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Under the correct conditions, running your own business while simultaneously setting your own hours is something that is not just possible but also doable. One of the ways you can accomplish this objective is by selling things in your leisure time. However, do you anticipate making a profit from it? In this multi-level marketing review of Neora-Nerium, we will investigate the company’s products and offer to determine whether or not it is possible for you to earn additional income. There’s a good chance that these things won’t sell themselves.

What exactly is the Neora-Nerium multi-level marketing opportunity?

Jeff Olson, who is known as the company’s creator, initiated the multi-level marketing (MLM) business that is now known as Nerium International in 2011. They only offered one product at the time, and it was called Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream. Nerium Oleandrin, which is produced from the Oleander plant and is known to be poisonous, was one of the components that made up the NeriumAD product. A lady who claimed that taking Nerium caused her skin to get damaged filed a lawsuit against the company. In the end, the dispute was resolved amicably without going to court.

In 2019, the company changed its name to Neora-Nerium and discontinued using nerium oleander in any of its products. Additionally, the company relaunched itself with the name Neora-Nerium.

Neora-Nerium is a manufacturer of goods for general wellness, hair care, and skin care. There are some that can be purchased as a set or in a combination bundle. As of the beginning of the year 2020, there were roughly 40,000 Active US Brand Partners for Neora. In the year 2020, the corporation recorded a revenue of 350 million dollars.

Do You Think That The Neora-Nerium Products Are Worth What They Cost?

As part of our evaluation, we are going to investigate one of the various skin cream items that can be found on the internet. The Age IQ Night Cream that you see below makes the claim that it is “a next-generation, advanced age-fighting solution developed to help renew and regulate your skin,” which will result in your skin appearing younger and healthier when you wake up in the morning. It is formulated with our exclusive TC3-ArmorTM mix, patented SIG-1273® molecule, and exclusive SAL-14® blend, and it acts to address existing as well as future indications of aging, which ultimately results in skin that appears younger.

The one-time purchase cost is a total of 120 dollars. The cost of a subscription every month is $92. Customers that sign up for the monthly auto-shipment service are eligible for a discount and can take advantage of the savings.

Anti-aging treatments generate a lot of revenue, and a lot of women are interested in items like these. There are probably hundreds of different anti-aging products currently available on the market. Particularly this one has received really positive feedback from previous buyers.

However, do the products live up to their price tag? It’s possible that the problem isn’t even the issue here. This is the cost of your monthly subscription. Customers that are committed to the monthly auto-shipment program are eligible for a discount, which is fantastic.

But what if that consumer takes more than a month to use up the product? The product that is delivered on a monthly basis as part of a subscription service continues to arrive, but there are always leftovers from the previous month. At some point, consumers wind up paying for things that are likely to become stale before they have the opportunity to utilize them.

Because of this, it is difficult to determine whether or not the products are worth the price. In addition, each of these anti-aging products use a unique formulation. Depending on the components, the skin of each individual will respond in a unique manner.

Evaluations of Products

The majority of the reviews for the products are positive, which is encouraging. The Age IQ Night Cream, which has been mentioned above, has received positive feedback. There have been a few isolated cases of women developing acne or allergic responses after taking the items, but these cases are the exception rather than the rule.

The Prospects Offered by Neora-Nerium

You will need to be sponsored by an existing Brand Partner in order to join their downline and eventually become a Brand Partner yourself. Your sponsor is also serving in the capacity of your trainer. In addition to this, you will need to purchase the Brand Partner Launch Kit in order to receive all of the necessary training materials. These include: the Real Results Flipbook, the Real Results Party Presentation DVD, the Real Results Party Planner, the Getting Started CD, 25 product brochures, and the Real Results Party Planner.

• The Slight Edge Book, written by Jeff Olson, as well as other promotional materials

You will be expected to host events at which you will market and display products, in addition to recruiting additional individuals to join your team.

What are the fees involved in becoming a member of Neora-Nerium?

Take out your wallet, since you’re going to have to pay for this. There will be a charge of $99.95 for the Brand Partner Launch Kit.

And if you really want to make a name for yourself in the industry, you may go for one of the Success Packs, which offer the most bang for your buck for a new Brand Partner. Both the Holistic Value Pack and the Ultimate Holistic Value Pack are listed here for your convenience.

Once you have purchased your beginning kit, you will be required to sign up for the auto-delivery order program in order to continue receiving items on a monthly basis.

You need to create 200 PQV in sales each month in order to keep your status as an active Brand Partner, or you need to maintain 80 PQV from the ADO program (see definitions in the next section).

There are also the costs that are not immediately obvious that come with joining an MLM.

Is It Possible To Earn A Living With Neo-Nerium?

Selling products and bringing on new members brings in revenue for Brand Partners. In general, commissions on sales go anywhere from 10 to 25 percent for Brand Partners. So, let’s talk about how everything operates, shall we? The following is a list of the various value points that will be factored into determining your commissions:

In the context of the compensation plan, “volume” refers to the value that is placed on each individual product and is used to determine a Brand Partner’s rank. Also includes personal qualifying volume (PQV), qualifying volume (QV), and commissionable volume (CV) (PQV).

ADV is for “Auto-Delivery Volume,” which refers to the volume of sales brought in by the Auto-Delivery Program. PQV stands for “Personal Qualifying Volume” (ADV PQV).

Customer Commissionable Volume (CCV) refers to the amount of qualifying volume derived from sales made by a Brand Partner and their retail and preferred customers.

Group Qualifying Volume, abbreviated as GQV, refers to the combined qualifying sales of all members of a Brand Partners group.

Additionally, Brand Partners have the opportunity to accumulate bonuses for every ADO that is sold to a new Preferred Customer. The value of the bonus will change according on the products that are bought.

Pay particular attention to the final sentence in the image that is located above. It says that personal customer commissions will not be paid out on the first 200 CCV worth of orders placed by personal customers, retail customers, or preferred customers. Every bit of volume up to 200 CCV gets credited to the upline team’s commissions at a rate of 90% CV.

There is no multi-level marketing company, not even Neora, that can guarantee your revenue. According to Neora’s data, just 30.6% of Brand Partners were successful in earning commissions, while the remaining 69.4% were unsuccessful in doing so. The annual gross earnings averaged out to be $1,054 in total. That comes up to almost $88 every single month. It won’t exactly transform your life.


Neora has a return policy of 30 days, during which consumers can return any goods for a full refund if they are dissatisfied with their purchase.

No Animal Testing: Neora claims that none of its products, with the exception of Nerium EHT, have been subjected to any kind of animal testing in any capacity. The EHT industry standard is a component that can be found in the EHT Brain Formula and is a component that can be found in the EHT Brain Formula.

Free Products: If you directly sponsor three Preferred Customers who enlist in the auto-delivery order program, you will be eligible to get free products for yourself.

Cons of the Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) Program for Brand Partners: If you want to become a Brand Partner, you are required to also enroll in the auto-delivery order (ADO) program. An sudden increased expense.

Complaints from Customers According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), customers have claimed that they were signed up for an automatic order renewal scheme without their knowledge and have subsequently been charged as a result. Some clients are under the impression that they won’t continue to get products on a monthly basis if they sign up to be Preferred Customers; yet, as they do so, they are immediately enrolled in an automatic order renewal program.

Alleged Participation in an Unlawful Pyramid Scheme In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) claimed that Neora-Nerium participated in an illegal pyramid scheme.

Illegal Product Claims: In the same FTC filing, Neora was accused of advertising that a product can cure, prevent, or treat a condition even though there was no scientific proof to support these claims.

There Is No Real Need to Work Through a Brand Partner If Customers Enjoy the Products Being Offered, There Is No Real Need to Work Through a Brand Partner. Customers have the ability to place orders immediately through the website.

Is Neora-Nerium a Typical Pyramid Scheme?

It is of little consequence whether the company in question is a fraud or not. It’s quite unlikely that Neora-Nerium is the kind of business you’d want to be connected with. The claims made by the FTC will, on their own, make it very difficult to market these products. And consumers are under no obligation to utilize the services of a Brand Partner. They are able to place their orders straight through the website.

A Few Parting Thoughts

The difficulty with the business model of multi-level marketing is that you will begin by trying to recruit members of your immediate circle, including people you know from work and from your social circle. If you have ever been approached by someone who is trying to sell products for a commission, you may remember the slimy feeling you get when you feel obligated to buy one or more products to help someone out. If you have ever been approached by someone who is trying to sell products for a commission, you may remember this feeling. You weren’t necessarily interested in entering into a long-term commitment by getting married. In point of fact, it is an excellent strategy for alienating friends.

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