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It’s rather typical for people to look for simple ways to bring in some additional cash. The fact that the majority of the labor is already carried out for you is one of the reasons why MLMs are so appealing. The business is already well-established, and the only thing that remains for you to do is to sell the products. However, that is typically where the simple part comes to an end. 5Linx is yet another multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of products. These products have the potential to attract a wide range of customers, and the company also has a diverse group of representatives that come from a variety of different backgrounds. In this review of the multi-level marketing company 5Linx, I’m going to walk you over the various items that they have to offer as well as the compensation. You might want to reconsider your position on this one.

What exactly is the 5Linx MLM?

In the year 2001, Jason Guck, Craig Jerabek, and Jeb Tyler laid the groundwork for what would become 5Linx. The business was restructured under the auspices of 5L Holdings, LLC in the year 2016. The headquarters of this multi-level marketing (MLM) organization may be found in Rochester, New York. They provide a variety of products, including health insurance, utility services, nutritional supplements, business services, and even communications services to its customers.

Between the years of 2006 and 2009, the business was at one point included on the Inc. 500 list of the 500 most successful privately held firms in the United States. As of the year 2014, 5Linx was still included on the list of the Inc. 5000.

Are 5Linx Products Worth the Price That They Are Sold at?

Products for individuals as well as businesses are available from 5Linx. The personal products consist of a credit score service, home security, ID guard, internet/cable TV service, technical support, coffee and tea products, supplement products, and other related goods. They also provide other products such as Telemed, which gives customers unrestricted access to board-certified physicians through phone or video chat via a toll-free number and does not require a co-payment.

The business products are intended to assist existing businesses in increasing their levels of productivity through the provision of energy plans, security systems, payment solutions (including online payment processing and fraud protection), and text alerts (which are, in essence, automated phone calls).

According to the findings of my investigation, it would appear that 5Linx functions, in essence, as a broker for a variety of various goods and services. For instance, the cable TV service gives you the option of selecting a provider from a list that includes AT&T, Cox, and Frontier.

I compared the cable TV packages that 5Linx and COX Cable Company have available to see which one is better. Because both offers contain a download speed of approximately 940 Mbps, it may be concluded that the parameters are equivalent. You’ll see that the 5Linx offer is approximately $60 more expensive than the one from Cox Cable. In addition, the Cox Cable service includes protection against viruses and other malware. Not in the case of the 5Linx deal.

According to this illustration, the product offered by 5Linx has a higher price tag. Because of this, it might be more difficult to market certain things. Why would a customer purchase Cox cable service from 5Linx at the price of $159.99 when they could purchase it directly from Cox at the price of $99 and save themselves $60 per month? By the way, it is a very good amount of money saved.

The Potential of the 5Linx MLM Opportunity

You have the option, when working as a representative for 5Linx, to sell and promote a wide variety of various items. A significant number of the offerings are concerned with technological matters, such as the provision of cable TV service, technical support, and home safety systems. Therefore, if you come from a technical background, you might find that this is simpler for you to do.

Selling subscriptions is a fantastic method to set yourself up for a steady stream of recurring revenue. Not every product is available as a subscription service. In some cases, customers have the ability to cancel at any moment.

What is the price to become a member of 5Linx?

To sign up with 5Linx, you will need to fill out an application and pay the $249 membership fee. Additionally, the application form recommends that you sign up for TeeVee at either $49.99 or $69.99 per month as an additional service. The TeeVee service is a cable service, and subscribers can choose between the Gold and Platinum packages. In addition, for an additional fee of $49.99 per month, you can join the Platinum Discount Network. This deal is only available at the time of enrollment and contains discounts on a variety of services and goods, including dining out, grocery shopping, and travel.

In exchange for your $249, you will receive referral incentives, a personal website, the opportunity to earn commissions on products sold, as well as residual commissions on any products sold by recruits you bring into the fold.

As can be seen, even getting started will set you back a significant amount of money. This presents an opportunity for 5Linx agents to become familiar with the products they sell. However, salespeople ought to have the option of picking and choosing which products or services they want to test out.

Is There a Way to Make Money Using 5Linx?

You can make money in this MLM in two different ways: selling products and recruiting new members. You will earn commissions on every of the things that you sell; however, the real money is in the recruiting of new members. Because MLMs are required to continually bring in new customers, it is expected of you to recruit people to work on your team. You will receive a percentage of any commissions that are produced by the sales made by members of your team.


Let’s have a conversation about the commissions, shall we? You need to be aware that the commissions here are not as great as the commissions offered by other MLMs. You’ll begin with a pitiful 10 percent commission on sales. To increase the amount of commissions you receive, you must first accumulate a greater number of personal customer points. Therefore, after you have reached the level of 25 personal customer points, your commissions on new sales will increase to 15%. Your proportion will go up to twenty percent if you can reach fifty or more client points. Therefore, they demand a lot of effort from you at this establishment.


A Wide Range of Products

There is a huge variety of things available for purchase in this location. Although the majority of the products are focused on technology, there are also a handful that are dedicated to health and wellness, such as vitamins.

Your Own Website Hosting Space

Your subscription with 5Linx grants you access to a variety of useful tools. One of these technologies is a personal webspace, and another is a mobile application that can help you access a wider audience of potential clients.

Repeatedly Received Funds

You can guarantee yourself a steady stream of monthly revenue by convincing people to sign up for subscription services that you offer.


Hefty Sign Up

The initial enrollment cost of $249 places it among the MLMs with the highest initial investment requirements that I’ve come across during my research. Not to mention the fact that the application form includes a recommendation to sign up for additional monthly memberships.

Poor Rating from the BBB

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) only gives 5Linx a grade of C for its overall performance. They actually have quite a few reviews that are positive. The lower rating is due to the fact that they did not respond to a complaint made by a representative who had been extremely pleased with their service in the past.


The co-founders were charged with various counts of federal fraud, including money laundering and wire fraud, and indictment was handed down against them. In point of fact, they admitted to having stolen $2.3 million from the company and had it transferred to their own personal accounts. In 2018, Jerabeck and Tyler, two of the company’s founders, were found guilty of committing fraud and filing fraudulent tax returns, which resulted in them being sentenced to a total of 124 months in jail. They were compelled to repay over $1.180,000 in late taxes in addition to the $2.3 million that was owed to investors. In May of 2019, the third co-founder, Jason Guck, was handed a seven-month prison sentence for his role in the organization.

Another Lawsuit

The new management at 5Linx brought a breach of contract lawsuit against the former management. According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Craig Jerabeck stole 5Linx representatives in order to work for other network marketing organizations.

Acceptance and Waiver of Class Action Suit

A part of the terms and conditions titled “Waiver of Class Actions” was one of the more interesting things I discovered hidden inside them. In your capacity as an independent Representative, you will not be permitted to participate in a class action lawsuit brought against 5Linx. Individual complaints are the only kind that can be filed.

Is the 5Linx MLM a Fraud?

5Linx began as a multi-level marketing organization that may have had some questionable ethical practices in the beginning. Following the introduction of new leadership and management, the corporation has made efforts to improve its reputation. The end result is that it is still a multi-level marketing scheme, which means that you do all the work for very little pay, while the company’s sponsors and management enjoy all the financial rewards of your efforts. Even if it’s not a con, there’s no way to make a living doing what you’re doing here.

A Few Parting Thoughts

The fact that you are dependent on the organization and the products it sells is the most significant drawback of this type of multi-level marketing. You will never be successful in this endeavor if the organization does not provide you with adequate support. The moment members of your team start giving up, it marks the beginning of the end of any success you’ve been able to achieve up until this point.

People like the idea of multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses because they believe that the only thing they have to do is sell items. When in fact, it is almost always significantly more than that. The quantity of money you need to invest before you make your first sale of a product is your first piece of information in this regard.

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