3 MLM Secrets

Today, I’d like to let you in on what I consider to be the three most important MLM SECRETS.

Everyone enjoys keeping a good secret to themselves. Where do you stand?

You can get everything you need to know in order to be successful in network marketing online. Even better, the majority of high earners are HAPPY to share their knowledge with you because they only succeed if they help other people achieve. This is because they only succeed if they help other people succeed. This is one of the things that sets our industry apart from others.

If there are secrets to multi-level marketing, I can think of three that you ought to be aware of. I’ll go over each one in more detail below. Remember that these are not sexy or flashy in any way. It is just an open and honest discussion on the things that you must REALLY UNDERSTAND in order to be successful in the industry.

The Three Biggest MLM Secrets

My top three MLM secrets are listed down below for your perusal.

# 1: It all comes down to numbers.

The art of selling is a game of numbers. MLM is a game of numbers. Everything can be reduced to a game of numbers. No matter what kind of company you run, there will always be customers who aren’t interested in the products or services you provide.

The answer is yes, achieving success in network marketing requires a combination of talents, strategic planning, and personal relationships. If you are skilled in these three areas, you will need to speak to a far smaller number of potential customers to achieve the same level of success. On the other hand, if you are completely inexperienced and brand new, you can make up for what you lack in expertise via sheer volume.

Someone once told me that in order to locate your few critical people, you must first approach thousands of people, then sponsor hundreds of people, and then find them all.

It may sound impossible at first, but if you talk to three to five new potential customers each day for the next three years, you can accomplish this goal. Permit me to demonstrate.

If you had conversations with three potential customers each day for 365 days, you would have approached 1,095 potential customers. If you kept doing that for three years, you would have conversations with 3,285 potential customers. Do you believe that if you approached that many people, you would be able to put together a large team? I do.

If you have conversations with five potential customers each day for 365 days, that totals 1,825 potential customers for the year. If you did that for a period of three years, you would have conversations with 5,475 individuals. Do you believe that if you approached that many people, you would be able to put together a large team? I do.

Even if only one in twenty people decided to join your team, you would still sponsor hundreds of individuals.

Anyone can talk to three to five potential customers or clients every day, including those who only work part-time. All that is required is dedication and self-control. You have two options: either find a means to make it happen, or come up with an excuse to rationalize why you aren’t committed to doing it.

#2: Collaborate with Those Who Are Willing

This organization functions as a volunteer army. The vast majority of individuals with whom you speak will not join your team. The vast majority of people who join your team will contribute little and eventually go.

It is your responsibility to locate people who have an open mind and are looking, and then to collaborate with the ones who are already employed.

Be kind to everyone, but focus your efforts on those who are willing to participate. It is not up to you to save other people’s lives. There is no way to ensure another person’s success in the business. Trust me, I’ve tried. That is not how things are going to pan out.

It is not your fault if someone you toss a life raft towards does not grasp it and hang on to it when you do so; the responsibility lies with the person you threw it to. You are searching for individuals who are teachable, hungry, and willing to put in the effort. Put your time on something that truly merits it.

Additionally, every member of your team is their own CEO, which means they are accountable for their own performance and must find their own ways to stay motivated.

To fulfill your role as a sponsor, all that is required of you is to demonstrate positive behavior and provide assistance whenever it is requested.

#3: You Need Only a Few People Who Get It as a Whole

This is the most attractive element of our business sector. In our field, all you need is a small group of dedicated workers who “get it” to generate a six-figure revenue. We are so fortunate!

Even though they have sponsored hundreds of representatives, the majority of the top earners in our sector make the majority of their money from just three or fewer people.

Think about that. This is exactly the same as any other type of sales organization. 10% of the population is responsible for 90% of the outcomes. That is something that won’t ever change.

Even better, you don’t have to directly sponsor any of these three superstars in order for them to participate. They are able to be found in DEPTH!

The following is what I propose:

1. Be kind to everyone else. 2. Show gratitude to your consumers.

3. Show gratitude to your part-time employees.

4. Show your appreciation for EVERY member of your team and do your best to make them feel valuable.

5. Furthermore, make sure that you continually keep your eyes and ears open for potential LEADERS within your team. When you do identify a leader, you should assist them and be their most ardent supporter.

You should also be aware of the following:

• Network marketing is about a lot of people each doing a little bit

• All you can control is what you do, so always set a good example for others to follow

• Network marketing is about a lot of people each doing a little bit

• Network marketing is about 90% or more of your team simply being customers

• About 10% of your team will do something, every once in a while

• About 1-2 percent of your team will be responsible for 90% or more of your growth

• Network marketing

My Words of Caution to You

If you want to be successful in network marketing, take heed of the following words of wisdom from me.

1. Narrow your attention to only one specific business and stick with it. You should not try to build several income streams or promote multiple deals until you have successfully established a single reliable income stream.

2. Commit yourself to ONE COMPANY for at least the next two to three years. There is no such thing as an overnight success. To get good results, you need to invest time, money, and effort.

3. Communicate with between three and five people per day for a minimum of six days per week If you don’t open your mouth, nobody will do business with you. In the end, we are compensated to engage in conversation with individuals. This encompasses both our own personal prospects as well as those of our team members.

4. Develop your abilities to their full potential and become an expert in network marketing. If you want to bring in a significant amount of money, you need to think and behave like a professional. Become a student of your company and educate yourself on as much information as you can about it.

5. Commit to continuing in this manner UNTIL you have achieved your objectives. Always keep the long-term picture in mind. Keep your focus on the end goal at all times, and do not let short-term obstacles, disappointment, or failure to succeed sway you.

In network marketing, this is the most important factor in determining success.


In conclusion, these, in my humble opinion, are the MLM Secrets that are of the utmost significance. It should come as no surprise that none of this is very difficult or complicated. Having this information at your disposal, however, is more than half the battle won.

What kind of ideas do you have? What do you consider to be the secrets of MLM companies? Please share your thoughts with me by responding to this post with a comment. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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