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You probably came across eXp Realty on social media or got it recommended by someone you know as a good opportunity to make money, and now you want to determine whether or not it is a scam or not. You probably came across eXp Realty on social media or got it recommended by someone you know as a good opportunity to make money.

Well, it doesn’t matter how you heard about this company; if you read this, it will help you evaluate whether or not it is a good use of your time and money to put those resources into it.

An Overview and Synopsis

The address of the website is:

Founder: Glenn Sanford

The price to join the opportunity is $149, in addition to a monthly broker fee of $85 and many other costs.

Recommended? You should only join eXp Realty if becoming a real estate agent is something that really interests you and if you are willing to accept the reality that it is quite unlikely that you will start making money anytime soon after joining.

Evaluation of the Overall Business Opportunity:

A Brief Summary of Make sure that you have a complete understanding of eXp Realty before you commit your time and resources to becoming an agent for the company. Only then will you be able to make an informed decision.

Your primary source of revenue as a real estate agent will come from the sale of properties; nevertheless, making a sale and keeping it is one of the most challenging aspects of this line of work.

Imagine the difficulty of selling something that costs thousands of dollars when you consider the fact that the majority of business owners have trouble convincing individuals to purchase a product that costs merely tens or hundreds of dollars. You will also have to pay money for things like monthly broker fees, money for gas money when you meet with clients and show them houses, and other things like that.

The advantage of working for eXp Realty is that it provides you with the opportunity to earn commissions from the sales that are closed by other agents who are part of your team. But even if that holds true, there is a significant possibility that you may end up losing money in this venture rather than making it, and I will explain why that is in the following paragraphs.

Nevertheless, regardless of whether you choose to pursue a career as a real estate agent with eXp Realty or whether you would rather look for other income opportunities that are more aligned with your passions and interests, the following is a collection of training materials that can be utilized in either of those two paths:

eXp Realty: what exactly is it?

eXp Realty asserts that it is the first “Agent Owned Cloud Brokerage” in the United States, and it pays its real estate agents through a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business model.

Glenn Sanford, who had previously worked as an agent for Keller Williams Realty, established the company in 2009. (a real estate franchise).

eXp Realty was conceived after Glenn “realized” that “a cloud-based brokerage that offered revenue share was the future of the real estate industry.” This “realization” led to the establishment of the company.

A brokerage that does not have physical offices and does all of its business exclusively online through the use of the Internet is referred to as a “cloud brokerage” in layman’s terms.

You can compare it to Amazon; however, rather than offering a wide variety of products, the primary focus of eXp Realty is on providing real estate services such as the purchase and sale of properties.

Advantages of Working with a Cloud Brokerage

The business asserts that moving its operations to the cloud affords its representatives a wide variety of advantages and conveniences.

For instance, a real estate agent working for eXp Realty doesn’t have to drive to the office to meet with his or her team. Instead, they may do business from the comfort of their own homes, even while wearing their pajamas.

Since I also make my living from home, albeit in a completely different method, I can certainly see the advantages of doing something like that. And if that piques your curiosity, I’ll walk you through the steps of how I generate money online.

But getting back to eXp Realty, don’t other real estate agents working for organizations that aren’t considered “cloud brokerages” also conduct meetings online using platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, and so on?

You won’t have to worry about paying for overhead expenses like rent, electricity, or water if you use a cloud brokerage, which is regarded to be one of the finest benefits that a cloud brokerage can offer. In addition, you won’t have to worry about paying for overhead expenses like rent.

But if you give it some thought, don’t these things more directly benefit the firm than the agents who work for it?

Even while eXp Realty takes great pleasure in being a cloud brokerage, certain of the company’s agent teams are still known to set up their own offices in certain states.

For instance, the team of eXp Realty agents known as “Mark Z Real Estate Experts” has an office in Michigan at 40020 W 12 Mile Road, which raises the issue…

What is the purpose of signing up with a cloud brokerage if real estate brokers still consider it necessary to set up a traditional office? Anyway, let’s move on…

During the time of this eXp Realty study, the company maintains operations in the countries of the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It specializes in residential, commercial, real estate owned (REO), as well as luxury properties.

How does one go about earning a living as an eXp Realty agent?

eXp Realty uses a business model known as “Revenue Sharing” to pay commissions to its agents. Revenue Sharing is merely a fancier term for multi-level marketing, which is exactly what eXp Realty is.

You can make money with eXp Realty in two different ways, similar to the structure of most other multi-level marketing firms.

eXp Realty’s Reward and Incentive Program (Revenue Share Plan)

You can make money every time you sell a home if you work as an agent with eXp Realty, just like the majority of agents working for other real estate businesses can.

You will also receive commissions from all of the sales that are completed by the eXp Realty agents that are part of your team.

Sales Commissions

When you make a sale, the commission for that sale is split between you and the company in the ratio of 80/20. You will continue to share your commissions until the predetermined limit has been reached.

You might be wondering what a cap is.

You are then eligible to receive the full amount of the commissions after you reach the “cap,” which is a typical term used in the real estate industry and refers to the point at which the brokerage, in this case eXp Realty, would no longer take a commission split.

Caps are often reset on an annual basis, which in the case of eXp Realty means at the beginning of each contract year or on the anniversary of the employee’s joining the organization.

You will reach your cap as an eXp Realty agent once you have paid $16,000 to the company, which is equivalent to generating $80,000 in gross commission.

Recruitment Commissions

As long as the other agents are working under your team, you are eligible to get commissions from the sales activity of any other agents, regardless of how they were recruited.

When it comes to network marketing, this type of program is more typically referred to as a Unilevel program; however, eXp Realty refers to it as their “Cascading Revenue Sharing Program.”

When you join a Unilevel, the first level (Tier 1) of your team will be comprised of people that you have personally brought into the organization as new employees.

Tier 2 is set aside for the personal recruits of your agents in Tier 1; Tier 3 is populated with recruits of your agents in Tier 2; and so on and so forth.

Important: You will be paid by eXp Realty down to the seventh level, which is referred to as Tier 7, and you will earn something that is referred to as a “adjusted gross commission income” (AGCI) from each sales transaction that is closed in your team that was made by all capped agents.

You will only be eligible to receive residual commissions from those agents who have already paid the corporation a total of sixteen thousand dollars’ worth of commissions.

If you have hired a large number of agents, but none of them have reached their cap level yet, then you will not receive any money.

However, this is not the end of the story.

If you want to earn commissions from all seven levels of your team, the amount of commissions you may receive from each individual member of your team is capped at a particular level, and you will also be required to personally recruit a certain number of agents in order to do so.

The potential residual recruitment commissions that you could earn as an eXp Realty agent are outlined below, along with the conditions.

• If you have at least one personally recruited agent, you are eligible for Tier 1 and can earn up to $2,800 per year for each agent who reaches their cap.

• Tier 2 – 5 personally recruited agents earn up to $3,200/capped agent in Tier 2 every year

• Tier 3 – 10 agents receive up to $2,000/year for every capped agent in Tier 3

• Tier 4 – 15 agents receive up to $1,200/year for every capped agent in Tier 4

• Tier 5 – 20 agents receive up to $800/year for every capped agent in Tier 5

• Tier 6 – 25 agents receive up to $2,000/year for every capped agent in Tier 6

1.The Bottom Line on the eXp Realty Business Opportunity

You can only receive commissions if you sell a property, and you’ll have to give the company a total of $16,000 worth of your commissions. Now, despite the fact that these commissions are profitable, let me remind you that the only way you can earn commissions is if you sell a property.

In addition, you may be thinking that you will just recruit other individuals in order to earn additional commissions on top of the sales that you make personally.

Not a horrible idea at all! Except for the fact that you won’t be eligible for recruitment commissions unless both (1) an agent you directly recruited has reached their cap, and (2) you personally recruit the required number of agents.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but it appears like eXp Realty is making a concerted effort to use jargon and fancy terminology such as “revenue sharing” and “cascading revenue sharing program.” I believe this is done in an effort to avoid being labeled as a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme.

However, this does not alter the fact that eXp Realty is a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization.

I believe that the organization operates in this manner in order to escape the stigma of being labeled a pyramid scam, which is a widespread misunderstanding regarding multi-level marketing companies.

To be completely fair, there is nothing inappropriate about making use of such fancy phrases, and who am I to judge a corporation based on what they choose to label their pay plan?

Having said that, I have reasons to believe that if you aren’t careful, there is a chance that you’ll get sucked into doing unethical business practices in order to make money in eXp Realty. This is because there is a chance that you’ll get sucked into doing unethical business practices to make money in eXp Realty.

In the next paragraphs of this eXp Realty review, I will provide an explanation. However, in the meantime…

What I Enjoy Most About Working with eXp Realty 1. You now have the opportunity to make your dream of becoming a real estate agent a reality.

If dealing with houses and properties has always been something that has interested you but you haven’t had the opportunity to get your feet wet in the industry…

If you are thinking about getting involved in the real estate business in any way, shape, or form, then eXp Realty could be a good place for you to get started.

Aspiring agents come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but the company provides them with adequate training and support.

In our eXp Realty study, we found that the organization regularly hosts online mentoring and training events, as well as online classes and webinars.

In light of the foregoing, it is important to have a level head and maintain reasonable expectations, particularly if you do not have any previous experience working in the real estate industry.

In light of everything I’ve just said, turning a profit with this company won’t exactly be a stroll in the park.

2. You have the opportunity to become a shareholder.

EXP World Holdings (EXPI), which is traded on the NASDAQ exchange, enables independent contractors to participate in the ownership of the company through the purchase of shares.

If you win equity rewards at eXp Realty for various successes, such as closing their first transaction, you have the opportunity to become a shareholder in the company.

You also have the option of selecting to have a small portion of your commissions paid to you in the form of stock at a price that is lower than its market value.

eXp Realty deserves praise for thinking of such an innovative idea.

To the best of my knowledge, opening one’s own real estate brokerage is the single most effective strategy for a real estate agent to reach the pinnacle of their career and achieve financial independence.

But I can only image the initial expenditure that would be necessary. Not to mention all of the other fees, overhead costs, and legal requirements that must be satisfied in order for you to be able to run your firm.

3. A “special” MLM company

Even though I had mixed feelings about including this among the positive aspects of the company, I went ahead and did it anyway. I’ll just wait here and listen to what you have to say about it.

Because I don’t find much merit in eXp Realty’s claim that they were the first cloud-based real estate company, which would make them a virtual brokerage, and I don’t think that its “uniqueness” in the MLM industry offers you an advantage over other businesses in your field.

To begin, you won’t actually interact with any customers while you’re in the eXp Environment (the virtual brokerage world that the company offers).

The eXp World is more of a tool to make intra-brokerage transactions, such as training sessions and questions about human resources, more convenient for agents.

The eXp Realty agents are still required to drive their own vehicles and personally show customers properties.

In addition, the fact that you are a cloud-based brokerage does not in and of itself make you superior to the traditional real estate businesses that operate out of brick and mortar locations.

Whether or not the brokerage is cloud-based, the reality that there are innumerable other real estate companies on the market, each with hundreds or even thousands of their own agents, does not change whatsoever.

In light of this, contrary to the assertions of some of the company’s affiliates, I do not see the benefit of having less competition.

My Apprehensions Regarding eXp Realty

1. It’s possible that you won’t make any money.

When you first start working as an agent for eXp Realty, there is a good probability that you will not bring in any money during those first few months.

It is not as easy to sell real estate properties as it is to sell a multivitamin that costs fifty dollars, and to think that the majority of individuals even have difficulties selling the latter.

Due to the fact that customers are unfamiliar with the eXp Realty brand, it will be significantly more difficult to close real estate deals using their services.

Because the agents working on your team need to reach the cap before you can receive commissions from them, recruiting new members won’t be able to rescue you either.

2. Charges made monthly

When you join eXp Realty, in addition to the monthly recurring fees, there is an initial sign-up charge that covers the administrative costs. This is standard practice for most real estate organizations.

Even if it is common practice to pay for your brokerage, you should be aware of the fact that if you continue to pay eXp Realty’s monthly fees for several months in a row without making any sales, you may find yourself in a difficult financial situation.

This is in addition to the costs you incur while running this business, which include things like traveling to see potential customers, giving them tours of available properties, and yes, even buying them coffee on occasion in the vain hope that they will hire you.

3. You’ll need to locate a large number of customers.

In the real estate industry, where the likelihood of successfully closing a sale is rather low, it makes perfect sense for you to focus on expanding your client base and generating as many leads as possible.

Now, I would want to ask you this…

How many of the people you know currently have plans to either sell or purchase real estate? Probably not very much at all.

Also, out of the people you know, what percentage of them have confidence in you and are eager to do business with you in the real estate industry?

Therefore, if you do not educate yourself on how to make effective use of the internet to acquire regular clients online, it is possible that you will never be successful at making money with eXp Realty.

4. 80/20 commission split

Aside from the many obstacles you need to face in order to make sales, you also need to bear in mind that at initially, you won’t be able to keep one hundred percent of the commissions you earn.

The twenty percent of your commission that will be given to eXp Realty will be used in the following ways, as indicated by the company: • Pay agents their residual income, which is based on revenue sharing

• Contribute financially to the running of the business, furnish you with fresh material and other marketing tools, etc.

Nevertheless, the second part raises some questions in my mind for some reason.

You are charged this additional fee due to the fact that you already pay the monthly brokerage and other incidental fees to the company.

In addition, I have an understanding of the concept of “cap,” which I went over in the previous section; yet, shouldn’t the firm just come out and declare that they are keeping 20% for themselves?

Rather than claiming it is for something corny, etc., etc., I would be fine with it if I knew that was the usual in the real estate market.

5. Can be overpowering; not beginner-friendly

It was made very evident, in a review of eXp Realty that was posted on YouTube by one of its agents, that there is a high learning curve associated with conducting business in this industry.

He also mentioned that it was easy to become overwhelmed with the constant stream of new knowledge that was being presented. Occasionally.

If you are dead-set on being an agent, you are going to have to put your head down and study as quickly as you possibly can.

Instead of soaking up everything that is presented to you, you should be selective in the information that you gather and base it on what you actually require at this precise now.

In this line of work, it is not unusual to experience information overload, which can make it easy to lose focus of the things that are truly important.

And because there is so much to consider and accomplish, you run the risk of becoming mentally exhausted before you even begin to generate a return on your initial investment.

Expenses Incurred in Becoming an eXp Realty Agent

You will be required to pay a one-time administrative fee of $149 as part of your start-up cost if you want to become an agent.

You will have access to more than 50 hours of live training sessions each week, as well as workshops, coaching sessions, lead generation tools, and business management resources, once payment has been made.

A portion of that money will also go toward the creation of new business cards, brochures, and other promotional materials to help you get off to a strong start.

As an agent, you will be responsible for the following additional payments on top of the initial charge of $149:

• A cost of $85 per month for cloud brokerage services • A fee of $25 per transaction for broker review • A fee of $40 per transaction for risk management

Is eXp Realty a Fraud Organization?

I feel that eXp Realty is a reputable multi-level marketing (MLM) organization operating in the real estate industry. This conclusion is based on what I know and the items I described above.

It offers a legitimate means by which customers can make money and provides real services to the customers it serves.

Nevertheless, depending on how an agent perceives and approaches the company’s operations, I may see eXp Realty becoming into a pyramid scam at some point in the future.

Because the vast majority of real estate agents would have difficulty selling houses, it is not an irrational assumption to believe that some of them will place more of an emphasis on recruitment in order to earn commissions from other people rather than making sales themselves.

People who have complained on the internet about being harassed by eXp Realty agents in an effort to get them to join their team provide evidence that the company is already engaging in such behavior. These people can be found on the Internet.

Sincere Words of Caution (if you need it)

To set the record straight, eXp Realty is neither a scam nor a pyramid scheme; yet, the opportunity is NOT suitable for everyone.

This position might be right for you if you are someone who has a strong interest in both the commercial real estate market and the formation of sales teams comprised of persons who share your values.

On the other hand, if you are interested in making money, I cannot suggest that you join this firm. This is due to the fact that, in light of the information shown above, I believe there is a very small possibility that you will make a satisfactory living as an eXp Realty agent.

Furthermore, in contrast to the majority of real estate firms, I was unable to locate any perks for the agents, such as health insurance.

Nevertheless, the decision that is made in the end is entirely up to you.

But if you’ve come to the conclusion that eXp Reality is not the right income opportunity for you, but you’re still seeking for a means to generate money, here are some other options to consider:

We appreciate you reading this review of eXp Realty and taking the time to do so. I really hope that after reading this, you have a much better notion of whether or not you should pursue this business opportunity.

However, if you do have any further inquiries, you are more than welcome to use the comments section down below.

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