MLM Recruiting Tips

Today, I’d want to go through the top ten MLM Recruiting Tips that I’ve learned over the years. These are significant principles that I have acquired via trial and error while personally recruiting thousands of people over the course of the past 18 plus years in this incredible profession.

You absolutely have to educate yourself on how to recruit people if you want to be successful in network marketing. Building a team is where the real money is made, so while selling things is certainly vital, the real money is in the team. You will not be able to take advantage of the LEVERAGE that our industry provides if you do not recruit.

The majority of people have difficulty when it comes to recruiting. Because they have never engaged in this activity before, the majority of newcomers to our industry are unfamiliar with the concept. To our good fortune, recruitment is a skill that can be learned. Anyone can learn how to recruit people as long as they are willing to put in the effort to cultivate and hone their talents over a period of time.

The Mentality of a Successful Multi-Level Marketing Recruiter

Having the appropriate mindset is responsible for 90% of the success in recruiting.

Great recruiters have a different way of thinking than the majority of sales professionals. The best recruiters have complete FAITH in their firm and the goods it produces. They are optimistic about the sector. The most important thing is that they have faith in themselves.

Great recruiters are not desperate. They exude assurance and a commanding posture because they are convinced that others will benefit from what they have to offer. If you have difficulty with any of these four beliefs, you should work on improving them.

Great recruiters are not good talkers. Instead, they have strengths in the areas of questioning, listening, and finding solutions to issues. They are of service to others.

They inquire as to the nature of the issue being faced by their prospect and then present workable remedies. The best recruiters understand the importance of providing value to their prospects. They are well aware that people join other people rather than companies.

The most effective recruiters maintain an emotional distance from the things said and done by their prospects. They are aware that it is a game of numbers, but they also realize that it is a game of talent and strategy. They engage in a great deal of conversation and consistently work to improve their abilities and their approach.

Knowledge is sought after by great recruiters. They devote a lot of time and effort to learning as much as they can about sales and recruiting. They are aware that the acquisition of even a single simple lesson can result in a significant improvement in their performance.

This is the mentality of a successful multi-level marketing recruiter. You can focus on my top 10 MLM Recruiting Tips to increase your outcomes while you are working on improving your mindset at the same time.

The Top Ten Recruiting Tips for MLM

The following are the top ten MLM Recruiting Tips that I have.

1. Formulate a plan for your candidate recruitment.

2. Be Familiar with Your Statistics

3. Establish Your Objectives

4. Make a plan for the week.

5. Educate Yourself on the Process of Creating Leads

6. Make sure you follow up on everything you said you would.

7. Get Good at Closing the Deal

8. Perform tests, keep score, make adjustments, and strive for improvement

9. Be Someone Who Is Valuable to Join

10. Concentrate on Obtaining Prospects of a Higher Quality Number 1: Establish Your Recruiting Strategy

Every successful business, salesperson, and multilevel marketing (MLM) The process of hiring new employees is documented in a recruiting plan. Their plan explains how they will do business on a daily basis, how they will obtain leads, and how they will attract new employees. The solution is found in the system. You will have a difficult time if you do not have a system.

The daily mode of operations that you establish for yourself outlines the things that you will perform each day to expand your company. Your lead strategy should detail how and where you intend to find prospective customers that meet your criteria. In conclusion, your strategy for recruiting prospects defines the actions that will be taken to screen each candidate. To help put everything into perspective for you, I’ll give an example of each of those items in the following paragraphs.

Your typical routine and procedures during the day

• Distribute five drop cards every day

• Send out five postcards every day

• Communicate with five individuals on Facebook every day

• Send out five text messages every day

• Publish one ad on Craigslist every week

• Conduct a follow-up conversation with five persons who have shown interest in the past but have not yet made a decision;

Make contact with three members of the active team to give assistance. Make contact with two members of the inactive team to encourage them to resume their work.

How you intend to bring in potential customers.

Concentrate your efforts on two to five different lead generating techniques at once. No more, no less.

• Send greeting cards, postcards, text messages, post on Facebook, and place ads on Craigslist.

Your method and procedure for recruiting

• Have direct contact with prospects

• Take an inquisitive approach

• Share a video or presentation; follow up within 24 to 48 hours; leverage a coach or sponsor to close prospects in a three-way call; add the prospect to your contact manager; follow up weekly until the prospect buys or joins or requests you not to; share a video or presentation;

Get a new representative signed up. Get a new representative off the ground.

The process of recruiting ought to be PREDICTABLE. It is essential to keep detailed records of everything you do and to compile statistics. You will create a success ratio when you engage in conversation with potential customers.

For instance, if you are inexperienced and new at the job, you could have to talk to twenty different people, have eight different people watch a video or presentation, and then discover one new distributor. That’s okay.

As soon as you have your formula for success figured out, you will KNOW EXACTLY how many people you need to talk to on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in order to reach your recruiting goals.

If you want to sign up four new distributors this month using the technique that was just presented, you will need to approach 80 individuals, have 32 people watch your presentation, and then recruit four new distributors. If you do the math, this indicates that you will need to speak to two to three new people each and every day throughout the month. That is something that can be accomplished by ANYONE.

Bear in mind that as your skills increase, so will the percentage of times you are successful. The longer you continue in this manner, the fewer individuals you will have to approach in order to sign up new representatives. You might reach a stage when you sign up three people out of every ten, instead of just one person out of every ten.

Begin now and record everything you do in a journal. It is important to keep track of the number of people you prospect, the number of presentations you give, and the number of new customers and reps who sign up. When you have done that with one hundred to two hundred people, you will know your ratio, which will make this business predictable.

Establish Your Objectives

When you are familiar with your numbers, it is much simpler to set goals for yourself.

The best recruiters always have their eyes on the prize. They have goals put down for the month, the week, and the day. They are aware of the number of potential customers that they will contact and follow up with on a daily basis in order to achieve their monthly targets. The level of action that takes place with your day-to-day method of operations will be determined by your aims.

This is just one illustration:

Targets for Each Month

• Make initial contact with 90 potential customers

• Participate in 30 presentations

• Communicate with 90 customers after the fact

• Bring on board four new wholesalers and four new retail clients

Goals for the Week: Communicate with 20-25 potential customers; Give 6-8 Presentations; Follow Up with 20-25 Potential Customers

• Obtain the services of one new retailer and one new client

Goals for Each Day

• Make first contact with three new prospects • Deliver one presentation • Maintain contact with three existing prospects

Do you see how this makes it possible for everyone to engage in recruitment? I certainly do.

Make a Schedule for the Week

It is better to plan to fail than to not plan at all. This is something that I picked up while serving in the military. It is valid in the context of network marketing.

It is imperative that you schedule your work week in advance. Move to a calm location for an hour, and then pull out your schedule to organize it. Make sure that your job and your family come first in your schedule. Once you’ve accomplished that, the next step is to locate times throughout the day when you may work on your business. It is not necessary to devote more than one hour per day.

Establish the days of the week and the hours during which you will be working your business. Make a list of things that need to be done for each day of work so that you are aware of all that needs to be done.

There are no sick days available. If you started the day at your employment, you have no choice but to put in some effort at your company as well. That’s the amount of dedication you need to have.

Last but not least, you need to have the self-discipline to finish everything on the “to do” list you made for your business that day before you go to bed for the night.

If you are able to follow this straightforward procedure, you will quickly learn that you may be more productive working seven hours per week on your business than the majority of people who work their businesses for twenty to thirty hours each week.

Educate Yourself on the Process of Creating Leads

Your company cannot survive without the leads it generates. Your company will fail if it does not have a steady stream of new leads coming in all the time.

There are literally hundreds of different methods that leads can be generated. The following are some examples of frequent methods:

1. The warm market

2. Postcards

3. Video clips on YouTube

4. Social media

5. Home parties

6. Live performances

7. Put down the cards

8. Advertising/ Emails

10. Texting

11. Sales prospects or leads

There is no such thing as the correct or incorrect method for generating leads. In the end, you need to identify two to five effective lead generation tactics that work for you and continue to maintain those strategies so that you always have new leads pouring in.

Always make sure that your sales pipeline is completely packed. When you have a large number of potential customers and leads, you won’t need to worry about selecting the customers who will become clients.

You should aim to create between two and ten leads per day, depending on your objectives. If you continually add new people to your pipeline on a daily basis, you will sign up new representatives every week.

Research the processes of generating leads, marketing, and advertising. Determine which few tactics you wish to concentrate on, and then educate yourself on as much information as you can regarding those tactics. Become an expert in those strategies, and for at least a year after that, do not experiment with any other methods. When it comes to the generation of leads, focus is essential.

Follow Up, Follow Up, and Follow Up Some More!

The key to success is in the subsequent actions. You are aware of that already. People have to be accustomed to you and the opportunity before they will consider it.

Before the majority of individuals will buy or join, you will need to follow up with them anywhere from 7 to 20 times. A relatively tiny fraction of those who are interested in joining will do so upon first being exposed to the opportunity. Make sure that your expectations regarding this are realistic so that you are not let down.

Keep in mind that each potential is an opportunity for the rest of your life. Maintain a database of every potential customer you have ever talked to. Maintain communication with each prospect at a rate of between one and three times each month until they either make a purchase or tell you not to pursue further action with them.

Utilize tools like a contact manager and an autoresponder in order to maintain communication with your potential customers. Prepare a list of actions to take as a follow-up, and keep a record of the outcomes.

Keep in mind that people will buy or join at the appropriate time for them, not when you want them to buy or join.

This one single piece of advice will do more for your success than any other one of my Multi-Level Marketing Recruiting Tips combined.

In conclusion, the results of your hard work will typically not become apparent upon the initial interaction. It takes effort to bring a lead from a lukewarm to a hot state. This includes making several phone calls, sending supplementary material, and sending follow-up emails, among other follow-up operations.

The ability to create relationships, as well as display determination and integrity, can be reliably accomplished by timely follow-ups. Anything, from a casual email saying “just checking in” or “thank you,” to providing a draft proposal or product specs on time, goes a long way in raising your chances of making a sale. Sending a draft proposal or product specs on time.

Get Good at Closing the Deal

Always attempt to close the deal. If you don’t ask for sales, you will lose out on every single one of them. If you don’t directly ask someone to buy something or sign up for anything, they probably won’t do either of those things even if they want to.

Educate yourself on the typical objections and the solutions to those arguments. To our good fortune, there are often only five to ten widespread objections to address. Prepare a rebuttal to each of the objections that will be raised so that you will know how to answer.

Expecting someone to just volunteer themselves will inevitably lead to frustration and failure on your part.

Always make sure to ask your prospect to buy anything or join whenever you communicate to them. You might try asking something along the lines of, “What questions do you need me to address before we get you started today?” as an illustration.

To be clear, closing is not about applying pressure, creating buzz, or making a hard pitch. There is no reason to engage in any of those activities. It is up to you to guide other people to the right choice.

Test, Keep Track, Make Adjustments, and Improve

Always remember to keep track of your results and statistics. If you don’t keep track of how things are going, you won’t be able to tell if they are doing well or not. If you don’t keep track of it, you won’t be able to make any improvements.

Try out some unfamiliar activities. Experiment with a variety of methods and techniques. Experiment with some alternative forms of advertising. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. You are going to screw up; the important thing is that you grow from your experiences.

Continue to experiment with a variety of approaches until you discover what works best for you. When necessary, make some minor adjustments and improvements. If you keep doing this for at least a year or two, you will become an efficient recruiting machine.

Every three months, you should do an evaluation of your recruiting process. Take a step back and examine everything as if you were looking at it from the outside in. Consider your own answers to the following queries:

1. What am I doing that I know is wrong and I continue to do it?

2. What am I failing to do that I really ought to be doing?

3. In what areas can I improve myself?

4. How can I improve my performance?

Your responses to these questions will provide you with some very useful new perspectives.

Be Someone Who Is Worth Joining at Number Nine

Act as if you want to be sponsored by someone like you. Be someone who is worth associating with.

Put some effort into improving your abilities, thoughts, and attitude. Always be sure to keep up a positive mental attitude. Individuals join people, not businesses. Be someone who is worth associating with.

Put in more effort into improving yourself than you do into growing your company. Your company will only expand to the degree that you do as an individual.

If you can provide your potential customer with greater value, they will see you as a more valuable resource. Improving your skills is the most efficient strategy to raise your value in a short amount of time.

Put it your all and give your company your complete and undivided attention. Maintain a full-time mentality while working a part-time schedule.

Research things like sales and recruiting, as well as lead generation. Educate yourself as thoroughly as possible on these topics.

Develop your ability to get along with others. Become more likable.

Get as much information as you can about both your firm and the sector it operates in. Learn as much as you can about the field.

Consider yourself to be in a PROFESSION. Maintain the same level of focus and dedication to your company that you would expect from a traditional business owner.

Create ambitious objectives and make continuous progress toward achieving them. Keep your attention on making consistent, never-ending improvements.

Concentrate on Prospects of a Higher Quality

There are some people who are not good prospects. A target audience is essential to the success of any business. Network marketing is not an exception to this rule.

Put your attention on prospects of a higher caliber. Talk to folks who are in a financial position to purchase the merchandise. Talk to people who already use products that are comparable to what you’re looking for or who have done so in the past.

Search for individuals who have prior experience with network marketing. These are the most promising prospects available. They are completely committed to the profession.

Make contact with BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS, business owners, and people in sales. These individuals are familiar with working on commission, making investments in businesses, and having patience in order to launch and develop a firm. They not only have a lot of influence but also a lot of credibility.

Look for people who have influence. These are folks who have a sizable amount of fans. When they speak, people pay attention!

Keep in mind that quality individuals will introduce you to more quality people! Put more of an emphasis on quality than quantity.


In conclusion, the above was a list of the top ten MLM Recruiting Tips that I have. There is absolutely no mystery involved here. A good many of these items are both simple to perform and simple to avoid doing. I really hope that you will set aside some time to conduct an honest assessment of yourself in each of these areas and look for ways that you might improve.

What do you think about the top 10 MLM Recruiting Tips that I have provided? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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