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It can sound like a good idea to sell things in your spare time and use the money you make to supplement your income. However, if those things ship from a different country, it could be challenging to make money selling them. If there is going to be a significant delay, would your customers be willing to wait? In this multi-level marketing (MLM) review of eCosway, we are going to examine at what the firm has to offer. There are a few different methods that one might make money, but the most of them are probably not what one would anticipate.

What exactly does “MLM” stand for in eCosway?

eCosway is a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization that has been in operation since 1979. The company’s headquarters are located in Malaysia. It has spread into neighboring nations like as Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan, among others. It is the company that eCosway reports to as its parent. Products are available for purchase in the United States by visiting their website or contacting salespeople who are known as “Smart Earners.”

In 2016, the company unveiled its updated brand identity, which included a new logo. This is not only a multi-level marketing scheme. In addition to that, it features both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. The product line encompasses a wide variety of items, ranging from scents to dietary supplements to tools for cleaning the house.

Members also have the ability to manage a physical store, which would earn them a 5% commission on all products sold by the store. This opportunity is available to them. The products can be purchased in retail outlets such as stores and shopping malls.

They had an anticipated revenue of 368 million dollars in the year 2020. There is a lack of transparency regarding the number of Smart Earners employed by eCosway.

Are eCosway’s Products Really Worth the Money They Cost?

eCosway is an online retailer that offers a diverse selection of goods, such as dietary supplements, personal care items, kitchen and cookware, household cleaning supplies, cosmetics, fragrances, and more. The origin of these products is Malaysia, despite the fact that they are distributed in a variety of nations, including the United States.

In the case of the SE Pendant (described above), this product was taken off the market in 2010 as a result of a complaint from a customer. The levels of radiation that it had much above those that were considered safe for the general public.

On Amazon, the hand lotion featured in the previous image may be purchased for $13.90. It has received 11 reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars overall. It is difficult to get an accurate sense of how popular this product is. The vast majority of reviews only consist of a star rating, with no actual commentary. It can be challenging to assess whether or not the products are worth the cost.

The Possibility of Using eCosway

To sign up for eCosway, you will need to fill out an application form for membership, provide the ID information of your sponsor, and pay the membership cost. After that, you are considered a Smart Earner and a part of the downline of your sponsor. You also have the option to finish your subscription online.

eCosway Customers who want to earn sales and become Smart Earners are required to purchase the products first. You can also sell things online while operating a physical storefront in the same location.

How much does it cost to sign up for an account with eCosway?

The annual membership fee is RM53.00. The Malaysian Ringgit (RM) is the country’s official currency, and one RM is roughly equivalent to $12.68 USD depending on the exchange rate in effect when the currency was converted. According to the results of my investigation, a starter kit is indicated; however, there is no information provided regarding what exactly the kit consists of or how much it costs.

You can also be responsible for additional, unseen fees that you did not anticipate. These costs include things like petrol and upkeep for the delivery vehicles, as well as phone calls and Internet connection.

Shipping, taxes, and handling fees are all possible examples of additional hidden costs. It is not entirely clear who is responsible for paying these fees—the client or Smart Earner.

Is It Possible to Earn a Living With eCosway?

It has been difficult to obtain information about the compensation plan utilized by eCosway. The fact that it is computed using Malaysian currency is one of the things that is going to throw you off. However, if you make enough sales, you may be eligible for bonuses and other incentives. The rate of commission is only 5% of the total.


Additional Chances to Make a Sale: In spite of the fact that you are paid on commission, there are additional opportunities to engage with clients. You can sell things at a retail space, on the internet, or even in a storefront that you own and operate yourself.

Minimum Sales Quota: You need to have made at least RM50 ($11.96) in sales in order to be eligible for commissions on those sales.

It does not appear that you are required to purchase a starter kit in order to become a member, and the membership itself does not appear to cost very much money.


No FDA Approval: In light of the fact that none of these items are manufactured in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have any jurisdiction over them and, consequently, no clearance authority. It is unknown whether the FDA would conduct monitoring of these products in the event that complaints were lodged against them.

Lawsuit: In 2015, a woman in Australia filed a lawsuit on behalf of herself against eCosway. The woman, who was working as a store operator at the time, claimed that she was an employee and was therefore entitled to employee benefits such as minimum pay, annual leave, and other employee entitlements.

Hidden Fees: eCosway does not provide compensation for any hidden fees that may be incurred as a result of conducting business on behalf of the company. These costs may include but are not limited to those associated with your cellular phone service, Internet access, gasoline, and car maintenance.

Is the eCosway multi-level marketing program a scam?

There is significantly more competition for eCosway products given that these things may be purchased online, in shopping malls, and actual stores in addition to being sold by Smart Earners. It’s possible that you’ll feel as though there are more opportunities available to you here due to the fact that you can really open your own retail location. You should be aware, however, that the commission rate on the products you sell is capped at 5%. The cost of opening a physical store more than makes up for the 5% commission that is offered.

A Few Parting Thoughts

Because these things are available for purchase immediately through the website, there is little reason for clients to purchase from you directly. You will only receive a 5% commission on eCosway sales if you set up a physical store, which requires a significant financial investment on your part.

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