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In today’s post, I’d like to provide some straightforward and useful tips for running MLM contests in the most effective manner possible. I’ll also offer some examples of MLM contests and awards that you and your team can implement in your own business.

Before I share these pointers with you, it is vital to grasp the concept behind network marketing. This type of marketing relies on a large number of people each contributing a small amount of effort. Your goal with the competition is not to push just one or two people on your team to perform at high levels; rather, your goal is to inspire EVERYONE on your team to do just a little bit more than they normally would.

Holding a contest is an excellent method to encourage your team, boost sales, and broaden your customer base. Your commission check would skyrocket even if every member of your team sold just ONE MORE product during this month as a result of the contest you are running. Make sense?

Advice on Achieving Victory

To improve your chances of winning contests, consider the following advice:

1. Make sure that ANYONE can win and participate in your contests by designing them in such a way (but also have a grand prize for the top achievers). There are less than full-time employees on your team than there are part-timers. These participants ought to be prioritized in the design of your contests.

2. Contests should be between three and seven days long (max). The majority of people suffer from a short attention span. A competition that lasts for thirty days is not nearly as successful as one that lasts for three to seven days. Instead of holding a competition that lasts for the entire month, hold one that lasts for only two or three days each week.

3. Create competitions centered on ACTIVITIES rather than merely outcomes. Nobody has any influence over their outcomes. But everyone has the ability to control how active they are. Make sure that each challenge focuses on something that your distributors can do, such as the following: • Talk to a certain number of individuals

• Obtain X number of negative responses

• Place X number of phone calls

4. The most effective prizes are one-of-a-kind items that don’t cost a lot of money. To win prizes, you won’t need to spend an arm and a leg. People go crazy for presents that can be personalized. It’s not necessary to spend a lot on presents. I’ve been successful with a variety of incentives, including $5 gift cards, cash, personalized tees and coffee mugs, free samples, and more.

5. Get the word out about your contests well in advance. It is essential that you devote a significant amount of time and effort to publicizing your competition at least one to two weeks BEFORE the competition begins. Raise everyone’s level of excitement. Spread the word to everyone, and instruct the members of your team to do the same thing with the other teams they are on. The success of your competition will be directly correlated to the number of people who take part in it.

Example MLM Competitions

You will find several examples of MLM contests farther down in this article. I supply you with these illustrations so that you can get some ideas. Your imagination is the only thing that can hold you back.


1. Recruit 1 new rep

2. Obtain ten negative responses.

3. Make contact with __ persons within 24 hours.

4. Communicate with __ people who are on your chicken list.

5. Add 50 names to the list of your name’s.

6. Contact __ leads via phone or text.

7. Restart a former distributor who stopped working.

8. Communicate with ten individuals who have previously declined your offer.

9. Distribute the following drop cards:

10. Participate in the prescribed number of three-way calls

11. Produce and distribute a video on YouTube that discusses the company or its products.

12. Invite the following number of prospects to an event:

13. Send out ___ postcards in the mail

14. Assist a fellow member of the team in completing any one of these tasks.


1. Make a sale of one of your products to one of your current customers

2. Acquire a new piece of business.

3. Inquire with ___ persons about placing an order for a product.

4. Distribute a number of free samples

5. Invite __ individuals to shop on your e-commerce website

6. Make $___ in retail sales in a week

7. To highlight a product, host a live video broadcast on Facebook every day for the next three days in a row.


1. Offer assistance to someone who is looking for their first sponsor.

2. Help __ team members make a retail sale

3. Make a certain number of three-way calls with the prospects of your team members.

4. Participate in a regional gathering or a convention.

5. Participate in a coaching call with the following number of team members:

Example Contest Prizes

The prizes ought to not cost too much money and should be pertinent to the competition. It’s possible to have one set of prizes for regular qualifiers and a another set of prizes for the grand qualifier.

1. A Custom-Made Certificate 2. A Custom-Made Coffee Mug

3. Giveaway of a Product

4. Complimentary Samples

5. Free cards for business use

6. Acknowledgment From the Public

7. A Commendation or an Award

8. Participation in a Free Advertising Co-Operative

9. Note handwritten by the author

10. Book

11. Phone call from the CEO or a member of the corporate team

12. Gift Certificate to a Restaurant

13. Gift card for either $5 or $10 from

14. Invitation to a private event

Additional Factors to Take Into Account

The following are some further considerations to take into account:

#1: Ask for feedback from other members of your team. Find out what kind of competition they would be interested in participating in. You will never find out unless you inquire about it.

#2: Experiment with a variety of things. Not every competition will end up being really successful. There will be failures. That’s okay. Continue to explore new things and test out different approaches until you find the one that works perfectly.

#3: You should always hand out the awards. Never run a competition and then refuse to hand out the rewards that people have won. Your credibility will be severely damaged as a result, and fewer people will enter any future contests you could run as a result.

#4: Speak with your upline or sponsor to see whether or not they will assist you with prizes. The vast majority of them will. They might even talk about the competition with the rest of the members of their squad.

A Few Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the most helpful pointers that I have regarding MLM Contests. This knowledge is not particularly complex, but it does appear to be effective. I strongly suggest that you begin holding MLM contests inside your own team, and then watch as the productivity of your team skyrockets.

What kind of ideas do you have? How would you describe the experience of participating in MLM contests on behalf of your own team? Please share your opinions by writing a comment in the section below. I will hold my breath till I hear from you.

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