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Is the multi-level-marketing (MLM) legal services provider LegalShield the right fit for you? Take a look at what others have said about LegalShield by clicking here!

To begin, let’s go over some of the most fundamental information regarding the multi-level marketing company and the way that it operates. Building your own MLM software to run your MLM business is something you should always consider doing if you want to be a successful MLM leader.

In its most basic form, LegalShield is a massive multi-level marketing company based in the United States that markets various legal service goods through the MLM business model. Their primary location is in the state of Oklahoma.

Harland Stonecipher was the company’s first President and served in that role until 2014, when he stepped down.

What services does LegalShield provide in reality?

LegalShield was founded with the intention of providing its members with reasonably priced access to legal representation in any circumstance.

It’s not hard at all. You pay a nominal price to become a member on a monthly basis, and in exchange, you are granted access to the company’s legal aid, which may otherwise cost you several thousand dollars.

LegalShield’s service provides protection in a variety of practice areas, including the following: landlord-tenant disputes; consumer finance; traffic law; estate planning; real estate transactions; employment law; debt collection; family law; civil litigation; and criminal law.

The prices for the personal plans begin at $17.95 per month, while the prices for the small company plans begin at $39.00 per month.

There is also a plan to protect against identity theft, and it begins at $9.95 a month. You may be able to upgrade your plans to include coverage for you and your loved ones if you are willing to pay a few additional dollars each month.

LegalShield is made up of a vast network of legal professionals from all throughout the United States and Canada. And because of this, they are able to offer you the highest quality of service no matter where you are located!

Another essential component that has come to our attention is a mobile application that has all of its capabilities enabled (both iPhone and Android versions).

Plan of Pay and Benefits

You will be granted the authority, as an independent company owner of the LegalShield, to sell monthly memberships to new consumers.

In addition, when you bring on a new customer for LegalShield, you are given a payment in advance equal to the value of their membership for the next year!

It’s just what we need! Right?

The compensation plan for LegalShield consists of basically four different ways to earn money:

They have completed it:

• Personal Sales

You are able to receive a commission on each and every membership that you sell when you become an associate of the LegalShield. In addition, the percentage of commission you receive is dependent on the rank you now hold.

According to the rank, this is about what you have the potential to earn.

Junior Associate: Between 25 and 50 percent

Up to $75 Commission on Every Sale as an Associate

Up to $100 commission on each sale for the Senior Associate.

Up to $125 commission on each sale if you’re the manager.

Up to $150 on each and every transaction, Director.

Up to $182.50 on each sale when you’re the Executive Director.

These are really generous looking numbers. But if you want to hold higher levels, such as manager or director, you are going to have to put in a lot of hard work.

And always keep in mind that your efforts will be rewarded!

• Build a Team LegalShield provides its team members with the opportunity to earn commissions in the form of bonuses for each membership that they sell. It is possible to earn a solid living if you are part of a team of professionals who put in a lot of effort.

• Residual Income

The memberships that you sell through Residual Income give you the opportunity to earn a commission on a monthly basis. The memberships that you sell should be valid for at least one full year.

• Members-Only Performance Club

You are eligible for point rewards if you sell memberships or recruit new colleagues into the organization. And one could turn these points into cash bonuses or other thrilling prizes if they accumulated enough of them.

LegalShield Pros

• Training LegalShield takes great care to provide its younger associates with the most comprehensive and high-quality training available.

They have videos available on their website that walk you through the most important steps of their process.

In addition to providing training both online and in-person, LegalShield also offers sessions on a weekly and monthly basis.

• A Product Used in Identity Theft

The Identity Theft product is one of the key products that also seems to have a lot of interesting aspects. It begins at approximately $14.95 for each month.

Coverage for both the member and their spouse is included in the product’s most basic plan, in addition to a credit report that contains a score and an analysis, a credit restoration service, unlimited ID theft consultations, minor protection, and monitoring and alerts from credit bureaus.

Cons of LegalShield:

• A Sluggish Website

The majority of the time, the website moves at a snail’s pace. Because of this, it has the potential to aggravate us at times.

Despite the fact that this issue exists, once you have purchased your package, you will not be required to access the website very frequently. You are able to communicate directly with the attorney!

• Assistance to the Customer

The vast majority of clients, according to the many evaluations that were compiled from throughout the internet, were dissatisfied with the company’s lack of customer service. Even when we tried to contact the customer service, the person was unable to answer our questions in a way that was satisfactory.

• Limits To Legal Plan

Your monthly membership to a LegalShield Plan comes with specific benefits, but they are not unlimited in any way. These include restrictions on the amount of time the attorney can spend on the case as well as page limits for document reviews, etc. If the legal work exceeds the restrictions, you will be required to pay an additional fee.

There is also the possibility that some attorneys or legal firms will not participate in all of the advantages that are included in the LegalShield plan that we have selected. There are certain advantages that are subject to the judgment of the attorney.

• There is a No Trial Membership Policy in Place

The LegalShield’s major competitors all provide free trials of their membership plans. In order to give the customers the ability to determine for themselves whether or not the services they receive are of a high enough standard! And LegalShield does not offer this particular choice of coverage.


Based on the following information, LegalShield would be an appropriate multi-level marketing organization for associates who have some knowledge in the legal field:

Those that are willing to put in a lot of effort and are enthusiastic about offering their prepaid legal services in a multi-level marketing setting can benefit from the large source of pay that this opportunity offers.

They provide sales personnel with access to a respectable amount of leads.

According to Forbes’ ranking of the top 100 firms based in the United States, LegalShield is one of those companies.

In a nutshell, LegalShield is an excellent choice for individuals who are content to exclusively work with the legal service providers that the company recommends.

If you are considering joining this multi-level marketing company in the hopes of boosting your income or gaining access to greater business opportunities, then we strongly advise you to conduct extensive research on all of your available alternatives before settling on one.

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