this industry. They come across people who share their values and recruit them as consultants to join their team. Additionally, this is how they come across potential consumers. As a result of the fact that the corporation supports these lobbying activities, the audience already exists and can be accessed by consultants.

When Contrasted With Other MLMs, Beautycounter

One of the few multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) that appears to have no blemishes on their record is Beautycounter. Customers are really pleased with the products, and it is extremely difficult to come across any complaints regarding the organization or the procedures it employs. On the other hand, the possibility to earn money is essentially comparable to that of other MLMs, and in certain cases it is even lower. Although Beautycounter appears to be an excellent company on the whole, the income you may anticipate will not make it worthwhile for you to market and sell the company’s products.

Conclusions For Beautycounter Beautycounter maintains an image that is just as pristine as the items it sells, which are all natural and risk-free. Because they are working toward the goal of making the cosmetics industry a more secure place for customers, both their aim and their movement are worthy causes. The statistics suggests, however, that this is probably not the best route to go if you are searching for a strategy to make a significant amount of money. There are a few consultants who work for the organization and make more than six figures, but the total number of consultants who fall into this category is just about 0.1% of the total.

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